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  1. 15.8. Front Row For the last few years, most new Mac models have come with a peculiar accessory: a slim white remote control, looking for all the world like an iPod that's lost too much weight. If you point it at the Mac and press the remote's Menu button, you're catapulted into the magic world of Front Row, a special overlay that provides access to your music, photos, movies, and DVD player—with super-big fonts and graphics that are visible from the couch across the room. It might seem a little bit weird, then, to hear that Front Row, the software, is now a part of Leopard. In other words, it gets installed on all Macs, even the ones that didn't come with a remote control and don't have an infrared sensor. That's because you can operate Front Row entirely from the keyboard—even from across the room, if you have a Bluetooth wireless one. So now even infrared-less Macs like the Mac Pro are invited to the Front Row party. As shown in Figure 15-17, Front Row has been redesigned to look like the menu system of the Apple TV. It's all about drilling down from one menu into another. Use the arrow keys or the + and – buttons on the remote to choose the primary activity you're interested in: Music, Photos, DVD, or Videos. Use the Space bar or the button as the Enter key to choose that kind of entertainment. You'll find, to your delight, that Front Row lets you fire up not only all the music you've got in iTunes, all the photos in iPhoto, and so on, but also all the music, photos, and videos stored on other Macs on your network (assuming you've left iPhoto and iTunes running on those Macs). The bottom line: Your Mac is now an entertainment center that can be operated from across the room. Bit by bit, Apple is sneaking into the living room—and Front Row is its Trojan horse. Here, then, is the cheat sheet for navigating your Mac's entertainment collections— whether you have a Front Row remote or not. Using the How to Using the Remote Keyboard Open and close Front Row Menu -Esc Navigate menus and lists +, – ,
  2. Using the How to Using the Remote Keyboard Return to a previous menu Menu Esc Space bar or Select an item in a menu or list Return Space bar or Play and pause audio or video Return Change volume +, – , Go to the next/previous song, photo, or DVD chapter , Rewind/fast-forward (DVD or movie) (press and hold the , (hold button) down)