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Trần Anh Tuấn A Menu The menu bar that appears at the top of a window is an application`s top­level menu, and the commands in it are called top­level menu items. The menu that appears when a top­level menu item is clicked is a drop­down menu, and items in that menu are referred to as menu items Menu items are identified by integer values called menu item IDs or command IDs Menu Windows also supports popup menus that look like drop­down menus but can be popped up anywhere on the screen Cascading menus are actually Pull_down menus that are submenus. Pull_down Menu Cascading Popup Menu Menu Menu You can create a menu in an MFC application in three ways: You can create a menu programmatically, piecing it together using CreateMenu, InsertMenu, and other CMenu functions You can initialize a series of data structures defining the menu`s contents and create the menu with CMenu::LoadMenuIndirect You can create a menu resource and load the resulting menu into the application at run time (common use) Create Menu Use resource to create menu ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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