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  1. Default Passwords When you purchase a new firewall (or any network device in general) such as a Cisco PIX, a Linksys, a NetScreen, or a SonicWall, out of the box the device has some default passwords set (and in some cases there is no default password). This is because the manufacturer must allow for initial access to the device for the end user to configure it. Most recent documentation for any device admonishes the end user to immediately change the default password to something else. Table 11-1 shows common default passwords for some firewalls. Table 11-1. Default Passwords Manufacturer Product Default Administrative Account Default Password Cisco PIX None None Linksys BEFSX41 None admin NetScreen (All) netscreen netscreen Netgear FR314 admin password You can find a detailed default password list at either the F/X site (http://www.phenoelit.de/dpl/dpl.html) or at the Nikto site (http://www.cirt.net/cgi- bin/passwd.pl). It is precisely because sites such as these keep lists of default passwords that these passwords are considered detrimental. In some cases, vendors have gotten the hint that although they need to have default passwords for the initial setup, the initial setup should also require the administrator to change the password from the default value. This has been done on some Cisco devices, such as their IDS platform, and is finding more and more acceptance among other vendors.