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Figure 10-24. ispoof call screen ispoof has many practical and frivolous uses, and is definitely worth checking out. Hack 10.05: Use Your iPhone as a Media Remote Control You can use your iphone as a remote control for your computer and media center. if you’ve ever seen a top-of-the-line home theater installation connected to a multiroom sound system, you might have been impressed by the programmable touchscreen controls embedded in the walls near the light switch.and most home theater aficionados eventually get upsold on some sort of super-ultra programmable remote with software programmable buttons. Well, those days may be coming to a close, as iphones and ipod touches become the future of home theater control. Apple TV & iTunes apple set the standard for iphone remote media control apps with their release of Remote, which is available from the app store.This app allows your iphone or ipod touch to control your iTunes or apple TV just as seamlessly as it controls its own media.You may think that the pictures in Figure 10-25 are that of the ipod’s own controls, but how else would a seamless remote control app look? 272 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com HACK # 10.05 Figure 10-25. apple’s remote for itunes and apple tVs if you have a sonos music system, they provide a sonos Controller application for iPhones you can use: www.sonos.com/whattobuy/controllers/iphone.the same is true for media systems available from savant: www.savantav.com/products.php?navigationitem=1&subnavigationitem=2&item=0. Web-based controls Back before the app store, when all that was available for iPhone development was the web-based sdK, network-based remote controls were some of the coolest tricks in town. Because the iPhone can render web pages that look somewhat like a real iPhone app, it seems like everyone was (and still is) putting easy-to-use iPhone-oriented web pages into their already web-server-enabled devices. remote Buddy (www.iospirit.com; see Figure 10-26) is one of the first and best implementations of this sort of remote. Using your unjailbroken iPhone, connecting to only a web application, you can control your desktop fully—using the iPhone as a remote trackpad (Figure 10-27), and even automatically launching dVd movies stored on your computer (Figure 10-28). Figure 10-26. remote Buddy configuration chapter 10 - Use YoUr iPhone as a MediareMote Control 273 Download at Boykma.Com Figure 10-27. Remote Buddy iphone trackpad Figure 10-28. Remote Buddy DVD interface combine a Mac Mini and an ipod touch, and you can build yourself a DVD jukebox system.pull the DVD VIDEO_TS folder onto your Mac Mini as in [Hack #4.02], then install Remote Buddy and you can watch any DVD you want at full quality, with all the DVD menus—no conversion required! The ipod touch and iphone are bringing the high-end, configurable-touchscreen remote control experience into the mainstream. Hack 10.06: Make Your iPhone or iPod touch Talk When you have no one left to call, use Festival-Lite to make your iphone talk to you. With the utilities in this hack, you can add a text-to-speech engine to your phone, allowing you to turn text into speech! This can be implemented in an existing app or used on its own for various comedic or practical purposes. To get started teaching your phone how to talk, fire up cydia [Hack #1.04] to find and install the Festival-Lite and erica Utilities packages (and Mobile Terminal, if you don’t have that yet).see Figure 10-29. Festival is a port of a Unix-based TTs engine, and the erica Utility is called play, a simple command-line player of audio files. 274 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com HACK # 10.07 Figure 10-29. the two utilities and how to find them as these are just command-line utilities, that’s all the setup you need.once those are installed, connect to your iphone via ssH [Hack #9.04].type in the following commands, with your own content where necessary: flite "This is text to speech" -o filename.wav play filename.wav you can see what that would look like in Figure 10-30. Figure 10-30. iphone ventriloquism if all went well, you should be hearing your iphone or ipod touch say the sentence in its new voice. you can even do this directly on your iphone [Hack #9.05] by connecting to your phone (server ip as the user “mobile” and typing the same commands as shown previously. HACK 10.07: copy and paste Between applications Clippy (and friends) add copy and paste to the iphone and ipod touch. Copy and paste. Until iphone os 3.0, it was the most glaring feature missing from apple’s otherwise killer device.it’s present on practically every other smartphone on the market, and has infinite applications of convenience, as any journeyman computer user has discovered.so why go without it on a portable master communication device? the Clippy application gives us the copy and paste that iphone os 1.x/2.x owners had been clamoring for. Clippy is available from Cydia [Hack #1.04]. chapter 10 - Copyand paste Between appliCations 275 Download at Boykma.Com once it’s installed,clippy morphs the dragging text cursor movement present in all editable text boxes into a text highlighting tool.Tapping and dragging over a section of text highlights it.To bring up the commands for clippy, go to the numbers and symbols page of the keyboard (the one reached via the “.123” button in the bottom left).The command buttons will be along the top of the keyboard, as in Figure 10-31. Figure 10-31. The command buttons for clippy copying a phrase adds it to clippy’s “stack,” which is there so that you can copy and paste multiple things at a time.You can use it to keep a list of things you type frequently, saving keywords or things such as email addresses or simple stock sMs messages.The stack is shown in Figure 10-32.as can be expected, you can drag and delete the items, just like you would on any other list. Figure 10-32. The stack: tap an item in it to paste it where your cursor lies clippy will work between most applications that support text entry.it has a few quirks, but it’s the next best thing to the official apple copy and paste mechanism. With clippy, your efficient communication device is a little more efficient—unless you use it for something like Figure 10-33. 276 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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