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  1. 10.1. Your Free Mac OS X Programs You've got a broad assortment of programs in the Applications folder in the main hard drive window. The Applications Utilities folder holds another couple of dozen miniprograms that handle such workaday jobs as setting up printers and network connections, fixing problems on your hard disk, and monitoring the behind-the-scenes processing performed by your Mac whenever you launch and run programs. This chapter guides you through every item in your new software library, one program at a time. (Depending on your Mac model, you may find other programs in your Applications folder. Apple occasionally includes software of its own, or from other companies, to spice up the collection for, say, iMacs or MacBooks.) Tip: A reminder: You can jump straight to the Applications folder in the Finder by pressing Shift- -A (the shortcut for Go Applications), or by clicking the Applications folder icon in the Sidebar. You might consider adding the Application folder's icon to the Dock, too, so you can access it no matter what program you're in. Shift- -U (or Go Utilities) takes you, of course, to the Utilities folder.  
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