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UBND TỈNH BÌNH PHƯỚC SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH LỚP 10 THPT CHUYÊN QUANG TRUNG NĂM HỌC 2009-2010 ĐỀĐTỀHCIHCÍHNÍHNTHHTỨHCỨC Ngày thi: 24/6/2009. H Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút. (Đề thi này gồm có 6 trang) Họ và tên thí sinh:………………………………... Số báo danh: ………………….. Chú ý: Thí sinh làm bài vào phiếu trả lời (có phát kèm đề). ____________________________________________________ Phần I: Chọn từ có phần gạch chân phát âm khác với những từ còn lại. (0.1 mark/each) 1. A. filled B. closed C. cleaned D. danced 2. A. publish B. until C. adult D. campus 3. A. check B. channel C. character D. change Phần II: Chọn từ có vị trí phần trọng âm khác vị trí với những từ còn lại. (0.1 mark/each) 4. A. minimize B. dynamite C. pollution D. pesticide 5. A. disappointed B. documentary C. ordinary D. unpolluted Phần III: Chọn phương án thích hợp (A, B, C or D) để hoàn thành yêu cầu của câu. (0.05 mark/each) 6. She can find no ______ to her financial troubles. A. solution B. resolution C. solving D. response 7. Nowadays, Vietnamese women wear the Ao dai on special ______. A. chances B. opportunities C. occasions D. times 8. Vietnamese women today often prefer to wear modern clothing at work ______ it is more convenient. A. although B. however C. as D. moreover 9. His parents always provide food and clothes ______ him. A. with B. for C. to D. from 10. There are no use ______ to him. He never answers letters. A. write B. to write C. written D. writing 11. Neither the students nor the teacher ______ come. A. have B. has C. is D. are 12. The twins are so much ______ that people find it difficult to tell one from the other. A. like B. liking C. alike D. likeness 13. They came and informed us ______ their decision. A. about B. of C. for D. on 14. ______ goes the bus! Now we’ll have to walk. A. On time B. At once C. There D. Early 15. You can’t smoke in here. It is ______ the law. A. anti B. according C. against D. opposite 16. My parents get up very early this morning ______ pack the car for our journey. A. so that B. in order to C. because D. in case 17. Because the first pair of pants did not fit, he asked for ______. A. another pant B. others pants C. another pair D. the other pairs 18. On the way to the town, they stop ______ a rest. A. taking B. take C. to take D. to taking 19. We always spent our summer holidays ______. A. in the sea B. at the country C. in the beach D. at the seaside 20. ______ you run quickly, you are likely to be late. Trang 1 A. If B. Unless C. Since D. However 21. “Can you come back later, Marry? David’s busy ______ his homework at the moment”. A. and does B. and doing C. doing D. to do 22. By the time their son arrives, the Smiths hope ______ painting and decorating the room. A. having finished B. having been finished C. to have finished D. to have been finished 23. It’s two years ______ John. A. that I don’t see B. that I haven’t seen C. since I didn’t see D. since I saw 24. They ______ out after lunch and they’ve just come back. A. went B. have gone C. are gone D. are going 25. I ______ television a lot but I don’t any more. A. was watching B. was used to watch C. used to watch D. am watching 26. Each July, we ______ to Turkey for a holiday. A. are going B. go C. went D. were going 27. The growing numbers of visitors ______ the footpaths. A. is damaging B. are damaging C. damages D. damage 28. It’s late. It’s time ______ home. A. we go B. we must go C. we went D. we’d go 29. The car broke down and we ______ a taxi. A. must have got B. had got to get C. had to get D. must get 30. Though Ken didn’t have a ticket, he ______ come in. A. could B. can C. might D. was allowed to 31. There’s someone walking behind us. I think ______. A. we are following B. we are being followed C. we are followed D. we are being following 32. Where ______? Which hairdresser’s did you go to? A. did you cut your hair B. have you cut your hair C. did you have cut your hair D. did you have your hair cut 33. She is one of the few people ______. A. who look up to B. to whom I look up C. I look up to D. to who I look up 34. ______ at the party, we saw Richard standing alone. A. Arrived B. We arrived C. Arriving D. We’re arriving 35. She reassured me that she ______ the card. A. had posted B. has posted C. posted D. posts 36. We suggested ______ in hotels but the children were anxious ______ out. A. to sleep-to camp B. sleeping – to camp C. sleeping-camping D. to sleep-about camping 37. Next summer, we are ______ a swimming pool built in our back garden. A. making B. deciding C. setting D. having 38. Van Quyen has only ______ two goals so far in this season. A. made B. hit C. scored D. kicked 39. Due to bad weather, the picnic has been put ______until next Wednesday. A. forward B. on C. out D. off 40. According to ______ surveys, the majority of Britons want capital punishment restored. A. the most B. most C. most of D. the most of 41. You ______continue. You’ve made your point clearly enough already. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. don’t have to D. won’t 42. Before you begin the exam paper, always read the ______ carefully. A. orders B. instructions C. rules D. answers 43. When the company has to close because of economic difficulties he becomes ______. A. inconsiderable B. redundant C. deliberate D. unsatisfactory 44. Be quiet! It’s rude to ______people when they are speaking. A. interfere B. interrupt C. prevent D. introduce Trang 2 45. The wind was so strong that it ______his tent into pieces. A. broke B. tore C. smashed D. destroyed 46. “Would you mind if I turned on TV?” – “I’d really rather you ______”. A. not to do B. didn’t C. don’t D. don’t mind 47. I hate ______ when my friends use my computer without asking permission. A. that B. about C. a thing D. it 48. Children always need their parents’ support, ______ they’re 4 or 24. A. if B. in spite of C. whether D. until 49. Public concern about environmental issues has risen ______ in recent years. A. highly B. deeply C. generously D. considerably 50. All laboratories have instructions about what to do ______ fire. A. in place of B. in charge of C. in danger of D. in case of 51. You can leave the vegetables but eat as ______of the meat as you can. A. much B. more C. most D. many 52. –“Someone is knocking at the door. ______ it be Mary?”. – “It ______ Mary. To my certain knowledge she is in Moscow.” A. May - isn’t B. Could – can’t be C. Is – can’t be D. Might–may not be 53. You’ve had a fever for a week, you ______ better see a doctor. A. are B. should be C. had D. would 54. Who was the first American person ______ on the moon? A. walking B. who walks C. walked D. to walk 55. –“Are we about to have lunch?” – “Yes, it ______ in the dining room.” A. is serving B. serves C. is being served D. served 56. Remarks that what children make can be ______ and amusing. A. delighted B. delighting C. delightful D. delight 57. I wish you ______that! It’s a really annoying habit. A. didn’t do B. wouldn’t do C. couldn’t do D. don’t do 58. They are complaining about the ______ of public transport service. A. frequent B. infrequent C. infrequency D. frequency 59. Ha Long Bay is ______ as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A. recognized B. seen C. believed D. spoken 60. They won’t replace a new shirt until their old one has ______ out. A. worn B. wear C. been wearing D. wore 61. He gave listeners a vivid ______ of his journey to Dalat. A. account B. tale C. request D. requirement 62. That picture always ______ me of a holiday I spent in Angkor Watt. A. remembers B. awakens C. reminds D. connects 63. “Susan, what would you ______ do tomorrow evening?” A. like B. rather C. better D. ought to 64. Have you got a pen pal ______? A. of your own B. of yourself C. of you D. of your 65. All students in my school are accustomed ______school uniform. A. to wear B. to wearing C. wearing D. at wearing 66. What ______ advice she gave us! A. so good B. such a good C. so good an D. good 67. Either John or his cousins ______the key to the car. A. has been taken B. has taken C. have taken D. have been taken 68. The entrance examination for Quang Trung specialized and gifted school will be held ______ June 23rd, 2009. A. in B. on C. at D. to Trang 3 69. He read this article on the website last night, ______? A. doesn’t he B. didn’t he C. did he D. hasn’t he 70. Are all the students used ______their summer vacation in the countryside? A. to spend B. spend C. to spending D. spending 71. If I ______him, I would treat her better. A. is B. am C. was D. were 72. They are still playing on the field ______raining heavily. A. though B. because of C. despite of D. in spite of 73. Study harder ______. A. if you will pass the exam B. and you will pass the exam C. unless you pass the exam D. or you will pass the exam 74. Do you know the man ______ car Jack is driving? A. who B. whom C. whose D. which 75. “______”. –“Don’t worry. I can fix it.” A. Are you worried? B. May I fix your TV? C. The TV is out of order again D. I want to fix your TV. 76. I forgot ______ the door when I left my apartment this morning. A. to lock B. locked C. locking D. lock 77. ______ television people can get the hottest information and enjoy interesting programs. A. With B. Thanks to C. On D. On behalf of 78. We’ve run ______sugar. Could you buy some more? A. out of B. after C. off D. away 79. The boy ______ by the window is my little brother. A. stand B. is standing C. stands D. standing 80. You must try not to ______ these mistakes again. A. do B. perform C. make D. take Phần IV: Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc (0.05 mark/each). A. I (go – 81) ______ abroad with my friends if I (have -82) ______ much money. B. - “Did you advise him (go-83) ______to the police?” - “No, I didn’t like (give-84) advice on such an important matter.” C. Who (carry-85) ______your bag when we climb the mountain? D. That dead tree is very dangerous. I will have it (cut-86) ______down tomorrow. E. It (snow-87) ______ for three days now. The road (block-88) ______if it doesn’t stop soon. F. She can not imagine what he (do-89) ______ there now. G. We’ll meet Alice at the corner. She (wait-90) ______until we ______(arrive-91). H. The children were frightened because it (get-92) ______ dark. I. It (rain-93) ______ very much in this part of the country every spring. J. This picture (take-94) ______long before he joined the army. K. After I (have-95) ______him repaint my house, I flew to Hanoi. Phần V: Trong mỗi câu sau đều có một lỗi sai. Hãy tìm lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng. (0.1 mark/each) Example: I enjoy to listen to music in my free time. A B C D Answer: B listening. 96. I spend most of the time to surf the web because I just don’t know which website is useful for me. A B C D 97. The examiner asked Lan how she will use English in the future. Trang 4 A B C D 98. The spectators at the football ground became violently when their favorite team lost the match. A B C D 99. I’d recommend this book for anyone that loves detective stories. A B C D 100. If you want to attend the course, you must pass the writing test. A B C D 101. This is the first time I have eaten Japan food. A B C D 102. Your brother-in-law hardly goes to work by bus, doesn’t he? A B C D 103. Even though being ill, Peter still went to school last Monday. A B C D 104. My brother didn’t wear that uniform since he left school. A B C D 105. Nam asked Mai what can he do to help her. A B C D Phần VI: Điền dạng đúng của những từ cho trong ngoặc. (0.1 mark/each) 106. I want to ______ this cake into 4 parts. (Division) 107. He is a famous ______. (Collect) 108. I’m ______ that people have spoiled this area. (Appoint) 109. How can we ______littering? (Prevention) 110. We are ______ that you won the prize. (Amaze) 111. We want to be the ______. (Environment) 112. ______ snakes are very dangerous. (Poison) 113. He broke the vase because of his ______. (Care) 114. Mrs. Smith is a good ______. (Cook) 115. It is not good to use ______ to catch fish. (Electric) Phần VII: Đọc và dùng những từ cho sẵn trong khung để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. (Có 4 từ không phải dùng đến) (0.125 mark / each) According to bring about designed entertainment events Through make faraway pictures take means In addition to Television is one of the most important ______ (116) of communication. It brings ______(117) and sounds from around in the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President ______ (118) a speech or visit a foreign country. He can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try to bring about peace. ______ (119) television, home viewers can see and learn about people, places, and things in ______ (120) lands. TV even takes its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of America’s astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space. ______ (121) all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are ______ (122) to entertain. In fact, TV provides many more ______ (123) than any other kind. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies, sporting events and motion pictures. Phần VIII: Sau đây là đoạn văn của David. Hãy đọc kỹ và trả lời T (True) nếu thông tin đưa ra cuối đoạn là đúng với nội dung bài đọc; trả lời F (False) nếu nội dung đưa ra là sai. (0.1 mark / each) Trang 5 ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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