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Figure 4-68. American Heritage Dictionary Despite the early, disorganized state of the iphone/ipod e-book economy, there are real gems to be found in the hundreds of thousands of books available in e-book format.Your iphone or iphone touch just became your walking dictionary (and more).it just goes to show that the more you put into the iphone, the more you get out of it! Hack 4.08: Take Panoramas and Nightshots with Your Built-in Camera Two megapixels is plenty! The iphone’s built-in camera is unable to compete with dedicated cameras for image quality. however, you have it with you everywhere you go, and chances are good that you don’t carry your camera except to special events.Therefore, there are many times when you want to milk the last bit of image quality out of your camera. Two areas where you may want to enhance your iphone camera are: 1. Low light conditions (night shots) 2. Resolution and field of view Resolution and Field of View Enhancement a 2-megapixel resolution isn’t too shabby for a tiny camera hiding in the corner of your iphone.if you where you want a much bigger image, you may be missing your 8-megapixel dedicated camera. The solution is to stitch your photos together to create a larger frame.one common application for this is when you want to photograph a large poster at a conference, so you can read the text later, but the fonts are too small to see in one frame. if you have a Mac, you can use software called calico panorama, manufactured by kekus Digital (www.kekus.com).it is relatively cheap: $39 as of this printing.on a pc, you can use freeware software called autostitch that uses a prior version of the same code engine (www.cs.ubc. ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.html). First, take a “panorama set” of photos, that is, a series of photos, making sure to overlap them generously.When going from side to side,i find it useful to move the camera just enough to put the 128 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com HACK # 4.08 right half of the screen onto the left half.Therefore, for a total image width of three fields of view, you will take five side-by-side photos.if you wish, you can do multiple rows as well. Figure 4-69 shows an example i made at the getty museum in los angeles (www.getty.edu), starting with several side-by-side images. Figure 4-69. Three photos run these through the panorama software (in this case,i used autostitch), shown in Figure 4-70. Figure 4-70. stitched results The result is the maximum field of view that the software can produce from the images you gave it. it will automatically align them and adjust contrast and color settings to make the result seamless. The last thing you’ll need to do is crop the edges to produce a finished product, as shown in Figure 4-71. Figure 4-71. Cropped image chapter 04 - Take Panoramas and nighTshoTs wiTh Your BuilT-in Camera 129 Download at Boykma.Com Low Light Conditions The iphone camera is pretty smart about auto-adjusting contrast when bright and dim objects are both in the field of view.nevertheless, it requires a minimum light intensity in order to form an image.at night, for example, there often is insufficient light to create a nice photo.however, if you can distinguish any shapes in your image, then you can merge dozens of photos in order to produce a single higher-contrast image.You need to have one well-defined visible object in the image.This can be a penlight, street lamp, or whatever.This provides a single object that is visible in each image and allows you to align the images.next, you will need an open source software package available (for Macs only!) called Lynkeos. Generally, it is used by astronomers to improve the quality of images taken through telescopes—but there’s no reason that you can’t use it to create images of the beautiful city lights taken from your drive home after skiing (when you had only your iphone). First, you need to obtain images.set your camera against an object so that it is very still.even a slight shake of your hand will introduce blurring in the final image.This means you can set your iphone on its side on a rock, table, against a tree, or something like that.You can even use a shoe as a tripod.shoes and socks are handy because you (hopefully) always have them with you and they won’t scratch your iphone. adjust your iphone position so that you can both reach the snapshot button and so that your frame contains at least one sharp, bright object.You should see it well in your camera roll on every photo. This is critical or Lynkeos will not be able to squarely align the images. Take as many images as you can stand—you will probably need several dozen, and you won’t know if you got enough until you go to process them.The more images you take, the better your final image becomes—assuming you are photographing a still environment. Unfortunately, this technique won’t work for catching a moving object! (no photographing nocturnal panthers using your iphone!) When you get back home, download the images onto your computer, and use Lynkeos (http://lynkeos.sourceforge.net) to “stack” the images and produce one final high-quality frame (Figure 4-72).note that Lynkeos is available only for Mac osX. Figure 4-72. stacking the images There is a very quick and easy tutorial for Lynkeos available from its help menu.You should go through that tutorial, which takes less than 10 minutes. 130 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com HACK # 4.08 Figure 4-73 shows an example of an image before processing; Figure 4-74 shows the results. Figure 4-73. Before Figure 4-74. after it’s like night and day! chapter 04 - Take Panoramas and nighTshoTs wiTh Your BuilT-in Camera 131 Download at Boykma.Com PanoLab Pro if you’d like to do your photo fixing and panoramas right on the phone,panoLab (Figure 4-75) is an option.This inexpensive app store app helps you align your panorama pictures as you take them (Figure 4-76), and lets you easily align the edges of the various pieces using your fingers and multitouch. Figure 4-75. panoLab pro Figure 4-76. aligning the photo panoLab pro also includes an exposure adjustment feature (Figure 4-77) that helps adjust for varying light conditions between shots. 132 iphone hacks Download at Boykma.Com ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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