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  1. [ Team LiB ] Outlook Today One of Outlook's popular features is Outlook Today. The Outlook Today page displays your upcoming events, tasks, and unread message counts in an HTML page. You can start Outlook directly in Outlook Today and return to it at anytime by choosing the top level of your default message store. If you have more than one message store, Outlook Today is in the top level of the message store that's identified by an icon containing a house and a clock. Figure 1.8. The Outlook Today folder home page provides a window on your upcoming activities. Outlook Today includes options for limited customizations, which are accessible from the Outlook Today page. Choose Customize Outlook Today at the top of the page to open the Customize Outlook Today dialog (see Figure 1.9). Figure 1.9. Included in the settings you can configure for Outlook Today are whether Outlook starts in Outlook Today and how many days to show from your calendar.
  2. You can choose to show all incomplete tasks or only those due today, and select from five basic styles or color schemes. Although it's possible to edit the HTML page to further customize the included Outlook Today screens, it requires some HTML and programming knowledge because it uses a compiled HTML page. You can replace the Outlook Today home page with a home page you design. In most cases, a customized Outlook Today home page loads slower than the pages included with Outlook. If you use the Winter style, the Save Changes button is at the bottom of the page. On all other pages, it's at the top of the page. Using Folder Home Pages You can use a home page on any folder, not just on the Outlook Today folder. To set a folder home page: 1. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties. 2. Select the Home Page tab and enter the file path or URL for your home page selection. 3. Check the box to Show Home Page by Default for This Folder.
  3. 4. Choose Offline Web Page Settings to make the folder home page available for offline use. When the Show Home Page box is checked, the folder contents are hidden from view. You can use Search Folders, Advanced Find, or uncheck the box to view any items in the folder. Use a local HTML page you create, possibly one using ActiveX controls that display your Inbox, weather, and stock market information for your folder home page. You aren't limited to using pages you create: You can use a Web page from your company's intranet or from any Web site you choose. Using Internet content requires an open Internet connection. Hour 3 has more information about using and customizing Outlook Today and folder home pages. To remove the home page from the folder, open the Properties dialog and choose Restore Defaults. Uncheck the Show Home Page Box if you want to temporarily disable the home page. [ Team LiB ]