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  1. 2.Gambling
  2. 2.1.gambling in britain • British people like to be involved in sport even if they are not taking part or watching. • Gambling is widespread( sportman~ gambler) throughout all social classes. • Britain is called as “A nation of gambler” • Eg:in 1993 a total of 12.7 billion was wagered by Brishtish.
  3. • 74% of all adults gambled at least once during the year. • Britain is the only country in the developed world which allows children to gamble. • In 1993,the Grand National race did not take place,it was widely regarded as a national disaster.
  4. 2.2 types of gambling. • a.horse race.
  5. • It is very well-known( “who won the 2.30 at Chester”) • The central role of horse-racing is shown by one of the names used to denote company and individuals whose business it is take to best. • Dog race
  6. • Dog racing
  7. • B.the football pools • It is very popular form of gambling( apart from the horses and dogs) • Every week,more than ten million people stake a small sum on the results of Saturday’ professional matches.
  8. • C.bingo • A game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards • It is or middle-aged working class women.
  9. • D.lottery • Britain did not have a national lotery until 1994 • Reason:noncomformist religious groups frown upon gambling
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