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  1. [ Team LiB ] Using Windows Messenger Integration Because many Outlook users also use Windows Messenger, Outlook contacts provide integration between Windows Messenger contacts and email. You can enable Windows Messenger integration from the Tools, Options, Other tab. The Person Name smart tag, as shown in Figure 7.1, is enabled by default when you install Outlook. Check Display Messenger Status in the From Field to include the Messenger status icon with the smart tag. Figure 7.1. The sender's Messenger status displays in the message header when the Person Name smart tag and Display Messenger Status are enabled. When the sender is in your contact list, the Messenger icon displays her status. The icon is gray when the sender is not in your Messenger contact list, when Display Messenger Status is disabled, or when you are not signed into Windows Messenger. Disabling the Person smart tag removes many of the options available when you click on names or addresses in the message header. However, you can still right-click on the names and choose Add to Contacts and Look Up Contacts.
  2. When Messenger integration is disabled, the smart tag includes many of the same menu options, except for the ones requiring Messenger. When the sender is on your Messenger contact list, you'll see the menu shown in Figure 7.1. This menu shows the person's online status and includes options to send them an email message, send an instant message, create a new contact, or open the person's contact. Additional Actions lists actions for other smart tags you've installed that work with contacts. A sample smart tag, Find People, searches all of your Contacts folders for matching names. It's available at http://www.cdolive.com/samples/. The smart tag works automatically when the sender's email address is his Messenger address and is on your Messenger contact list. However, many Messenger users use Hotmail or another email address as their Messenger address; in that case, you have to add that user's Messenger addresses to the IM field on his contact form. After you do this, the Person Name smart tag shows his Messenger status and you can send him an instant message by selecting Send Instant Message from the Person Name smart tag menu. Smart tags are functions that detect keywords in a document and provide options based on the type of keyword. For example, a Stock smart tag detects all potential stock symbols. Smart tags remain hidden until you hover your mouse over the text; at that point, a small button becomes visible. When you click on the button, several options are available on a menu. Office comes with several preinstalled smart tags; look for the list at Tools, AutoCorrect Options, Smart Tags. When Word is used as the email editor, smart tags are available in your messages. Paste Options and AutoCorrect Options look like smart tags, but are technically just options buttons because they can't be enhanced. The Messenger icon is red and the Send Instant Message item is dimmed on the Person Names menu when the sender is offline. If the sender isn't on your Messenger contact list, the Person Names menu contains the Add to Messenger Contacts option and the Messenger icon is gray. Choosing Add to Messenger Contacts initiates a connection to the Passport server to confirm that the
  3. address has a Passport account. If a Passport account exists for the address, Outlook adds the address to your Messenger contact list. When the address is not associated with a Passport, a dialog informs that you the address does not exist in the Passport database. Only valid Passport addresses can be added to the Messenger contact list. The Person Name smart tag also works in Word. However, the Messenger contact's display name must match the name entered into Word and contain the first and last names for the tag to be enabled. For example, DianeP as a display name in Messenger doesn't enable the Person Name smart tag, but the tag does work with Diane P. [ Team LiB ]