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1.3.4 The Back End The back end of WordPress, heretofore known as the Admin area, is the part of WordPress that is seen only by you, your co-authors, and your site administrators. You view this area directly through a web browser and it is used to create and control all of the content and otherwise manage the site. This is essentially a secret hidden area which normal visitors will never see and likely don’t care about. 1.3.5 The Front End The end result of these various WordPress components is the part of your site that visitors actually see and care about: the front end. The front end of your WordPress-powered site consists of all your site’s publicly available web pages. Posts, Pages, Archives, everything. So let’s put it together and see how the front end is generated. First, the content you create in the Admin area is stored in the database. Then, the core files interact with the database to render the website for your visitors. The front end is where WordPress brings the magic together and makes it happen. 1.4.1 Tools of the Trade You are going to need an internet connection. Shocking, we know. What else? 1.4.2 A Domain Name Since we are working with the self-hosted version of WordPress, we are going to need an environment to work. That’s what “self” means – bring your own environment. The first step is getting a domain name (digwp.com = a domain name). If you’ve never gone through this process before, don’t worry it’s really not too big of a deal, despite the often horrendous user-interface of many of the major retailers. GoDaddy.com is a popular choice for purchasing domains. Real Estate Owning your own domain name is like owning your own house. You don’t have a landlord telling you that you can’t knock down that wall or you can only put up posters with poster putty. With your own site, you can do whatever you want. 17 1.4.3 Web Host / Server Owning a domain name is half of the equation. Now you need a web server to point that domain toward. The web server will then do its thing and serve up your website. You don’t need to buy your domain and hosting at the same place, and in fact, we advise against it. For example, a hosting company doesn’t have a whole lot of incentive to offer you support in moving your hosting to a different server, should that ever become necessary. Hosting is more expensive than domain names, but for low to medium traffic sites, even basic hosting plans are adequate. Digging into WordPress served 150,000 pageviews per month at the time of this writing. It is hosted on a $20/month Media Temple plan alongside many other sites, runs great, and will for a while to come. 18 1.4.4 Text / Code Editor Your FrontPage / Dreamweaver days are over. WYSIWYG editors will be of no use to you while building dynamic, WordPress-powered websites. You are better than that anyway. We are going to get our hands dirty with real code, so you need to be using a real code editor. Here is a summary of some of the better code editors currently available: Mac TextMate Mac TextWrangler PC UltraEdit $59 http://digwp.com/u/231 Free http://digwp.com/u/232 $49 http://digwp.com/u/233 Double Cool PC Notepad++ Free Both jEdit Free 1.4.5 FTP Program http://digwp.com/u/234 http://digwp.com/u/235 Coda for the Mac is an FTP client and code editor rolled into one. It also has a built-in terminal, reference manuals, code sharing via Bonjour, and subversion support. To connect to your web server and transfer files back and forth from your computer, you’ll need some FTP software. If the program transfers files, you are good to go, but some also have swell features you may be interested in. You make the call. The code editor may not be as robust as some of the others, but the combo functionality is pretty sweet. Mac Transmit Mac Fetch PC WS_FTP PC AutoFTP Both FileZilla Both FireFTP $29 http://digwp.com/u/236 http://digwp.com/u/18 Free http://digwp.com/u/237 $34 http://digwp.com/u/238 Free http://digwp.com/u/239 Free http://digwp.com/u/240 Free http://digwp.com/u/414 Chris’ OS X dock 19 Computer with Internet Domain Name Web Hosting Code Editor FTP Software Mad Skillz …we’re getting there! 20 John Boardly’s I Love Typography is a beautiful WordPress powered site. http://ilovetypography.com/ 21 ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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