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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Jumper Cable? Jumper cable is the same as 4 pair solid conductor building cable. This means that its transmission performance is the same as regular horizontal cable. With jumpered connections you only use as much wire as you need. Therefore, a jumpered transmission path will always be shorter than a patched path. A jumpered solution also has lower loss and lower crosstalk as well as a neater appearance. What is Patch-By-Exception? This is a product feature of HIGHBAND 8, HIGHBAND 10, HIGHBAND 25 and Ultim8 that allows the normal cross connect configuration to be wired up using jumper cable. When a change in configuration is required the new connection can simply be made by plugging a HIGHBAND patch cord into the module. This instantly sets up the new configuration by overriding the jumpered connection. Some of the advantages of Patch-By-Exception with HIGHBAND are: - Lower cost due to the economy of using jumper cable instead of patch cords. - Any temporary patches are easily seen by the network administrator increasing control and record accuracy. - The normal connection configuration can be restored simply by removing the patch cord - Neat and tidy cable management due to elimination of patch cord slack. Lower transmission loss. - Easy removal of jumpered patches (no plug or locking tab to snare on other patches) - Eliminates potential user damage to modular patching such as bent patch panel pins, cord fracture or failure due to tightness or tangle, and plug locking tab breakage. - If temporary patches are to become permanent, they can be replaced by jumper cross connections when convenient. The removed patch cords can be kept handy for future use. Does HIGHBAND have a disconnect test facility? Yes. The HIGHBAND 8, HIGHBAND 10, HIGHBAND 25, Ultim8 and Compact 8 modules use a disconnect contact allowing test access to a circuit without breaking the circuit or removing wires. You can also leave jumpers in place and patch the same circuit to another port (i.e. Patch-By-Exception). Why use HIGHBAND instead of RJ45 patch panels? There are many reasons why you would choose HIGHBAND over RJ45 patching. Refer to the technology comparison HIGHBAND vs RJ, document under the HIGHBAND tech-tips area on this CD-ROM. What advantages does HIGHBAND provide that a 110 system will not? There are many. Refer to the technology comparison HIGHBAND vs 110 Type, document under the HIGHBAND tech-tips area on this CD-ROM. Does my standard KRONE tool terminate wires on HIGHBAND? Yes. HIGHBAND has been designed to be compatible for use with the existing KRONE Termination Tools. Why use HIGHBAND 16 and 20 Modules? When high density patching is considered more important than the disconnect or jumpering facility, HIGHBAND 16 and 20 modules may be more appropriate than HIGHBAND 8, 10 and 25 pair modules. ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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