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  1. KRONE facts 10GigaBit Over Copper! Bandwidth... Bring It On... 10Gigabit Ethernet is an emerging technology This new augmented Cat 6 UTP copper cable was offering data speeds up to 10 billion bits per designed and developed at KRONE’s U.S. copper second. This latest standard has been driven not cable-manufacturing facility in Sidney, Nebraska. only by the increase in normal data traffic but also The cable demonstrated Shannon Capacity of by the proliferation of new, bandwidth-intensive 21Gigabit/s due to the improved alien cross-talk applications. immunity and the reduced insertion loss - which is more than adequate for the 10Gigabit/s Ethernet At the recent IEEE 10Gigabit/s Ethernet standard implementations being considered by the IEEE working group meeting it was announced that standard working group. international structured cabling company KRONE had made a breakthrough. The company has With the onset of IP convergence, bringing a demonstrated the first augmented Category 6 wealth of voice, video and data services to a single cable in the world with the necessary characteristics cable infrastructure, bandwidth demand hand in to enable 10Gigabit/s Ethernet to be implemented hand with network reliability and Quality of Service over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to the full 100 (QoS), will drive increasing bandwidth requirements meters required for structured cabling systems. to the desktop. The test results on KRONE’s new cable were The emergence of grid computing will be a key independently confirmed by one of the leading technology that, in the not too distant future, will Ethernet electronics vendors involved in the drive bandwidth requirements into the horizontal development of 10Gigabit/s technology and the cable infrastructure. Grid computing will essentially 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard. Presenting the “cluster” together desktop workstations and PCs to results, KRONE’s Senior Project Manager Bernie contribute idle CPU cycles to create a large, virtual Hammond said, “Our presentation to the IEEE server where performance scales as more users are today shows that KRONE has demonstrated its added. This technology may supplant centralised ability to produce a UTP cable that exceeds the servers allowing for the creation of very powerful requirements outline to run 10Gigabit/s Ethernet virtual servers scaling to user requirements. In over a 100-meter, unshielded twisted-pair copper essence the horizontal network connectivity channel.” Most industry experts had concluded that between desktop workstations becomes an it would be extremely difficult to overcome the external high speed server bus. Thus the technical combination of insertion loss and alien requirement for bandwidth and reliable, error free cross talk, or interference from adjacent cables, processing will be pushed out to the desktop with UTP cable - the most prolific type of enterprise network interconnect. networking cable in the world. Only KRONE’S TrueNet zero bit error rate cabling ® “By demonstrating that 10Gigabit Ethernet can solution coupled with this latest announcement be achieved over UTP cabling, our engineers have regarding demonstrable 10Gigabit Ethernet once again demonstrated KRONE’s unmatched capability will provide the necessary infrastructure commitment to technological innovation,” said to enable cost effective grid deployment across KRONE’s President and Chief Operating Officer Ron organisations. Lowy. “We are delighted to be the first in the world to reach this remarkable milestone.” KRONE (Australia) Holdings Pty Limited 2 Hereford Street Berkeley Vale NSW 2261 PO Box 335 Wyong NSW 2259 Phone: 02 4389 5000 Fax: 02 4388 4499 Tech Support: 1800 801 298 Email: kronehlp@krone.com.au Web: krone.com.au Copyright © 2004 KRONE (Australia) Holdings Pty. Limited Job No.: 6167 02/04
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