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  1. TrueNet Installation Guidelines C5eT & C6T Parameter Current Standards TrueNet Recommendation Horizontal Run Distance 90 Metres No Change Patch Cable Lengths Total of all patch cables less Total of all patch cables less than than 10 Metres 10 Metres, but only patch cables of approved lengths will be allowed. Patch Cable Source Unspecified, but do not allow Must be from an approved specific components source. NO third party patch cable assembly permitted under any circumstances Twists
  2. Parameter Current Standards TrueNet Recommendation Block to Block Cross-Connects Specified cable Special designed jacketed cross- connect cable required (part number TBD) Service Loops 3 metres at closet, 1 metre at The cable shall not have more station than 4 wraps/360 degree loops Pair Re-twist Not Specified If too much untwist is taken out during the termination process, re-twisting is allowed providing the twist is put pack into the pair at a rate of one twist per quarter inch. Water Migration Not Specified No liquid may penetrate the cable at connection points or cable breaks, or the node must be replaced. Environment Specified Cables rated for indoor use must not be stored in an outdoor environment. Enclosed temporary facilities are accepted provided temperature and humidity considerations are met. Multiple Cable Pulling Specified The practice of using one cable to pull multiple cables is not allowed unless tensioning devices are employed to distribute pulling on the group of cables being installed
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