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  1. HOW TO OBTAIN AN IP ADRESS ***************************************** WRITTEN BY: NY_2 (af326@seorf.ohiou.edu) (ny_2_@hotmail.com) ***************************************** All these newbies ask how do I obtain an ip adress. I see it all the time. In Yahoo chat rooms,(there is usually some lamer named X_hackerMaStEr_X asking how to get an ip for his winuke-but I'm not here to put down lamers) i see it in alt.2600 all the time..., course this newsgroup has enough problems. Enough of this, let's get on the subject..... First of all, you must decide wether you want to start here, and go to better things, or just want to get an ip and winuke for the rest of your life(we will kinda stick with this, cause this txt isnt for "elite"-I use that term loosley) If you want to go on to better things, I suggest that you read up on the working of tcp/ip, the stacks, ect. But for now we will concentrate on the ppl who want to use their winuke, land, teardrop, boink, ect. An ip will consist of anywhere from 8 to 12 numbers. ex. (dont put this in, I made it up) Usually the first 3 sets of numbers are his isp's subnet mask and the last set of numbers seperates him from the rest of the ppl on his/her isp.(isp=internet service provider)
  2. The first method you can try is try to get the bastard to send you an email. if you are using Winblows 95, and i assume most of you are(boy, i love those GUI's.......lol) look at the message header, or if its through your email client(Outlook Express, Eudora ect) click on the email and then options, and then properties, and it should be there.(This was for a 4th gen browser, IE 4.0. I assume that you can find it yourself on others) If the victim has logged off since then, then this wont work, naturally. The second method I have seen work is to get in those shitty chat rooms, and they usually have a user info tab, and that will usually tell you the ip adress(ex of shitty chat rooms-french kiss------*if you have trouble finding one you can go to my site i created years ago- http://www.seorf.ohiou.edu/~af326/chat.html) And to defend yourself, I suggest that you obtain patches for port 139(the port that your nuke sends OOB data to crash the victims comp)(*OOB=out of band data*) or you can get something like scream's port watcher, or anti-nuke-I have it if you want it drop me a line. NY_2 -------------------- Greets out to: ChAoS-thanks from the beginning Acid Demons Metal Hurlant-Thanks for the java info Smiggly
  3. Portal~ Shannerz, with his cool site, www.hack-net.com Lord Sony- My co-worker at hack-net.com Balif- Really nice site