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TOEIC 8 1. Microsoft plans ____ the consumer launch of its much-anticipated Windows Vista operating system to January 2007. a. to delay b. delay c. delaying d. delayed 2. Microsoft had originally aimed to launch Vista - the first major update since Windows XP ____ five years ago - in the second half of 2006. a. has been introduced b. introduced c. was introduced d. has introduced 3. Efforts to _____ security in the new system were largely behind the delay. a. tighten b. improve c. deal d. breach 4. Microsoft is planning six versions of the next incarnation of ____ Windows operating system. a. it b. them c. their d. its 5. ____ details have been given about the pricing of the separate versions. a. Not b. No c. None d. Nothing 6. The European Union has issued a blacklist ____ more than 90 airlines from operating in the region. a. bans b. banned c. banning d. ban 7. Most of the companies, which the European Union says fail to ____ international standards, are based in Africa. a. meet b. live c. lower d. set 8. The list will be available online, and passengers will have to be informed if they ____ to fly on a named carrier. a. were b. had been c. would be d. are 9. The move ____ last year after a summer in which more than 500 people died in plane crashes worldwide. a. proposed b. proposing c. was proposed d. has been proposed 10. The list of 92 firms ____ face a complete ban and three facing operational restrictions was compiled from recommendations from the 25 members of the EU. a. when b. who c. whom d. which 11. The EU says that bans and operating restrictions are based on evidence of airlines violating certain criteria, ____ the use of poorly-maintained, antiquated or obsolete aircraft. a. so that b. such as c. such that d. as such 12. The EU says that the blacklist will have a real impact ____ aviation safety in the EU by encouraging airlines operating in Europe to comply fully with safety standards. a. in b. with c. of d. on 13. US car giant General Motors is raising production of its largest sport utility vehicles (SUVs) ____ fears that such cars are losing popularity. a. despite b. although c. however d. because of 1 14. The firm ____ $10 billion last year as it struggled badly in its home market. a. loses b. losses c. lost d. losing 15. Overall US sales of gas-guzzling SUV`s have fallen sharply, hit by ____ fuel prices and competition from new "crossover" models that are built more like cars than trucks. a. reasonable b. inexpensive c. rising d. declining 16. Sportswear group Nike has announced a 19% increase in third-quarter profits on the back of ____ sales in its core US market. a. strength b. strong c. strongly d. strengthen 17. Nike said that robust sales of footwear and clothing offset stagnant ____ in Europe and Japan. a. requirement b. supply c. request d. demand 18. Nike has faced increased ____ in light of a merger between Adidas-Salomon and Reebok International. a. competitive b. competitor c. compete d. competition 19. Nike filed a patent infringement suit against the company earlier this year claiming that ____ of its rival`s trainers copied its technology. a. a number b. an amount c. a lots d. a little 20. The Chinese government is ____ a 5% tax on disposable wooden chopsticks in a bid to preserve its forests. a. paying b. introducing c. preferring d. eliminating 21. China produces about 45 billion pairs of chopsticks a year, ____ millions of birch, poplar and bamboo trees. 2 a. consume b. consumed c. consumes d. consuming 22. The move came as China said it would raise some consumption taxes next month in a bid to help the environment and narrow the ____ between rich and poor. a. hole b. opening c. gap d. vacancy 23. Taxes ____ yachts, luxury watches, golf clubs, gas-guzzling cars and wooden floor panels are rising by 5-20%. a. in b. on c. with d. at 24. The disposable splints of wood, usually between eight and 10 inches long, ____ a target for Chinese environmentalists. a. have long been b. long have been c. have been long d. been have long 25. Students have persuaded some college cafeterias to ____ chopsticks with spoons. a. provide b. discard c. remove d. replace 26. In recent years, the government has actually encouraged the use of disposable chopsticks, in a bid to ____ the spread of infectious illnesses by sharing eating utensils. a. enhance b. encourage c. contribute d. reduce 27. Shanghai consumers gave a mixed ____ to the new tax. a. respond b. respondent c. responsive d. response 28. Many of the other tax increases are part of China`s attempts to curb the demand ____ luxury goods in its cities. a. in b. for c. with d. about 29. ____ the rising incomes for many urban workers, an estimated 200 million Chinese still live on less than $1 a day each. a. Due to b. However c. Despite d. In addition to 30. The government has raised the tax on cars with engines bigger than 2 liters from 8% to 20%, as it looks to reduce ____ and oil consumption. a. pollution b. pollute c. pollutant d. polluted 31. Cars with smaller engines, between 1 and 1.5 liters, will have their taxes ____ to 3% from 5%. a. cutting b. to cutting c. to cut d. cut 32. The cost of ____ and running a business in Singapore is much lower than in the US, Japan or any major European nation. a. launch b. launching c. to launch d. launched 33. Indonesia has ____ criticized a decision by Australia to grant temporary visas to dozens of asylum seekers from the province of Papua. a. strongly b. strong c. strength d. strengthen 34. Japan is to delay a decision on paying further yen loans to China ____ the two countries` worsening relations. a. in spite of b. although c. because of d. on account 35. Chief government spokesman Shinzo Abe said Japan would not give any more loans ____ the current fiscal year. a. while b. during c. unless d. once 36. Ties between China and Japan have ____ due to rows over energy reserves and World War II history. a. improved b. strengthened c. fostered d. deteriorated 37. Japan`s aid to China is ____ longer significant financially, but delaying further payments will be viewed as highly symbolic. a. not b. any c. more d. no 38. Tokyo ____ out billions of dollars in yen loans for Chinese infrastructure projects over the past two decades. a. is paying b. has paid c. paid d. had paid 39. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi`s visits to the controversial Yasukuni war shrine in Tokyo have incensed China`s leaders, ____ freezing high-level diplomatic contacts. a. effectively b. effect c. effective d. affect 40. The two sides have failed to reach ____ on the East China Sea issue despite a fourth round of talks earlier this month. a. limit b. destination c. agreement d. peak 41. On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted that a pipeline carrying Russian oil ____ through China. a. could build b. could be building c. could to be built d. could be built 42. A new jet engine design able to fly seven times the speed of sound is ____ to launch over Australia on Friday. a. scheduled b. proposed c. anticipated d. designed 3 43. The scramjet engine, ____ as Hyshot III, has been designed by British defence firm Qinetiq. a. knowing b. to know c. knows d. known 44. If successful, it could pave the way for ultra-fast, intercontinental air travel, and substantially cut the ____ of putting small payloads into space. a. loss b. cost c. rate d. supply 45. The engine will launch on a rocket ____ by the University of Queensland. a. own b. to own c. owned d. owning 46. The first Hyshot engine was launched in 2001, but the test flight ____ when the rocket carrying the engine flew off course. a. failed b. flourished c. missed d. booked 47. A supersonic combustion ramjet, or scramjet, is mechanically very ____. a. simply b. simplicity c. simple d. simplify 48. The Hyshot tests will bring the idea of a commercial scramjet one step closer to____. a. real b. really c. realize d. reality 49. Many have speculated that they could allow passenger airlines to fly between London and Sydney ____ just 2 hours. a. since b. in c. at d. with 50. ____ this vision maybe many years off, it was given a huge boost when NASA successfully flew its X-43A plane over the Pacific Ocean in 2004. a. Although b. Unless 4 c. Because d. Nevertheless 51. North Korea has not ____ had an operational missile that could hit the continental US. a. already b. yet c. ever d. still 52. Concerns over North Korea`s weapons program rose this month ____ it test-fired two short-range missiles. a. during b. where c. when d. while 53. A US military official told a government committee that the missiles represented a "leap forward" for Pyongyang`s program in terms of ____ and accuracy. a. reliable b. reliance c. rely d. reliability 54. Scientists believe they _____ a reason why the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus cannot yet jump easily between humans. a. must have been discovered b. may have discovered c. should have discovered d. may have been discovered 55. Flu viruses which target man tend to attach ____ cells further up the airway -maximizing their chances of being passed on by coughing or sneezing. a. to b. with c. for d. from 56. Researchers found that the bird flu virus attached ____ to cells deep down in the human airways. a. themselves b. it c. itself d. them 57. The H5N1 strain of bird flu has spread across Europe, Africa and parts of Asia, and has killed more than 100 people worldwide ____ it re-emerged in 2003. a. until b. since c. for d. during 58. According to the scientists, bird flu ____ cannot jump easily from human to human. a. already b. yet c. ever d. still 59. Scientists fear that if it gains that ability and mutates, it could result ____ a human flu pandemic, with millions of deaths world-wide. a. in b. from c. of d. with 60. The Wisconsin team ____ why the virus could not spread easily between humans despite the fact that it could replicate efficiently in human lungs. a. investigator b. investigation c. investigated d. investigating 61. Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada has denied ____ millions of dollars in bribes and gambling pay-offs. a. to take b. taken c. take d. taking 62. Mr. Estrada is accused of amassing about $80m illegally ____ he was in office. a. during b. unless c. while d. because 63. He was forced from office in 2001 by massive anti-corruption protests ____ by the Catholic Church and the army. a. back b. backed c. to back d. backing 64. He ____ under house arrest since July 2004 after winning a legal battle freeing him from military detention. a. was b. is being c. will be d. has been 65. About 200 Filipinos ____ at the trial in Manila to show support for their former president. a. showed up b. showed into 5 c. showed off d. showed around 66. They had held an overnight vigil and carried banners ____ Mr. Estrada`s innocence. a. proclaiming b. proclaim c. proclaimed d. proclaims 67. Police say that ____ security is needed around the anti-corruption court to contain possible protests by the supporters and to ensure his safety. a. financial b. severe c. harsh d. tight 68. Mr. Estrada`s requests for ____TV coverage of the trial have been refused. a. life b. live c. lives d. alive 69. An impeachment trial against Mr. Estrada broke down in 2001 when prosecutors were barred ____ presenting what they said was a crucial piece of evidence. a. against b. from c. with d. for 70. Within hours, people massed on the streets for protests that grew until he was forced ____ the presidential palace. a. flee b. fleeing c. to flee d. fled 71. Three executives at Samsung Electronics have agreed to plead guilty on charges of conspiring to ____ the price of computer memory chips. a. agree b. sell c. fix d. supervise 72. The three men each agreed to serve terms of between seven and eight months in prison and to each pay a ____ of $250,000. a. fee b. charge c. toll d. fine ... - tailieumienphi.vn