English testing level A - Exam 1

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English testing level A - Exam 1. English testing level A - Exam 1 Who are all ________ people? (A) this (B) those (C) them (D) that 2. I don't know ________ people. (A) many (B) much (C) a lot (D) few 3. We live near ________ the river. (A) of (B) from (C) by (D) 4. He says that. Giống các thư viện tài liệu khác được thành viên giới thiệu hoặc do sưu tầm lại và giới thiệu lại cho các bạn với mục đích nâng cao trí thức , chúng tôi không thu phí từ bạn đọc ,nếu phát hiện tài liệu phi phạm bản quyền hoặc vi phạm pháp luật xin thông báo cho chúng tôi,Ngoài tài liệu này, bạn có thể download tài liệu miễn phí phục vụ tham khảo Một số tài liệu download mất font không hiển thị đúng, có thể máy tính bạn không hỗ trợ font củ, bạn tải các font .vntime củ về cài sẽ xem được.


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  1. English testing level A - Exam 1 1. Who are all ________ people? (A) this (B) those (C) them (D) that 2. I don't know ________ people. (A) many (B) much (C) a lot (D) few 3. We live near ________ the river. (A) of (B) from (C) by (D) - 4. He says that he must have ________. (A) the all from it (B) all it (C) the all of it (D) it all 5. John is a good worker: he works very ________. (A) hardly (B) hard (C) good (D) many 6. Let's ________ a party! (A) do (B) have (C) set (D) make 7. The radio's much too loud: please turn it ________. (A) out (B) low (C) up (D) down 8. - Would you like some sugar? - Yes, please, just ________. (A) a little (B) little (C) a few (D) few 9. They say he has ________ money. (A) a lot of (B) plenty (C) lots (D) many 10. How much time do you ________ your homework? (A) make at (B) bring to (C) give for (D) spend on 11. My father is ________ man. (A) an old (B) a old (C) not young (D) not an young 12. Millions of cigarettes ________ every year. (A) is smoke (B) are smoking (C) are smoked
  2. (D) are smoke 13. Gold, as well as silver ________ in price, he said. (A) have fallen (B) has fallen (C) fall (D) are falling 14. They quarelled ________ the choice of a house. (A) on (B) over (C) for (D) to 15. Fred was a really silly boy when we were in high-school. I still remember ________ very stupid questions. (A) his asking (B) him to ask (C) asking him (D) his being asked 16. ________ I like the Rolling Stones. (A) No need to say (B) Don't need to say (C) Needless saying (D) Needless to say 17. - Are you sorry that you didn't take pictures? - Yes, I regret ________ any. (A) not to take (B) that I not take (C) not taking (D) to not taken 18. If he had not given me advice, I ________ again. (A) would fail (B) would be failed (C) wouldn't fail (D) would have failed 19. What ________ ! The rain has not stopped all day. (A) a weather (B) the weather (C) weather (D) an weather 20. - Which of the two boys is a boy scout? - ________ of them is. (A) All (B) None (C) Neither (D) Both English testing level A - Exam 2 1. My cousin ________ bank manager. (A) is a (B) makes (C) is (D) he is 2. Claude is ________. (A) Frenchman (B) a French (C) a Frenchman (D) French man 3. She smokes ________. (A) very heavily (B) much (C) very heavy (D) lot 4. She's talking to you. Please listen to ________.
  3. (A) she (B) hers (C) her (D) him 5. This isn't Bob's car. ________ is a sports car. (A) He (B) His (C) He's (D) My 6. Jack and Tom ________ go to school yesterday. (A) doesn't (B) don't (C) didn't (D) aren't 7. Jack always ________ to his office by car. (A) is going (B) goes (C) go (D) has gone 8. ________ tall are you? (A) which (B) what (C) when (D) how 9. I speak French ________ Jenny. (A) more well that (B) better than (C) more good than (D) better as 10. Mirana remembered to phone the doctor. = ________ (A) She remembered phoning the doctor. (B) Mirana forgot to remember to phone. (C) She didn't forget to phone the doctor. (D) She remembered that she phoned her. 11. These are my ________ three children. (A) brother Tim's (B) Tim's brother (C) brother Tim (D) brother is Tim 12. - What would you like for your birthday? - ________ will do. (A) Anything (B) None (C) Something (D) Somebody 13. - What 's your proposal? - I propose that the meeting ________ . (A) is postponing (B) be postponed (C) to be postponed (D) postpones 14. "Here's the money I promised," he said. "I always ________ my promises." (A) agree (B) follow (C) make (D) keep 15. The boy suffered ________ a very bad headache. (A) of (B) from (C) by (D) at 16. Always ________ honest in whatever you do. (A) to be (B) be
  4. (C) are (D) is 17. Did you ________ your pocketbook? (A) lose (B) loosen (C) loose (D) miss 18. I preferred that she ________ here. (A) stayed (B) has stayed (C) staying (D) stay 19. If you had locked the gate properly, the robbers ________ into the house. (A) would not break (B) should not break (C) should not have break (D) would not have broken 20. - Your friend speaks English very well, doesn't she? - Yes, she ________ English since she was a little girl. (A) has been speaking (B) spoken (C) used to speak (D) has to speak English testing level A - Exam 40 1. Is the tall man ________ husband? (A) your sisters' (B) your sister's (C) your sister (D) your sister his 2. This is a photo ________ my dog. (A) about (B) from (C) by (D) of 3. Have ________ had something to eat? (A) them all (B) their all (C) all they (D) they all 4. Please go and ________ a bath. (A) wash (B) make (C) have (D) do 5. The boys left ________ school before lunch. (A) in the (B) - (C) out of (D) at 6. There are three men ________ waiting outside. (A) who (B) they (C) which (D) - 7. Do you know these people? No, I don't know ________. (A) they (B) their (C) them (D) their's 8. The girls are ________ the discotheque. (A) by
  5. (B) on (C) to (D) at 9. ________ you ride a motorbike? (A) Have (B) Has (C) Can (D) How 10. Just a moment. I'm putting you ________. (A) up (B) under (C) through (D) in 11. He will not be ________ to vote in this year's election. (A) old enough (B) as old enough (C) enough old (D) enough old as 12. It is not very easy to study a foreign language all by ________. (A) oneself (B) itself (C) himself (D) herself 13. You can ________ my surprise when I heard the news. (A) suppose (B) think (C) see (D) imagine 14. He ________ book the tickets, but he had no time to call at the cinema. (A) would (B) might (C) could (D) was going to 15. A taxi collided with his car ten minutes ago but the police ________. (A) has not come yet (B) have not come yet (C) did not come yet (D) don't come 16. Her hands were so cold ________ she could not type. (A) for (B) that (C) as (D) zero 17. I want some sugar, but there is ________ in the bowl. (A) no (B) none (C) less (D) any 18. The girl you ________ yesterday is waiting for you downstairs. (A) told me (B) told me about (C) tell (D) told me about her 19. London is ________ of England. (A) capital (B) a capital (C) an capital (D) the capital 20. Read ________ on the board please. (A) a first sentence (B) the first sentence
  6. (C) first sentence (D) sentence first English testing level A - Exam 39 1. What ________ got in that bag? (A) you (B) do you (C) you have (D) have you 2. Is Elizabeth ________? (A) yours old friend (B) an old your friend (C) an old friend from you (D) an old friend of yours 3. We travelled from Hadley ________ Burton without stopping. (A) after (B) to (C) until (D) for 4. My house is opposite ________ the park. (A) from (B) of (C) - (D) to 5. - Is John in? - No, he ________. (A) still works (B) works yet (C) is still at work (D) is yet at work 6. ________ are your glasses? (A) when (B) whose (C) how (D) where 7. This is ________ when I was young. (A) the my photograph (B) mine photograph (C) a photograph of me (D) my photographs 8. The committee held a ________ last week. (A) meeting (B) gathering (C) session (D) sitting 9. If you see Tom ________ you mind ________ him to get in touch with me? (A) will - reminding (B) will - to remind (C) would - reminding (D) would - to remind 10. - John found it difficult to adjust to Libya. - For one thing ________ is a difficult language to learn. (A) Arabic (B) the Arabic (C) the language Arabic (D) Arabics language 11. She chose cushions of a colour which would ________ her carpet. (A) equal (B) agree (C) help (D) match 12. There ________ some good news about our school lately. (A) is (B) were
  7. (C) has been (D) have been 13. I ________ in the cafe having a drink when the police arrived. (A) sat (B) was sat (C) was sitting (D) have sat 14. One third of the oranges ________ spoilt. (A) is (B) are (C) has been (D) have been 15. If he doesn't ________ his ways, he'll end up in trouble. (A) mend (B) repair (C) correct (D) restore 16. If you want a good flat in London, you have to pay through the ________ for it. (A) mouth (B) ear (C) nose (D) teeth 17. Jim always gets very annoyed if he can't get his own ________. (A) wish (B) way (C) device (D) object 18. - ________ do you visit your hometown? - Once a year. (A) How long (B) How far (C) How often (D) How 19. He speaks ________ good English that is pleasure to talk with him. (A) so (B) such (C) such a (D) very 20. I have promise to stop ________ but I don't believe so much. (A) smoking (B) smoke (C) smokes (D) to smoke English testing level A - Exam 38 There isn't ________ bread in the house. (A) some (B) of (C) any (D) nothing 2. ________ many students in your class? (A) Have there (B) Is it (C) Are they (D) Are there 3. Are the best schools ________ of England? (A) in south (B) at the south (C) at south (D) in the south 4. They never do ________ homework on time. (A) there (B) they're
  8. (C) they (D) their 5. Who is that old man ________ the big nose? (A) of (B) with (C) near (D) from 6. Chinese people ________ a lot of rice. (A) are eating (B) eating (C) eat (D) are eat 7. ________ far is it to the station? (A) who (B) why (C) whose (D) how 8. Do you know ________? (A) their address (B) there address (C) theirs address (D) the address from them 9. I spoke slowly, but he ________ understand me. (A) canned not (B) didn't can (C) didn't could (D) could not 10. Sometimes advertising signs ________ down during a storm and people are injured by them. (A) blow (B) are blown (C) blew (D) were blown 11. He bought ________. (A) leather belt (B) a leather belt (C) leathered belt (D) a leathered belt 12. ________ does it take to get to the river from here? (A) How far (B) How long (C) How much (D) How many 13. - Sandra is a miserable person. - Of course she is. She's jealous ________ everyone. (A) about (B) with (C) to (D) of 14. He ________ to the last meeting, but he didn't. (A) must go (B) should have gone (C) would go (D) had gone 15. When he failed ________ us, we left without him. (A) to meet (B) not to meet (C) to be met (D) not to be met 16. Peter has been trying for an hour, but his car still ________ start. (A) won't (B) wouldn't (C) didn't (D) hasn't
  9. 17. Do you believe that ghosts ________? (A) exist (B) are existed (C) are existing (D) are being existed 18. Mrs Lewis then stood up and said a few words ________ to the visitors. (A) to welcome (B) of welcome (C) of welcomes (D) for welcoming 19. Soldiers must have ________ to face danger. (A) courageous enough (B) enough courage (C) such enough courage (D) so courageous enough 20. Try again. Don't give ________ hope. (A) out (B) up (C) on (D) off English testing level A - Exam 37 Betty ________ play tennis. (A) doesn't able (B) doesn't can (C) can't (D) can't to 2. They never do ________ homework on time. (A) there (B) they're (C) their (D) they 3. Tell Chris ________ outside. (A) not go (B) for not going (C) not going (D) not to go 4. - I don't like salmon. - ________! (A) Neither do I (B) So do I (C) So I do (D) So I don't 5. Which sister is ________, Kate or Jenny? (A) more taller (B) the more taller (C) the most tall (D) taller 6. It is the most beautiful building ________ the world. (A) in (B) of (C) from (D) on 7. I'm talking to you. Please listen to ________. (A) me (B) I (C) him (D) mine 8. I will ________ find this address for you in the afternoon. (A) try to (B) to try (C) have tried (D) tried
  10. 9. I remember ________ him in London. (A) of meeting (B) to meet (C) to meeting (D) meeting 10. But I saw him in Frankfurt ________. (A) 3 years ago (B) for 3 years (C) before 3 years (D) since 3 years 11. Are ________ your glasses? (A) the (B) this (C) those (D) that 12. ________ her motorbike to school every morning? (A) Is Lisa riding (B) Do Lisa riding (C) Are Lisa ride (D) Does Lida ride 13. John gradually became ________ in the discussion. (A) absorb (B) absorbed (C) to absorb (D) absorbing 14. There is water below the earth's surface ________ everywhere. (A) most (B) most of (C) almost (D) in 15. Students should answer seven of the ________ ten questions. (A) below (B) following (C) under (D) added 16. The assembly hall is almost full. There are ________ seats left. (A) only a little (B) only few (C) only a few (D) only little 17. The book describes adventures that happened ________. (A) at a long time (B) a long time ago (C) in the very old (D) an old time ago 18. He pointed to Number 6 and said, "That's the house she lives ________. ". (A) there (B) where (C) in (D) in it 19. It is dark in here. Please turn ________ the light. (A) on (B) out (C) over (D) off 20. - They don't have much in their apartment yet. - ________ they are planning to live here only until Bob gets his degree, they don't want to buy much furniture. (A) Even (B) Since (C) Otherwise (D) However English testing level A - Exam 36
  11. 1. ________ that! (A) Do not (B) Don't do (C) Not to do (D) Does not 2. ________ my friend Isabel. (A) I present you (B) You'll let, (C) This is (D) I introduce 3. Two gunmen entered ________ the bank. (A) to (B) - (C) in (D) into 4. ________ you see him tomorrow? (A) did (B) do (C) have (D) will 5. Jack ________ to Paris twice this year. (A) be (B) has been (C) had been (D) is 6. Either teacher knows the answer. = ________ (A) No teachers know the answer. (B) Both teachers know the answer. (C) All the teachers know the answer. (D) Any teacher can answer. 7. They bought a ticket for the train at the ________ station. (A) bus (B) railway (C) police (D) lorry 8. The more he tried to help her, ________ she seemed to appreciate it. (A) less (B) lesser (C) the less (D) the lesser 9. - How will you be able to get to Rome in time for the meeting? - I'll fly ________ will only take 50 minutes. (A) and such (B) that (C) and therefore (D) which
  12. 10. When he ________ his cup he broke it. (A) was dropping (B) dropped (C) drop (D) had dropped 11. The girl you ________ yesterday is waiting for you in the drawing room. (A) told me (B) told me about (C) told about (D) told me about her 12. Please help yourself ________ whatever you like. (A) on (B) in (C) over (D) to 13. - Mark wasn't there last night. - No, ________ . (A) I wasn't either (B) either was I (C) I wasn't too (D) neither I was 14. As it had not rain for several months, there was a ________ of water. (A) waste (B) shortage (C) drop (D) loss 15. It was a fine day for a picnic ________ rather cold. (A) if (B) though (C) so (D) therefore 16. I'd be careful in my dealings with her. I'm sure she's up to no ________. (A) pretences (B) good (C) eel (D) egg 17. Michael is the ________ member of the team. (A) younger (B) more young (C) youngest (D) most young 18. The man felt ________ again after a sound sleep. (A) strongly (B) strong (C) strength (D) strengthly 19. He swam ________ the river yesterday.
  13. (A) cross (B) crossed (C) across (D) crossing 20. The boat ________ in the river last night. (A) sinks (B) sank (C) drowns (D) drowned