Mitigation performance of household living in disaster prone II of MT.Slamet

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This study has an aim to study the mitigation performance of household living in disaster prone II of Mt. Slamet. Living harmony with disaster is employed by Indonesia. To gain the research objective, this study use sequential mixed methodology supported by qualitative research and quantitative research sequentially. It was started with indepth interview to 29 key informants for qualitative and 538 households as the samples for quantitative approach. Variables are consist of mitigation, household characteristics, capitals of households and transformation on process and structure. The study area is located in the disaster prone II, approximately 4-6 km from the peak of Mt.Slamet, which had households work in agriculture and tourism sector. Mitigation phase describe the household warning system and the evolvement of disaster management. The result of this study explained household characteristics for number of healthy hosehold member (0.101*), owning the size of land (-0.118*) and household network to others living outside the red zone (0.312**) are directly influenced to mitigation ability. Transformation on process and structure is significantly influence directly to mitigation (0.115*) which consist of the land use management, spiritual enforcement and culture implementation.

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