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  1. C B RWD AXLE BEARINGS C A U T Chapter 7 O Page 164 P M Classroom Manual O T Page 300 I Lab Manual V E R K
  2. C B FULL-FLOATING AXLE C A U Definition - axle bearing is on the T outside of the axle housing. g O M No weight is on the axle shaft. O Used on 3/4 ton and larger trucks, and trucks T I four wheel drive front axles. V If axle b k wheel will not come off. l breaks h l ill t ff E R K Page 165 C
  3. C B SEMI-FLOATING AXLES C A U Definition - axle bearing is inside the axle T housing.g O M Weight of vehicle is on the axle shaft. O If the axle breaks the wheel will come off off. T I V E R K Page 165 C
  4. C B BEARING STYLES C A Three styles of RWD solid axle U bearings. g T O Ball Axle Bearing M Straight Roller Straight-Roller Axle Bearings O Tapered-Roller Axle Bearings T I Lubricated from differential or packed V with wheel bearing grease at time of E R installation. installation Page 166-167C K
  5. C B BALL AXLE BEARINGS C A Held in place U by metal T retainer bolted O M to the end of O the axle T housing. I V Seal is inside of E the axle R Page 166 Figure 7-46 K bearing.
  6. C B C STRAIGHT -ROLLER ROLLER A Held in place by U T a C-Clip in the O differential case. M O Seal i S l is on the th T outside of the I bearing. b i V E Bearing is lubed R from d ff f differential. l K
  7. C B TAPERED-ROLLER C Held in l H ld i place by metal retainer b lt d b t l t i bolted A U to the end of the axle housing. T O Two seals M one inside O T of I bearing, bearing V one E R outside. outside K
  8. C B IRS AXLE SHAFTS C A Two types of independent suspension: U Swing Axle g T Single Joint O M Camber changes with suspension travel. O Independent Rear Suspension T Camber does not change with suspension travel. I Two Joints V E Axle bearings are similar to FWD. g R Page 168-169C K
  9. C B MAINTENANCE C A Use correct lube type: U GL-1, GL-2, GL-3, GL-4, GL-5. , , , , T O Posi-traction differentials require a M Limited slip additive. Limited-slip additive O T Transaxles may require: I Gear oil G il V E Motor oil R ATF A Page 169C K