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INVERSION _ĐẢO Ở MỆNH ĐỀ 1_ 1. Nhóm mang nghĩa phủ định (never) - Little: (ít) Nhằm hạn chế nghĩa của câu E.g. Little do I understand the lesson although I have learned it for a long time. - No where: (không ở đâu) E.g. No where can you find a beautiful place than Hanoi. - Rarely, Scarcely, Seldom, Hardly, Barely (hiếm khi) E.g. Rarely do American shake hands to say goodbye. - On no account By no means E.g. On no account does she eat meat - Under no circumstances In no circumstances E.g. Under no circumstances will I forget him. - At no time, In no way, on no condition, etc. E.g. At no time do we go to school late. - Never E.g. Never in my life will I forget my idol. - Neither Neither ....nor... E.g. Neither does he drink alcohol nor he smokes because both of them are very harmful for his health. - Not once (không chỉ một lần) 1 E.g. Not once do I study this lesson. - In vain (vô ích, vô vọng) E.g. In vain does she borrow him money because he is very mean. - Not any + N + clause, .... E.g. Not any improvement will you make unless you work hard now. 2. Nhóm khác: - Far too often (quá thường xuyên) All too often E.g. Far too often does she visit me because we are close friends. - So, Such S Nếu câu có Adj thì Adj sẽ đứng ngay sau “So” rồi đảo ngữ. E.g. Such is the life. So expensive is this picture that nobody in my class can buy it. - Trạng ngữ (thời gian, nơi chốn ...) E.g. Next to an article is a photograph of him. - Đảo ngữ với tiểu từ E.g. Off took the plane. - Câu điều kiện: Bỏ liên từ “If” đảo trợ động từ lên trước. Câu phủ định cũng không đảo “not” lên đầu. E.g. Do we not leave now, we’ll miss the train. Chú ý! Chú ý! Chú ý! Câu chỉ xuất hiện đảo ngữ nếu những từ trên đứng ở đầu câu hoặc mệnh đề. EXERCISES 2 Ex1: Put the verb into the correct form: 1. Never he (visit) me last year. 2. Here (come) your wife. 3. Here (be) your book. 4. Scarcely she (go) to school on time. 5. Not once she (do) that work for him a year ago. 6. We read that book many times, little I (understand) it. 7. We have learnt English for a long time, little I (improve) my level. 8. All too often she (come) back home late. Her parents were very angry. 9. In vain you (do) this work because it is useless. 10.On no account she (learn) hard. 11.In no circumstances, she (buy) that book because it’s very expensive. 12. No where you (find) as beautiful and gentle as Ha Long Bay. 13.In the past, neither I (love) him. 14.So beautifully she (sing) that all audiences seem to be death silence. 15.Now spring (come). 16.Then (come) your husband. Ex2: Rewrite the following sentences and keep the first meanings, use the given words: 1. She never suspected that her money had been stolen. (At no time) 2. I have never seen such a stupid in my life. (Never) 3. There is a picture of a dolphin next to the news. (Next to) 4. He goes to the library twice a week to borrow books. (Twice) 5. She is so beautiful that I can’t help looking at her. (So) 6. If I were a flower, I would be a rose. (Were) 7. If you had told me this, I wouldn’t have come. (Had) 3 8. They have been so successful that they often avoid meeting reporters. (So) 9. Her beautiful was such that we could only stare. (Such) 10.She didn’t say a word. (Such) 11.I hardly understand what he meant. (Hardly) 12.This switch must be touched on no account. (On no account) 13.He became so suspicious that he did not believe any one. (So) 14.If I were you, I would keep my promise. (Were) 15.She seldom goes to church. (Seldom) 16.There would have been an interesting party if the weather had been fine. (Had) 17.The rocket went up. (Up) 18.The tree fell down. (Down) 19.Sue armed guard stood by the door. (By) 20.Ann is here. (Here) 21.The bus goes there. (There) 22.The train comes here. (Here) 23.The runner went away. (Away) 24.The plane flew round and round. (Round and round) 4 ... - tailieumienphi.vn