Flooding and the condition of collaborative public management; case study: Samui island district, surat Thani province

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Samui island district is one of the significant travel city of Surat Thani. Also, this city grows very fast and has many high potential place for tourism which is well known in both Thais and foreigners and be the attractive place for many people to come and visit here. A number of tourist increase every year, so it effects on the number of nonregistered population from tourists. The section of tourism make the income for this island approximately around 9,000-12,000 million baht per year. Even though the growth of the economic in the city is high, it lead to some several problems instead which reflects on how well tourism in city grows but the development of public utility is not go along with how fast of constructed project of the city grows, especially on water problem. Due to the report of this circumstances, many area in Samui island district are faced with 3 water problems which are the deprived of water on utilizing, flooding, and waste water. The big problem they have faced is flooding because the areas in Samui Island get the impact from flooding and flash flood according to the characteristics of the geography which are the complex mountains and plateau. These means that in May to January, water from many canals will flow over the houses of people and it lead to the collapse of clay in the area nearby mountains (Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, 2010: 2-8). Moreover, the area of Samui island is the repeated area of flood every year. This problem have been resolved continuously, but could not get enough of efficiency because of the lack of integral cooperation from many sections. According to the condition of these problems, it need to be solved hurriedly, if not, it may effect on population, tourist businesses, and income from country tourism in the future.

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