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be on something be on something 1. to be resting on something. 2. to be taking med-ication. 3. taking an illegal drug or controlled substance and acting strangely. be on the safe side and be safe to be safe; to be cautious; [to do something just] in case it is neces-sary; to be very well prepared. be onto someone to have figured out what someone is doing; to have figured out that someone is being dishonest. be onto something to have found something useful or promising; to be on the verge of discovering something. be (out) in the open 1. to be visible in an open space; to be exposed in an open area. 2. [for something] to be public knowl-edge. be out (of something) 1. to be gone; to have left someplace; to be absent from a place. 2. to have no more of something. be (out) on strike Go to be out (on strike). be out (on strike) and be (out) on strike to be away from one’s job in a strike or protest. be poles apart to be very different; to be far from coming to an agree-ment. (These poles are the extreme points, like the North Pole and the South Pole of the earth.) be putty in someone’s hands [for someone] to be easily influenced by someone else; excessively will-ing to do what someone else wishes. be racked with pain suffering from severe pain. be safe Go to be on the safe side. be swimming in something to be engulfed by an excess of some-thing, as if it were a flood. be the death of one (yet) these kinds of problems will be one’s ruin, death, or downfall. be the death of someone or some-thing to be the end of someone or something. be the teacher’s pet to be the teacher’s favorite student. (To be treated like a pet, such as a cat or a dog.) be through with someone or something to be finished with someone or something. be up for something 1. [for some-one] to be mentally ready for something. 2. [for something] to be available for something, such as auction, sale, etc. be used to doing something [..."jus t@...] to be accustomed to doing something; [to be] comfortable with doing something because it is familiar. be used to someone or something [..."jus t@...] to be familiar and comfortable with someone or something. be with it to be up-to-date; to be knowledgeable about contempo-rary matters. beach ["bitS] 1. n. a shore covered with sand, pebbles, or stones. 2. tv. to run or drive something onto the shore. 36 TLFeBOOK beard bead ["bid] 1. n. a small piece of wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, gemstone, or other material, usu-ally with a hole through it for a string or a thread. 2. n. a droplet of a liquid. beak ["bik] n. the bill of a bird; the hard mouth structure of a bird or a turtle. beam ["bim] 1. n. a long, flat piece of wood, concrete, or metal. 2. n. a ray of light; a stream of light; a stream of laser energy. 3. iv. to radiate light; to make or give light. 4. iv. to smile brightly; to look very happy. bean ["bin] n. a seed of certain kinds of plants, and sometimes also the pod, used as food. full of beans spill the beans bear ["bEr] 1. n. a powerful, furry animal with a short tail and claws. 2. n. someone who believes that prices on stocks or bonds will fall. 3. tv., irreg. to carry or transport something. (Past tense: bore; past participle: borne.) 4. tv., irreg. to accept the consequences of some-thing; to take responsibility for something. 5. tv., irreg. to manage to support someone or something; to carry the weight of someone or something. 6. tv., irreg. to produce offspring; to give birth to a child. (When this sense is used in the passive voice and focuses on the child, as in Jimmy was born in 1996, the past participle is born; otherwise, the past participle is borne.) 7. tv., irreg. [for a plant] to produce or yield something, such as fruit, flowers, or leaves. ® (as) hungry as a bear grin and bear it have bearing on something more than one can bear bear down (on someone or some-thing) to put pressure or weight on someone or something. bear one’s cross and carry one’s cross to carry or bear one’s bur-den; to endure one’s difficulties. (This is a biblical theme.) bear someone or something in mind Go to keep someone or something in mind. bear someone or something up to hold someone or something up; to support someone or something. bear someone up to sustain or encourage someone. bear the brunt (of something) to withstand or endure the worst part or the strongest part of some-thing, such as an attack. bear up (under something) 1. to hold up under something; to sus-tain the weight of something. 2. to remain brave under a mental or emotional burden. bear (up)on something [for infor-mation or facts] to concern something or be relevant to some-thing. bear watching to need watching; to deserve observation or monitor-ing. bear with someone or something to be patient with someone or some-thing; to wait upon someone or something. beard ["bIrd] n. hair that grows on the side of the face, the chin, and the neck, usually of a male. 37 TLFeBOOK beard the lion in his den beard the lion in his den to face an adversary on the adversary’s home ground. beast ["bist] 1. n. a monster; a scary creature. 2. n. an animal, especially one with four feet. beat ["bit] 1. n. the rhythm of poetry or music. 2. n. one unit of a musical measure. 3. n. the area or route that someone, especially a police officer, walks on a regular basis. 4. tv., irreg. to hit someone or something, especially repeat-edly. (Past tense: beat; past participle: beaten.) 5. tv., irreg. to mix food ingredients with a kitchen tool. 6. tv., irreg. to win a game against someone or some-thing; to triumph over someone or something in a competition. 7. iv., irreg. to hit against someone or something again and again. 8. iv., irreg. [for a heart] to throb; [for a heart] to pulse over and over. 9. the past tense and a past par-ticiple of R. pound a beat beat a dead horse to continue fighting a battle that has been won; to continue to argue a point that is settled. beat a path to someone’s door [for people] to come to someone in great numbers. beat about the bush Go to beat around the bush. beat around the bush and beat about the bush to avoid answer-ing a question; to stall; to waste time. beat down on someone or some-thing [for rain or hail] to fall on someone or something. beat one’s head against the wall and bang one’s head against a brick wall to waste one’s time trying to accomplish something that is completely hopeless. beat someone down to defeat or demoralize someone. beat someone up to strike someone as in beat R; to hit someone repeatedly, typically with the fists. beat something down 1. to break through something, such as a door or wall. 2. to flatten something. beat something into something to beat or whip something with a utensil, until it changes into some-thing else. beat something up 1. to beat some-thing, such as an egg. 2. to ruin something; to damage something. beat the gun to manage to do something before the ending sig-nal. (Originally from sports, referring to making a goal in the last seconds of a game.) beaten ["bit n] Past participle of beat. beautiful ["bju t@ fUl] adj. having great beauty; very pretty. (Adv: beautifully ["bju t@ fli].) beauty ["bju ti] 1. n. the quality that makes someone or something very pleasing to look at; the quality that makes something very pleas-ing to hear or to think about. (No plural.) 2. n. someone or some-thing that is beautiful or excellent. 3. n. excellence; suitability; clever-ness. (No plural.) beaver ["bi v#] n., irreg. a furry, plant-eating animal that dams up streams to form a pond in which it 38 TLFeBOOK been through the mill builds its dwelling or lodge. (Plural: beaver or beavers.) (as) busy as a beaver eager beaver became [bI "kem] past tense of become. because [bI "kOz] conj. for the rea-son that. because of someone or something due to someone or something; on account of someone or something. become [bI "k^m] 1. past partici-ple of W. 2. iv., irreg. to come to be something; to grow to be some-thing. (Past tense: became; past participle: become.) 3. iv., irreg. to turn into something; to change into something. 4. tv., irreg. [for clothing, a haircut, etc.] to look good on someone; to make some-one look attractive. bed ["bEd] 1. n. a piece of furniture used to sleep on, usually raised and with a mattress, sheets, and blankets. 2. n. a flat base; a foun-dation; a bottom layer of support. 3. n. the soil at the bottom of a body of water. 4. n. an area of soil where flowers and other plants grow. get out of the wrong side of the bed get up on the wrong side of the bed go to bed make someone’s bed make a bed put someone or something to bed should have stood in bed bed down (for something) to lie down to sleep for a period of time. bedclothes ["bEd klo(D)z] n. sheets and a blanket; the cloth coverings for a bed. (Treated as plural, but not countable.) bedding ["bEd IN] n. the mattress coverings, sheets, and blankets used on a bed. (No plural.) bedroom ["bEd rum] n. a room in a dwelling place where someone sleeps. bedside ["bEd saId] n. the side of a bed; the area beside a bed. bedtime ["bEd taIm] n. the time when someone usually goes to bed. bee ["bi] n. a small insect that can sting and that makes honey. (as) busy as a bee birds and the bees have a bee in one’s bonnet put a bee in someone’s bonnet beef ["bif] n. the meat of a cow, steer, or bull. (No plural.) ground beef beef something up to strengthen or fortify something. beefsteak ["bif stek] n. a slice of the flesh of a cow, steer, or bull, eaten as food. (Usually steak.) beehive ["bi haIv] n. a place where bees live, reproduce, and make honey. beeline ["bi laIn] n. the direct line of flight that a bee follows between its home and a food source. make a beeline for someone or some-thing been [bIn] past participle of be. been had been duped; been cheated. been through the mill been badly treated; exhausted. 39 TLFeBOOK been to hell and back been to hell and back to have survived a great deal of trouble. beer ["bIr] 1. n. a beverage (con-taining alcohol) made from grain and flavored with hops. (Plural only for types and instances.) 2. n. a glass or can of Q; a serving of Q. beet ["bit] n. a plant with a large, dark red root that is eaten as a veg-etable. beetle ["bit @l] n. a small insect whose wings are hard and protect its body. before [bI "for] 1. conj. at an earlier time than; previous to the time when [something happens]. 2. prep. earlier than something; pre-vious to something. 3. prep. in front of someone or something. 4. adv. earlier; previously. 5. adv. until this moment in time; in the past. beg ["bEg] iv. to plead for some-thing; to ask for something very humbly. beg off ((on) something) to make excuses for not doing something. beg the question 1. to evade the issue; to carry on a false argument where one assumes as proved the very point that is being argued. 2. to invite the following question [question follows here]. (A com-pletely incorrect reinterpretation of the phrase. Very popular in the last few years.) began [bI "gAn] past tense of begin. beggar ["bEg #] n. someone who asks for charity, especially money or food; a panhandler. beggar description to be impossi-ble to describe well enough to give an accurate picture; to be impossi-ble to do justice to in words. begin [bI "gIn] 1. iv., irreg. [for something] to start [happening]; for someone or something to start [doing something]. (Past tense: began; past participle: begun.) 2. iv., irreg. to start to do some-thing. 3. tv., irreg. to start something; to commence some-thing. begin to see daylight to begin to see the end of a long task. begin to see the light to begin to understand (something). beginner [bI "gIn #] n. someone just learning to do something; an amateur. begun [bI "g^n] Past participle of begin. behavior [bI "hev j#] n. the man-ner in which someone acts or behaves; conduct; manners. (Plural only for types and instances.) behind [bI "haInd] 1. prep. in or to a place farther back than someone or something else; at the rear of someone or something. 2. prep. later than someone or something; coming after someone or some-thing; not current with something. 3. prep. serving as the reason for something. 4. prep. in support of someone or something. 5. adv. toward the back; further back in place or time. behind schedule not done by the time listed on the schedule Q. 40 TLFeBOOK ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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