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  1. UNIT 1: LET’S TALK                             Week:01 Date : th September 10 , Period:01 I. O ect i ves: bj By t he end of t he l esson, st udent s w l l be i abl e t o: - Greet and introduce themselves. II. Teachi ng ai ds: - Name tags, puppets, wall charts. III. Pr ocedur es: Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 3’ I. W ARM UP: - Greeting. - Call the roll. I I . PRESEN TATI O : N 5’ 1. Introduce the - Introducing - Look at the greeting: myself in English. teacher and  Hello, I  - Asking each listen. am Ms Oanh. student to put - Write down their name tags their names on on the table. the papers. - Greeting students by using - Listen. Hello  or Hi.  Hello, (Phong). Saying out the  Hi, (Nga) meaning of Hello/ Hi. -  : Hello, I  Hello/Hi: Xin chaøo. - Calling 02 good am A. students to -  : Hello,   pratise in A. greeting and introduce themselves for the first time. 5’ - Changing other 2. Present the first students. - Listen. part of the dialogue: - Showing the - Repeat. -  : Hello, I am Andy. wall charts and ( Choral -  : Hi,  My   name   is  read the first repetition & 10’ Kate. dialogue. pair repetition). 3. Pratice: - Role play. - Asking students ( Andy & Kate). work in pairs and
  2. pratise following     Chain     the first dialogue. - Pratise. Drill - Asking students - T : Hello, I am Ms  to pratise in Oanh. greeting and - S1 : Hi,  My   name   is  introduce using ­­­­­­­­­. their real names. 5’ - S2 : Hello, I am  - Teacher says ­­­­­­­­­­­­­. with S1, S1 says - Look at the - S3 :  with S2, S2 says T’s activities. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ with S3,… Look at the T’s . - Using the book book, listen and showing 02 and repeat III. OPEN YOUR BOOKS: persons on the following the T. 1.   Open  picture, calling - Open their the book to page 2. their names. books to page 2. - T: This is Andy. This is - Writing number   Kate. 2 on the board and using the 2. Instruct   request     “ - Copy down. students to open their   Open your books  books to page 2”. - Writing the - Choral 5'   model sentence repetition on the board. - Showing the - Listen. 3. Present   words     and - Pratise. the paradigm on page 2: reading. - Giving -  : Hello, I am Andy. instruction. -  : Hi,  My  name  is  ( Choosing 5 – 7 Kate. sts to join, S1 stands up and IV.  EXTENSION  : chooses S2 by 1.   Remember   the   way   greeting,   of   greeting   and   introducing - Practise. introducing the name. his/her name. Ss  replies the   - S1 : Hi,  My   name   is   greeting and ­­­­­­­­­. introducing name  2’ - S2 : Hello, I am  with S1 …). ­­­­­­­­­­­­­. - Asking sts to - S3 :  look at their ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ books and circle - Listen.
  3. . the Words: Hello,   Hi,  - Take notes. name. 2.   Reading Pratice  :  - Modeling. Circle the Word. - Asking sts to do homework. Hel Hi nam - Explaning how lo e to do. V.   WORKBOOK:  Homework ( page 2). UNIT 1: LET’S TALK                             Week : 01 Date : th September 12 , Period: 02 I.   Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be  able to: - Ask someone’s name. II.   Teaching aids : - Name tags, puppets, wall charts, tape recorder. III.   Procedures : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. WARM UP: - Giving - Listen and Musical ball. instruction. pratice. ( When S1 hear M music, he/she passes the ball to S2 and go on until T stops mucis. If the ball is belong to st, that st will stand up and greet, introduce hisself/ herself. All other sts will reply the - Look at the greeting. II. PRESENTATION: 5’ wall charts and 1.   Present   the   Hi/Hello, (___)).   Listen. second   part   of   the  dialogue: - Using the wall charts and
  4. Model: modelling.   ­ A : What’s your   - Reminding the name? sentence of A. - Choral ­ B : My name is   Asking sts to say repetition the sentence of (John). B. 8’ - Getting sts to pratise this - Work in dialogue some group. 2.   Pratice  : times. - Roleplay. a. Group work: Group A: - Deviding class Group B: into 2 groups.   Giving each - Listen.    group a puppet - Pratise in and asking them using the     to roleplay. model. b. Pair work: - Modeling. A: - Asking sts to B: work in pairs, pratise in 4’ speaking by using their real names. - Open the III. OPEN YOUR BOOKS: - Monitoring and books to page 1.  Students   open   their   helping sts when 2.   they need. books to page 2:   b - Asking sts to - Look at the Andy: Hello, I am  open their books books, listen Andy. to page 2. and show Kate: Hi ! My name  picture of is Kate. Andy, Kate, What’s your name ? - Playing the John when they John: My name is  tape. hear those     names. - Choral repetition 5’ - Playing the tape 2.   Present the paradigm     again, stopping on page 2: at each part and - Look at the o asking sts to board. What’s your name  repeat. - Look at the ? board, Listen My name is John.
  5. - Writing the and choral ( What is = What’s ) model on the repetition. board. - Copy down. 3’ * What is your name? - While playing  * What’ s your name? the tape, - Choral showing the repetition 3.  Pratice: words on the board. - Writing the - Model. A: Hello, I am ___. short form on the B: Hi ! My name is  board. ___. - Getting sts to - Work in 3’ repeat in 02 What’s your name ? group. forms: full form & - Pratise. C: My name is ___. short form. - Calling 03 sts IV. EXTENSION: come in front of * Beanbag Circle ( Tuùi   the class to - Make 03 haït ñaäu) model. circles. - Deviding class - All circles T(asks S1): What’s your  into groups of 03 practise in the name ? sts, asking them 2’ same time. S1:  My name is ( Thanh  to pratise in ).  using their real S1  (asks S2): What’s your  names.   name ?  - Guiding sts to   stand in the circle, throwing a ball to S1 and V. WORKBOOK: asking name S1. - Write down Write your name: S1 answers, then on their books. My name is ________ . throws this ball - 02 sts write out on the to S2 and asks board. name S2, go on until the last st in the circle. - Asking sts to write their names. - Getting feedback.
  6. UNIT 1: LET’S SING                            Week : 02 Date : th September 17 , Period: 03 I.   Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able  to: - Sing “ The Hello Song”. II.   Teaching aids : - Name tags, puppets, wall charts, tape recorder. III.   Procedures : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. WARM UP: - Asking sts to - Say out: Hi !  hang their name My   name   is  tags, calling (Minh). Hi   !  My   name   is  some sts to (Minh). introduce their name. - Each st from (( Hello! I am (Huy). - Deviding class each group stands out, H into groups of 04 sts. Asking them greets and         Hi ! My name   introduces to greet and is (Lan). hisself/ herself. introduce 3’ themselve. - Reoder in 02 II. PRESENTATION: lines and 1. Review   - Asking sts to     pratise. the   question   and   answer   stand in 02 S1: What’s   your  pattern: opposite lines name ? and pratice in                 S1 S2: My   name   is  asking - (Kate).   What’s  2’ S2 answering. your name ?              S3 S4 S1: My   name   is                           S5 (John).  S6 - Using the - Look at the puppets to model puppets and 2.   Combin   the dialogue. listen. e   the   greeting   with   the   - Asking sts to question     and   answer   - Work in pairs 12’ pratise in pairs. pattern: using their real Puppet A: Hello. My name is  name. (John). What’s your name ?  S1: Hello. My name is (John).  What’s your name ?  - Showing the Puppet B: Hi. My name is 
  7. (Kate).  book and - Look at the S2: Hi. My name is (Kate).  explaining about book and III. OPEN YOUR BOOKS: the picture & the listen. 1.   Open your book to page   song.   - Listen and 3: - Playing the tape show the characters in   the book. - Getting sts to   2.  Students   open   their   read the song.   books to page 3: ( no music). - Choral ::“ The Hello Song”. - Playing the repetition tape. ( Notting using their - Sing following Hello, hello, hello! gesture). What’s your name? the tape. Fill Hello, hello, hello! their name in My name is the last John. sentence. My name is John. Hello, John! Hello, John! Hello! Hello, hello, hello! What’s your name? 10’ Hello, hello, hello! - Deviding class My name is into 02 groups, ------. asking them to - My name is Sing. practise in ( Roleplay) ------. singing. Group A: 3.   Pratice:   Group B: - Giving “The Hello Song” instruction. ( Reordering 06 - Listen. chairs into a row. - Join into the IV. EXTENSION: Calling 07 sts to game. Dialogue Musical Chairs come in front of ( page 16, Teacher’s   the class. Asking book) them to listen to music and practise in       greeting. When the music stopping, they
  8. must sit on the chairs quickly. If any st doesn’t have a sit, they loser will be ruled out. Choosing other st to replace. At the
  9. end of the game, all losers will be punished. 3’ V. WORKBOOK: Homework ( page 3). - Asking sts to - Trace the Connect and write connect and words and the trace. lines to connect Scot the balloons Jenn Joh t with the y n characters.
  10. UNIT 1: LET’S SING                            Week : 02 Date : th September 19 ,. Period: 04 I.   Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able  to: - Sing “ The Hello Song”. II.   Teaching aids : - Name tags, puppets, wall charts, tape recorder. III.   Procedures : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. WARM UP: Musical ball ­  Giving ­  Join in the - He ( blue ball) instruction. game. - She ( red ball) ( Period 2, Warm A: Hello.  My  up) name   is   (Lan).  8’ II. PRESENTATION: What’s   your  name ?    Introduce the     B: My   name   is  ch (Huy) ar - Openning the ac book to page 3, - Look at the te showing the book and rs characters that remember the ’  sts have known: characters’ na Andy, Kate and names. me John. Introducing s: new characters: Jenny, Scott, Lisa. - Getting   feedback. - Raise hands and say out the - Showing a characters’ Andy, Kate, John, character on the name. Scott, Jenny, Lisa page 3, modeling - Look at the 12’ in greeting and character and introducing. listen. - Practise.    Substitution Drill:   T(shows Kate): Hello, My name is  Kate. - Showing the (shows Scott): What’s your  book and name ?  explaining about - Look at the
  11. S1: Hello. My name is  the picture & the book and Scott. What’s your name ? song. listen. (shows Jenny) - Playing the S2: Hi! My name is Jenny. tape. - Listen and III. OPEN YOUR BOOK: show the 1.  Open   your   book   to  characters in page 3: the book. - Playing the tape     again. ( Notting using their - Sing following gestures). the tape. Fill 2.  Students   open   their   books to page 3: their name in the last b:“ The Hello Song”. sentence. Hello, hello, hello! What’s your name? Hello, hello, hello! My name is John. My name is John. Hello, John! Hello, John! Hello! Hello, hello, hello! What’s your name? Hello, hello, hello! My name is 5’ Jenny. My name is Jenny. 5’ Hello, Jenny! - Deviding class Hello, Jenny! into 02 groups, Hello! asking them to - Sing. practise in ( Roleplay) Hello, hello, hello! singing. Group A: What’s your name? Group B: Hello, hello, hello! - Giving My name is instruction. ------. - Listen. My name is 3. Pratice: - Join into the “The Hello Song” game. - Asking sts to
  12. write the missing - Look at the IV. EXTENSION: words in the characters Dialogue Musical Chairs sentences. clearly and ( Period 03, Extension) - Getting write down. V. WORKBOOK: feedback. - Write out. Exercise, page 3 * Write: Hello! My name is Jenny. Hello! My name is John. Hello! My name is Scott.
  13. UNIT 1: LET’S LEARN                           Week : 03 Date : th September 24 ,. Period: 05 I.  Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able  to: - Ask about school objects ( singular ). II.  Teaching aids : - Name tags, school items, wall charts, picture cards, tape recorder. III.  Procedures : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. WARM UP: Musical ball ­  Giving ­  Join in the instruction. game. - He ( blue ball) ( Period 2, Warm A: Hello.  My  - She ( red ball) up) name   is   (Lan).  What’s   your  II. PRESENTATION: name ?  5’ 1.   Introduce the     B: My name is  (Huy) vocabulary: • Pen : buùt möïc - Using real - Look at these • Book : quyeån objects to objects and say saùch introduce in Vietnamese. • Ruler : thöôùc keõ vocabulary. ­  Repeat • Pencil : buùt chì - Holding real ( Choral & objects and Individual * Checking Voc: modeling. repetition). Connect - Writing out. - Copy down.  • Pen P - Asking sts to 3’ • Book B connect - Draw on the • Ruler - - - - - vocabulary with board. • Pencil  real objects. 2.   Introduce   the     5’ question   and   answer   - Using the - Look at the pattern: puppets to puppets and Puppet A: What’s this? model. listen. Puppet B: It’ a ( ruler ). - Getting sts to - Choral & pairs 3. Pratice: repeat. repetition. - Deviding class - Work in     into 4 groups. groups. - Asking each
  14.  A: What’s this? group to hold 4 - Hold: pen,  B: It’ a ( ruler ). real objects. pencil, book, - Modeling. ruler. 10’ -Asking sts to - Listen. practise. - Ask & answer - Getting about school feedback. items III. OPEN YOUR BOOK: - One st from 1.   Open   your   book   to    each group page 4: come in front of the class   - Showing the and practise. book, guiding sts to call the - Look at the Students   open   their   characters’ name book and say 2.     books to page 4: and recognize out the school items. characters’ b - Playing the names: Jenny: What’s  tape. ( Jenny, Scott, this ? John). Scott: It’s a  - Listen and show the ruler. school objects. John: What’s this ?   - Playing the tape again. Stopping 3.  Present   the     each sentence to paradigm   and  ask sts to repeat. - Choral 5’ contraction on the page  - Writing the repetition 4: pattern on the board. What A: What’s this ? - Getting sts to B: It’s a ruler. [ repeat - Copy down.  What is = What’s - Choral & pair It is = It’s - Explaining the repetition. short form, IV. EXTENSION: getting sts to - Choral Board Race: read 02 forms. repetition (Teacher’s book, page 14) What   is   this?   It  is   a   ruler.   ----- What’s this? It’s  a ruler. 2’
  15. - Running & - Say out the putting 4 picture words: a book, cards on the a pen, a pencil, board. Giving a ruler. instruction. - Make 2 lines. - Calling 4 pairs of sts go to the - Each pair board. listens and - Reading aloud runs quickly to the sentences. the board, touches on the picture that he/ V. W RKBO K: O O she hears and (Book, page 4) recall the Connect - Deciding who is sentence •  the winner. - Slap their Pencil hands to • ----- - Asking sts to congratulation. Ruler connect the • Pen objects and the - Connect and • Book words, then trace trace. the words.
  16. UNIT 1: LET’S LEARN                           Week : 03 Date : th September 26 , Period: 06 I.O bj   ecti  :  By the end of the l ves esson , students w i ll be ab le  to : - Ask about objects ( singular ). II.Teach i   ng a i  : ds - Name tags, school items, wall charts, picture cards, tape recorder. III.P rocedures    : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. W ARM P :  U - Giving - Listen. Guessing game instruction. - Join into the - Calling a st to game. S1 : What’s this? model, this st - Slap their S2 : It’s a ruler. holds any object hands to S3 : It’s a book. in the secret bag, congratulation S4 : It’s a pen. asks the class: the winner. What’s   this?.  S5 : It’s a pencil. Other sts guess the object and say aloud the 12’II.PRESENTATION: name of object. Who guess the 1.   Introduce the     right object will - Look at these vocabulary: be a winner. objects and say - Using real in Vietnamese. • bag : caëp saùch objects and to ­  Repeat • eraser : cuïc guoâm introduce ( Choral & • chair : caùi gheá vocabulary. Individual • desk : caùi baøn - Holding real repetition). objects, showing school items in * Checking Voc: the class and - Copy down. Slap the board pronounce the  words. - Make in two eras - Writing out. lines. de er - Listen and run sk - Calling three quickly to the ch a ba pairs of sts go to board, slap the ir g the board. word they - Giving hear. 2.Review the question &   instruction.    
  17. answer pattern: - Deciding who is the winner. - Say out: What’s this? 3.Substitution Drill:     - Answer: T(shows a desk): It’s a  - Asking sts to It’s a  desk. recall the (book). (shows a chair): What’s   question. - Look at the 10’ this ?  - Showing the picture cards, S1: It’s a  chair.What’s   picture card. listen and this ? - Using the practise. (shows a bag) picture cards, S2: It’s a  bag. modeling. III. OPEN YOUR BOOK: 1.  Students   open   their     books to page 5: - Look at the book, listen b and show the a  book;  a  desk;  a  - Playing the objects on the chair;  a  ruler;  a  tape. picture. pencil;  a  bag;  a  pen; an eraser.   - Choral repetition 2.   Pratice  : - Playing the tape : again, stopping Sam:  What’s  each sentence - Show Sam (con  this? for sts to repeat. meøo   ñen)  , Ginger:  It’s  - Playing the Ginger   (con  tape. meøo   maøu   da  cam)  : - Listen and  What’s this?It’s  - Playing the tape repeat a  book. again. What’s this?It’s a  5’ desk. - Listen, show - Playing the tape What’s this?It’s a  the objects and the next part.  chair. repeat. What’s this?It’s a   ruler. What’s  this?It’s  a   pencil. IV. EXTENSION: Pass the word ( Team   game)
  18. T - Calling sts to make two lines - Make two   (include 5 sts). lines. Two of the first - Join into the sts in each line game. 3’   come near by T, ( 01 mark for listen teacher’s the winner) sentence, then   come back their line and pass this   sentence to S2, S2 * passes S3, … the   last st will choose the right picture V. WORKBOOK: card, show up (Book, page 4) and read aloud Write the sentence. 1) a bag. 2) a chair. - Look at the 3) a desk. - Asking sts to picture and 4) an eraser. write the words write down. bellow the picture.
  19. UNIT 1: LET’S LEARN                           Week: 04 Date : October 01st, Period: 07 I.   Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Ask about school objects ( singular ). II.   Teaching aids:  - Name tags, school items, wall charts, tape recorder. III.   Procedures : Time Stages and Contents Teacher’s  Student’s  activities activities 5’ I. WARM UP: Bingo - Giving - Listen. II. instruction. - Join into the Book Pen Pencil - Asking sts to game. write down on their paper 9 Desk Chair Bag words following the model. Reading any Cat Ruler Eraser word, sts hear and cross (x) on 3’ the word. If they PRESENTATION: cross 03 words - Make two 1.   Review   the   on the straight   lines. question   and   answer   line, they will say - Ask and pattern: aloud “ Bingo”. answer: 5’ S1 (shows the object): What’s - Asking sts to this ? make two S2: It’s a ( ruler ).What’s opposite lines - S1 answer and this ? 5’ and practise in turn into S2 to S1: It’s a ( book ). speaking. repeat this 2.   Chain Drill:   - Giving a picture action.   card for S1 to see and asking. - Listen and II. OPEN YOUR BOOK: identify school 1.   Student   open     - Playing the items. their books to page 5: - Listen and tape. What’s this? It’s  repeat a  book. What’s this? It’s  - Playing the tape 2. a desk.   Practice:   again. What’s this? It’s  5’ a  chair. What’s this? It’s  a  ruler. What’s this? It’s 
  20. 8’ - Ask and 2. Practice: answer. - Asking sts to What’s this? practise in pairs It’s a  using picture (book). III. EXTENSION: page 5. Pass the word ( Team   game) - Make two T - Giving lines.   instruction - Join into the ( Period 06). game. ( 01 mark for the winner)   5’     *   IV. WORKBOOK: - Look at the (Book, page 5) - Asking sts to picture and Write write the answer write down. 1) What is this? in the blanks, the It is a pencil. first sentence is 2) What is this? done for them. - 03 sts write It is a book. - Collectting their out on the 3) What is this? books and giving board. It is a bag. marks. 4) What is this?   is   It  an eraser  .