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  2. Singapore, a beautiful country and the world's cleanest, best known for the blue  one with the enthusiasm and the law-abiding people. This tiny island is located  at 1 degree north of the equator in the south of the Malaysian summit. It is  bounded by the Strait of Malacca and South China seas.
  3. 1 People & Language 2 2 Weather CONTENTS 3 3 Food 4 Custom & Culture 4
  4. PEOPLE The main ethnic groups Chinese Malays Indians
  5. LANGUAGE Language Language English Chinese Malay Tamil
  6. WEATHER & CLIMATE  Singapore's climate is relatively similar to the climate in  Vietnam is a tropical climate and year round sunshine.  February is month the sun throughout the month
  7. WEATHER & CLIMATE Month July and month August is the hottest  month with temperatures reaching the maximum 
  8. WEATHER & CLIMATE  December is the month continuous rain
  9. FOOD There are three main cuisines: Malay, Indian and Chinese, all  of them major culinary traditions in their own right but have  acquired a distinctly “Singaporean” flavour. Chinese cuisine
  10. FOOD Rojak The Malay dish Nasi Lemak Indian food
  11. RELIGION Hinduism Chinese Temples Islam Christianity
  12. CUSTOM & CULTURE Chingay Parade Thaipusam in February The Lunar New Year Festivals and Events in Singapore
  13. CUSTOM Muslims do not eat pork  Hindus do not eat beef Singaporeans have a  habit of walking  barefoot in the house
  14. CUSTOM Number of death Is a lucky only, number should we refrain Is a lucky Is a lucky number number
  15. CUSTOM & CULTURE The Night Safari Jurong Bird Park Sightseeing in Singapore
  16. The Haw Par Villa Tiger Balm Gardens The Singapore Zoo Sightseeing in Singapore
  17.  The interesting sights in Singapore The streets are clean Sentosa resort Batanic Garden Chinese garden
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