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A study of attributes of hearing impaired children and importance of nutrition

A present study was conducted to study attributes of hearing impaired children and importance of nutrition. For the study, based upon the nature of the research problem and objectives of the present study, action research design was selected. A total of fifteen hearing impaired children were selected. Questionnaire was developed for data collection.

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Physical discomfort faced by the school children while carrying school backpack

The greatest concerns to school students are physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. The school children’s major health issue in the India is the use of overweight school backpacks. Backpacks used by school children can lead to poor posture and they might develop back pain and strain their shoulders and neck. Heavy backpacks carrying by school students can cause irreversible physical harms because school student’s spine is in the stage of development.

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Urinary tract infection among children - A study at a tertiary pediatric care hospital in Hyderabad, India

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is considered as the most common bacterial infectious disease seen among the pediatric patients. Pediatric urinary tract infections are associated with high morbidity and long term complications like renal scaring, hypertension and chronic renal failure The epidemiology of UTI during childhood varies by age, gender and other factors (Bickerton and Ducket, 1985). Most commonly bacteria causes of UTI in children are members of Enterobacteriaceae, particularly uropathogenic strains of E. coli and Klebsiella spp. which are the primary causative pathogens of UTI in the different part of the world (Gautam et al., 2013). Susceptibility patterns of the bacterial isolates vary with geographic region and act as a reference for guiding the empirical therapy. The aetiology of paediatric UTI and the antibiotic susceptibility of urinary pathogens in both the community and hospitals have been changing, and drug resistance has become a major problem (Taneja et al., 2010). With this background, the present study was conducted to observe the profile of the paediatric UTI, to find out the bacterial pathogens involved and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern at a tertiary paediatric care centre in Hyderabad, Telangana.

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Effect of birth weight, exclusive breastfeeding and growth in infancy on fat mass and fat free mass indices in early adolescence an analysis of the entebbe mother and baby study (EMaBs) cohort

There is limited data from Africa on the effect of pre- and post-natal growth and infant feeding on later body composition. This study's aim was to investigate the effect of birth weight, exclusive breastfeeding and infant growth on adolescent body composition, using data from a Ugandan birth cohort.

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Pediatric biopharmaceutical classification system: Using age-appropriate initial gastric volume

Development of optimized pediatric formulations for oral administration can be challenging, time consuming, and financially intensive process. Since its inception, the biopharmaceutical classification system (BCS) has facilitated the development of oral drug formulations destined for adults. At least theoretically, the BCS principles are applied also to pediatrics. A comprehensive age-appropriate BCS has not been fully developed. The objective of this work was to provisionally classify oral drugs listed on the latest World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List for Children into an age-appropriate BCS. A total of 38 orally administered drugs were included in this classification. Dose numbers were calculated using age-appropriate initial gastric volume for neonates, 6-month-old infants, and children aging 1 year through adulthood. Using age-appropriate initial gastric volume and British National Formulary age-specific dosing recommendations in the calculation of dose numbers, the solubility classes shifted from low to high in pediatric subpopulations of 12 years and older for amoxicillin, 5 years, 12 years and older for cephalexin, 9 years and older for chloramphenicol, 3–4 years, 9–11 and 15 years and older for diazepam, 18 years and older (adult) for doxycycline and erythromycin, 8 years and older for phenobarbital, 10 years and older for prednisolone, and 15 years and older for trimethoprim. Pediatric biopharmaceutics are not fully understood where several knowledge gaps have been recently emphasized. The current biowaiver criteria are not suitable for safe application in all pediatric populations.

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Early-onset gonadoblastoma in a 13-month-old infant with 46, XY complete gonadal dysgenesis identified with prenatal testing: A case of chromosome 9P deletion

Individuals with 46,XY complete gonadal dysgenesis (CGD) are at high risk of developing gonadal neoplasms. Chromosome 9p monosomy with deletion of the DMRT1 gene, a key transcription factor in testicular development, is one of the known causes of 46,XY CGD. Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) is being increasingly used, and can identify disorders of sexual development (DSDs).

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Central precocious puberty in two boys with prader-willi syndrome on growth hormone treatment

This study reports the clinical, biochemical, and histologic findings in 2 boys with PWS who developed central precocious puberty.

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Prevalence of soil transmitted helminthic infection and associated risk factors in children in a teaching hospital

The main objective of the study is to estimate prevalence of soil transmitted helminthic infection and factors associated with hookworm infections. Stool samples were collected from children admitted in wards, ICU’s and school camps and subjected to wet mount by iodine and saline. They were also subjected to concentration technique by formalin ethyl acetate solution.

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Effect of hydrolysis on allergenicity and sensory quality of whey protein concentrate

The extent of allergenicity of whey protein was revealed by inhibition ELISA using blood serum obtained from milk allergic infants. The effect of in vitro proteolysis on allergenicity and development of bitterness was studied using enzymes individually and in combination. Selective proteolysis of WPC was done to 3 and 5 per cent DH. A combination of enzymes was effective in reducing allergenicity at a lower DH. Sensory evaluation of hydrolysates was done to give bitterness scores. A hydrolysate with minimum bitterness and maximum reduction in allergenicity could be used to develop an ingredient for hypoallergenic cow milk formula.

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Thực trạng và một số yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ của các bà mẹ có con từ 6-12 tháng tuổi tại quận Ninh Kiều, TP. Cần Thơ năm 2019

Bài viết trình bày mô tả thực hành nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ và các yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ của các bà mẹ có con từ 6-12 tháng tuổi tại quận Ninh Kiều, TP. Cần Thơ năm 2019.

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Bài giảng Hướng dẫn sử dụng biểu đồ tăng trưởng trẻ em

Bài giảng Hướng dẫn sử dụng biểu đồ tăng trưởng trẻ em với các nội dung: tổng quan về hoạt động theo dõi sự phát triển của trẻ; mô tả biểu đồ tăng trưởng; các bước ghi chép, sử dụng biểu đồ tăng trưởng; tư vấn cho bà mẹ sau khi cân, đo, chấm biểu đồ tăng trưởng.

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Significance of C - Reactive protein and routine analysis of cerebrospinal fluid in children with meningitis

A 2-year prospective study was carried out on 110 children with clinical suspicion of meningitis where C-reactive protein (CRP) determination and routine cytochemical and microbiological analysis of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were done for all patients. The patients were divided into four groups: Pyogenic meningitis (PM), viral meningitis (VM), tubercular meningitis (TBM) and control groups.

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Neonatal septicaemia by Ochrobactrum anthropi: A missed pathogen

Oxidase positive, non-fermenting, Gram negative bacilli are invariably incorrectly identified as Pseudomonas species in conventional culture methods often missing out isolates of Ochrobactrum anthropi. We report here the clinical and microbiological characteristics of this rare pathogen from a case of neonatal sepsis. Rapid isolation and correct identification followed by appropriate antimicrobial therapy was the key to favourable clinical outcome.

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Aetio-pathological studies of digestive and respiratory affections affecting kids

Aetio-pathological studies of digestive and respiratory affections were undertaken on ten carcasses of kids of age below six months received for post mortem examination to the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (LUVAS), Hisar during a period of seven months i.e. from September, 2015 to March, 2016. Study revealed that maximum mortality was in kids of 1 to 3 months of age. Sex-wise mortality was more in males as compared to females.

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Hướng dẫn Thực hành dinh dưỡng hợp lý và tăng cường hoạt động thể lực cho học sinh tiểu học trong nhà trường

Tài liệu hướng dẫn gồm 3 phần: Phần 1: Thực hành dinh dưỡng hợp lý; Phần 2: Tăng cường hoạt động thể lực và Phần 3: Truyền thông về dinh dưỡng hợp lý và tăng cường hoạt động thể lực cho học sinh tiểu học trong trường học. Phần Phụ lục cung cấp một số trò chơi rèn luyện sức khỏe, khung bài giảng và một số văn bản, quy định liên quan đến dinh dưỡng và hoạt động thể lực.

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Chuẩn phát triển cân nặng của bé trai và bé gái < 5 tuổi (ki-lô-gam) (Theo tiêu chuẩn của WHO – 2006)

Tài liệu trình bày chuẩn phát triển cân nặng; chuẩn phát triển chiều dài nằm; chiều cao đứng của bé trai và bé gái &lt; 5 tuổi theo tiêu chuẩn của WHO - 2006...

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Đặc điểm phát triển thể chất và tình trạng dinh dưỡng của trẻ 2 đến 5 tuổi dân tộc thiểu số Việt Nam, thời điểm 2018

Kết quả nghiên cứu của đề tài “Nghiên cứu giải pháp, chính sách phát triển thể lực, góp phần nâng cao chất lượng nguồn nhân lực các dân tộc thiểu số đến năm 2030” mã số: CTDT.23.17/16- 20 đã cho thấy đặc điểm phát triển thể chất và tình trạng dinh dưỡng của nhóm trẻ 2-5 tuổi dân tộc thiểu số (DTTS): Chiều cao tăng dần theo tuổi, đạt mức tăng trung bình là 6.3cm/năm, giá trị trung bình ở cả 4 độ tuổi đều thấp hơn và có xu hướng tốc độ tăng trưởng ngày càng thụt giảm so với chuẩn trung bình toàn quốc (trẻ 2 tuổi chỉ thấp hơn 1cm, đến 5 tuổi là 5cm); Tỷ lệ suy dinh dưỡng (SDD) thể thấp còi ở mức vừa và nặng là 16,34%, SDD thể nhẹ cân là 9,51%; tỷ lệ SDD cũng có xu hướng gia tăng từ 2 đến 5 tuổi ở cả nam và nữ; Tỷ lệ trẻ thừa cân chiếm 1,60%. Thể chất trẻ DTTS 2-5 tuổi phát triển tốt nhất ở vùng TD&amp;MNPB và ĐBSCL, tiếp đến là vùng Bắc TB&amp;DHMT, thấp nhất là vùng Tây Nguyên.

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Evaluation of procalcitonin, CRP and blood culture in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis

Sepsis is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among neonates. Neonatal sepsis may be categorized as early-onset or late-onset. Clinical manifestations of neonatal sepsis are non-specific, therefore, clinical diagnosis of sepsis is difficult and laboratory help is required. Present study was done to evaluate three different methods in diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. 3 ml of venous blood was collected employing strict aseptic precautions from all babies admitted to the NICU in our hospital during the study period. 2 ml of blood was aseptically added to BacT/ ALERT PF culture bottle. Bacteria grown from these bottles were identified by using the standard protocol. The antibiotic susceptibility for the isolates was tested by Kirby Bauer method following CLSI guidelines.

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Detection of cryptosporidium species among malnourished children in and around Chennai, Tamil Nadu, southern India

Aim of the study is to detect Cryptosporidium, a newly emerging parasite in malnourished children with and without diarrhea, using conventional methods and special staining techniques. A total of 727 children comprised of 497 malnourished and 230 normal children having with and without diarrhoea. Two consecutive samples were collected from each individual and one preserved using 10% formalin. Examination of helminthes and protozoan in the stool samples were done by direct wet mount method and by formalin ether sedimentation method.

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Neonatal septicemia: Bacteriology and risk factors in a tertiary care hospital of central India

Neonatal septicemia continues to be a major cause of mortality and morbidity among neonates around the world, in spite of great advances in antimicrobial therapy, neonatal life support measures and the early detection of risk factors. The present study was undertaken to describe the spectrum of isolates in cases of neonatal septicaemia, and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and to look for their association with various risk factors. In this prospective study in central India we prospectively enrolled the suspected cases of neonatal septicaemia, which were not on antimicrobials. One to two millilitre of blood from these neonates was cultured in brain heart infusion broth. Blood Culture and Antibiotic susceptibility testing were performed as per standard protocols. Detailed history and clinical findings were recorded.

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Thay đổi thái độ về nhiễm khuẩn hô hấp cấp tính của các bà mẹ có con dưới 5 tuổi điều trị tại Bệnh viện Nhi tỉnh Nam Định sau giáo dục sức khoẻ

Bài viết trình bày đánh giá sự thay đổi thái độ về bệnh, chăm sóc và dự phòng nhiễm khuẩn hô hấp cấp tính của các bà mẹ có con dưới 5 tuổi điều trị tại Bệnh viện Nhi tỉnh Nam Định sau giáo dục sức khỏe.

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Role of sepsis screen tests in predicting neonatal septicemia

Early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis continues to pose a problem to the clinician caring for newborns. Blood culture has been considered the gold standard for confirmation of diagnosis. An array of sepsis screen tests are now available for early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. To study the role of sepsis screen tests in early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. Blood cultures and sepsis screen tests were carried out on 200 neonates.

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Thực trạng phòng suy dinh dưỡng cho trẻ từ 6 đến 24 tháng của bà mẹ và một số yếu tố liên quan tại xã Tân Hội, huyện Đức Trọng, tỉnh Lâm Đồng năm 2015

Trẻ em ở tỉnh Lâm Đồng thuộc những nơi có tỷ lệ suy dinh dưỡng cao. Khảo sát về kiến thức, thực hành và các yếu tố liên quan tới nuôi dưỡng trẻ của các bà mẹ là cần thiết, giúp thêm cơ sở khoa học và thực tiễn cho cải thiện chương trình phòng suy dinh dưỡng trẻ em có hiệu quả hơn.

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The nutrient intake and utilization of tree leaves and green forage on growing kids

An experiment was conducted with fifteen healthy goat kids of 4-6 month of age and divided into three groups. Experimental feeding was done for 90 days during which a metabolic trial was conducted. At the end of 45 days feeding of tree leaves Albezia lebbek, Ficus glomerata and Sorghums sudananse.

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A study on bacteriological profile of skin infections and antimicrobial susceptibility of causative organisms among children in a Tertiary care hospital

Pyoderma is the commonest skin infection in children. The awareness about regional pattern of isolates, their antibiotic sensitivity and resistance pattern is of utmost importance in treating them. Aims of the study are 1) To study the bacteriological profile of pyoderma in children 2) To assess the antibiotic sensitivity pattern. 3) To determine the resistance pattern. Cases of primary and secondary pyoderma in paediatric age group attending Dermatology outpatient department in a tertiary care teaching hospital over a period of one year were enrolled in this study. Swabs were taken, identification test, antimicrobial sensitivity tests to rule out resistant strains were done.

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Peer victimization among high school children: A prevalence study

Peer victimization is major social problem affecting children and adolescents in all parts of the world. A study was conducted in University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad to know the prevalence and levels of peer victimization among high school children selected from Dharwad taluk, Dharwad district of Karnataka. Self structured questionnaire and multidimensional peer victimization scales were used to elicit required information from children. Percentages and t-test were used to analyze the data. The results related to prevalence showed that, out of total sample (1150) 265 children were found to be victimized. Among them, about 53.21 per cent of children were from rural area and 46.79 per cent of children were from urban area.

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Diagnostic value of C - Reactive protein and hematological markers in neonatal sepsis

Sepsis is a major problem in neonates. Clinical criteria alone could not establish the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis. It is extremely important to make an early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis for the prompt institution of anti-microbial therapy, which improves outcomes. The aim of this study is to determine the diagnostic performance of C - reactive protein (CRP) as early diagnostic marker in detection of neonatal sepsis in intensive neonatal care unit in comparison to that of blood culture and Hematological parameters like micro ESR and Total WBC count.

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Development and evaluation of nutri-dense chocolates for pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers are the children between 1-6 years of age group. Malnutrition is major problem faced if diet lacks in quantity or quality. They develop food jags, refusing previously accepted food or asking for the same food each meal. Chocolates are most popular products amongst pre-schoolers, which they are fond of consuming. White chocolate commonly consists of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids and is characterized by a pale yellow or ivory appearance.

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Surgical management of traumatic diaphramatic hernia in a pup

A 3 month-old non-descript male pup was presented to the small animal surgery outpatient unit at madras veterinary college with a history of road traffic accident a day back. Upon presentation the dog was ambulatory, dull, and nonresponsive and exhibited a stiff gait and a hunched posture. On auscultation, muffled heart sounds were observed and dysnea was noticed due to reduction of tidal volume. The mucous membrane was pink and moist and the capillary refill time was less than 2 seconds. Excoriations on the ventral abdomen and pelvic limbs, pain on abdominal palpation and blood-tinged fluid at the preputial opening were observed in addition. Radiographs of the abdomen and thorax were taken to rule out abnormalities, if any.

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Comparative evaluation of genexpert MTB/RIF assay and microscopy for rapid diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis in children

Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) is the most devastating complication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Diagnosis of TBM is challenging in young children due to the paucibacillary nature of disease. Microscopy for acid-fast bacilli in CSF is fast but has very low sensitivity whereas culture may take up to 42 days. Due to the urgency of diagnosis in suspected TBM cases, a rapid, accurate diagnostic test could have a great impact on survival. Aims of the study are to prospectively determine the diagnostic accuracy of Xpert MTB/RIF in a large consecutive series of samples from patients presenting with suspected Tuberculous meningitis.

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