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  1. 14.3. Managing Printouts After you've used the Print command, you can either sit there until the paper emerges from the printer, or you can manage the printouts-in-waiting. That option is attractive primarily to people who do a lot of printing, have connections to a lot of printers, or share printers with many other people. Start by opening the printer's window. If you're already in the process of printing, just click the printer's Dock icon. If not, open System Preferences Print & Fax, click the printer's name, and then click Open Print Queue. At this point, you see something like Figure 14-4: The printouts that will soon be sliding out of your printer appear in a tidy list. Here are some of the ways in which you can control these waiting printouts, which Apple collectively calls the print queue: • Delete them. By clicking an icon, or -clicking several, and then clicking the Delete toolbar button, you remove items from the list of waiting printouts. Now they don't print. Figure 14-4. Waiting printouts appear in this window. You can sort the list by clicking the column headings (Name or Status), make the columns wider or narrower by dragging the column-heading dividers horizontally, or reverse the sorting order by clicking the column name a second time. The Supply Level button opens a graph that shows how much ink each cartridge has remaining (certain printer models only). • Pause them. By highlighting a printout and then clicking the Hold button, you pause that printout. It doesn't print out until you highlight it again and then click the Resume button. (Other documents continue to print.) This pausing business could be useful when, for example, you need time to check or refill the printer, or when you're just about to print your resignation as your boss drops by to offer you a promotion. • Halt them all. You can stop all printouts from a printer by clicking Pause Printer. (They resume when you click the button again, which now says Resume Printer.)
  2. You can't rearrange printouts by dragging them in the queue list. But remember that you can resequence the printing order by choosing the Scheduler option described on Section 14.2.2; you can also drag waiting printouts between these lists, shifting them from one printer to another. Tip: As you now know, the icon for a printer's queue window appears automatically in the Dock when you print. But in Mac OS X 10.5, it stays in the Dock for the rest of the day; it doesn't disappear when the printing is complete.If you wish it would, Control-click (or right-click) the printer's Dock icon; from the shortcut menu, choose Auto Quit.