Factors that influence on students’ attitudes towards plagiarism: The case...

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Giới thiệu

Plagiarism is a frequent form of misconduct in academic environment, however the way that students recognize it is quite a new subject in Viet Nam. This research is to examine different factors affecting attitudes of students towards plagiarism in Viet Nam by questioning 845 students. The methodologies of Cronbach‟s Alpha, Exploratory Factor Analyzing (EFA) and linear multiple regressioning were used by SPSS program. The results show that there are 4 major factors having significant influence on students‟ attitudes towards plagiarism, including institution, lack of awareness, personal attitudes and lack of competence. Pressure and internet facilities have no impact on student‟s attitudes towards plagiarism. From that result, we also suggest that on the long term there must be some solutions to reduce the proclivity towards plagiarism.

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