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  1. [ Team LiB ] Using Alerts Outlook has three types of alerts: the desktop alert, which is semitransparent and displays when new messages arrive; new alerts, which display a custom message based on rules; and alerts that are sent from SharePoint server sites to alert you when information on the site is updated. This section is about the alerts sent from SharePoint sites. Alerts that you create using the SharePoint interface aren't listed in Outlook. You must create the alert using the Manage Alerts tab in the Rules and Alerts dialog (see Figure 14.11). Figure 14.11. Use the Manage Alerts tab to view alerts that you created using the New Alert dialog in Outlook. Select New Alert to create an alert. The New Alert dialog opens with a list of sources currently sending you alerts and a list of sources visited. You can also type the address of your SharePoint site in the Address field. The SharePoint site opens and you can select the alert type you want to create. When you finish, the alert is added to the list in Rules and Alerts. The Alert Properties button opens the SharePoint site in your browser. View or edit the
  2. properties of the alert from there. Alerts are sent by email and you can use the Create Rule dialog to create a rule to handle the alert messages. Choose between displaying a New Alert window (as shown in Figure 14.3), playing a selected sound, or moving the message to a specific folder. The Advanced button opens the Rules Wizard to the Select Conditions dialog, with the Which Is an Alert E-mail condition preselected. These rules are added to the E-mail Rules list and are identified as alerts. [ Team LiB ]  
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