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  1. SỞ GIÁO DỤC - ĐÀO TẠO THỪA THIÊN HU Ế TRƯỜNG THPT-BC BÙI TH Ị XUÂN *** GIÁO ÁN NĂM HỌC 2005-2006 Môn : Anh văn Lớp 12 Unit 5- Word Study Giáo viên: TRƯƠNG TH Ị THANH TÂM 2005
  2. LESSON PLAN Unit 5: Word study- Adjectives - Teacher in charge: Truong Thi Thanh Tam Bui Thi Xuan Semi-Public Upper Secondary School. - Lesson : Unit 5 - Word Study Adjectives formed from nouns by adding suffixes : 12th form - Class: - Time alloted : 45 minutes - Aims : To help the students know how to form adjectives from nouns by adding suffixes - Lexical items : harmful, peaceful. successful, hopeful, childless, odourless, manly, childlike, statesmanlike... - Skills : Writing, speaking, listening -Teaching aids : projector, handouts, posters PROCEDURE  Warm - up: (5 minutes): Lucky numbers - The class will be divided into 2 teams (A&B) which will take turns to choose a number at random and answer the questions. With the correct answer they will get one mark. - There are 3 lucky numbers. If any teams recognize the word in the red column, they will get 3 marks.
  3. GAME: LUCKY NUMBERS H A R M F U L 1 O L D 2 J U N E 3 E A S Y 4 O C C U R 5 L E F T 6 C H I N A 7 E T V 8 P E A C E F U L 9 Reset Checking: T: What will you do first? Ss: Choose a number. T: And then? Ss: Answer the question T: What happens if you tell me the word in the red column? Ss: We will get 3 marks.  Questions: 1. What is the adjectives of harm? 2. What is the opposite of young? 3. What is the month before July? 4. What is the opposite of difficult? 5. Lucky number. 6. Lucky number. 7. You can see the Great Wall in this country. 8. Lucky number. 9. What is the adjectives of peace? PRESENTATION (10 minutes)
  4. 1 . Lead in: T: Do you know one of the ways to form an adjective? Today we move to Unit 5 - Word study to answer this question. 2 . Setting the scene: Show the pictures and elicit adjectives from the students. a. T: Are you allowed to smoke? Why? Ss: Smoking is harmful to our health. b . T: Are you allowed to touch the high voltage? Ss: No. It is dangerous. T: Why? Ss: It is dangerous. c. T: What’s he like? Ss: He’s lovely. T: Have Ss read the words and elicit the formation. T: What parts o f speech are they? Ss: Adjectives. T: How are they formed. ? Ss: Nouns and suffixes. NOUN + SUFFIX  ADJECTIVES Let Ss take notes T: And now we have another adjectives formed from nouns by adding suffixes. Ask Ss to use suffixes to complete the box Ask Ss if there are any difficult words and then run through vocabulary. PRACTICE (13 minutes)
  5. 1 . Activity 1: Choose the most suitable word or phrase (individuals) 1 . The suffix of “child” is ................. a. – y b . –ful c. – less d. -al 2 . The suffix of “success” is ............. a. – ful b . –ness c. –ment d. – less 3 . Coal, oil, and forests are the most important ............. resources. a. Industrial b. agricultural c. natural d. national 4 . Water is colourless and ............. a. careless b. hopeless c. useless d. odourless 5 . We can form a negative adjective by adding the suffix ............. to the noun “harm”. a. – ful b . –less c. – ly d . –al Suggested answer: 1. c 2. a 3. c 4 . odourless 5. b Activity 2:Complete the following sentences with the proper adjectives corresponding to the nouns from the list (pair work) nature – day – health – care – harm - success Model: The Lao Dong is published seven days a week. It is a .....daily.............. newspaper. 1 . Smoke from factories is ...................... . 2 . Lan and her brother passed the examination last year. They were ........................ candidates. 3 . Clean air provides us with a ....................... supply of oxygen. 4 . Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in ........................ form. 5 . You must be very ........................ when you drive in wet weather. Suggested answer: 1 . harmful 2 . successful 3 . healthy 4 . natural 5 . careful PRODUCTION * Instruction: Divide the class into 4 groups. Ask them to use the adjectives formed from nouns by adding suffixes to write a story from the film then stick the posters on the blackboard.
  6. Home alone Suggested words: cloudy  windy peaceful (sleep )dangerous (robbers)  (know how to drive the robbers out of the ho use) foolish (robbers) snowy (mother cam e back joyous (sense) home) *Homework: (1 minute) • Rewrite the story and give it a title • Prepare further practice, page 75 * Evaluation: (1 minute)
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