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  1. sa GIAo DUC vA DAo TAO DE THI CHQN HQC SINH GIOI cAp TiNH LOP 9 BENTRE . TRUNG HQC co sa - NAM HQC 2018 - 2019 Mon : TIENG ANH D~ cHiNH THUC Ngay thi: 27/02/2019 ThOi gian : 150 phut (khong k~ phat d~) Di~m Ho, ten va chfr Icy s6 phach (Bang s6 va biing chii) (Do Chit tich HD cham thi ghi) Giam khao 1: Giam khao 2: * LU'U y: - f)~ thig6m co 10 trang. - Thi sinh lam bai tnrc tiep vao d~ thi va viSt cau tra loi dung vao vi tri quy dinh tren bai thi. SECTION I: LISTENING (3, 0 points) * Hudng da.nphan nghe hiiu: • Bai nghe g6m 3 phdn, m6i phdn duac nghe 2 ldn, m6i Ian each nhau 10 gidy. • Mer aau va Mt thuc phdn nghe co tin hieu nhac. • Thi sinh doc ky huang dan va yeu cdu cua cdu hoi truce khi nghe. Part 1: Listen to the recording and complete the Sunshine Tours customer details form below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND OR A NUMBER from the listening for each answer. (1,0point) Sunshine Tours Customer Details Example Answer Type of Holiday: Cruise Customers 'Names: 1. Keith Waters Age: 32 2.(I) Waters Age: (2) _ (no children) Interests & Hobbies: Travelling, swimming, jogging, (3) _ history, reading Budget: $7,000-$(4)_~ _ Dates: 1st July - 16th July Cruise Duration: At least (5) _ 1
  2. Part 2: Listen to the recording and choose the best answer for each of the following conversations. Writeyour answers (A, B, C or D) at the end of this part. (1,0point) Conversationl: What are the speakers talking about? A. The girl's performance at the math contest B. When the math contest is going to be held C. How to prepare for the math contest D. Which answers the girl got right at the math contest Conversation 2: What can be inferred about the boy? A. He has decided on his research topic. B. He enjoys taking Mr. Jacobs'class. C. He is not going to write about hyenas. D. He is doing well in Jacobs'class. Conversation 3: How many schools is the girl going to apply to? A. One B. Three C. Seven D. Ten Conversation 4: How did the girl get to shool? A. By bike B. By bus C. By car D. By walking Conversation 5: Why does the girl mention Mrs. Haught? A. To remind the boy about some work to do in her class B. To comment on the boy's behaviour in her class C. To claim that she often gets mad at her students D. To mention how embarrassed she made the students Your answers 1 2 3 4 5 Part 3: Listen to the recording and choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to Question 1-5. (1,0point) - DESCRIPTIONS A very different to other courses B popular with students C highly specialised - D taught by experienced workers E academically demanding F having some options for_students G easy to apply practically Courses 1. ceramics: 2. paintings: 3. frames: 4. sculptures: 5. paper: 2
  3. SECTION II: LEXICO AND GRAMMAR (4,5 points) Part 1:Read the following sentences and answer them as directed (3,0 points) Question 1-16: Choose the best answersfrom A, B, C or D tofill in the blanks and write your answers with the letter A, B, C or D at the end of this part. 1."Go on, finish the desert. It needs up because it won't stay fresh until tomorrow." A. eat B. eating C. to eat D. eaten 2. My parents lent me the money. I couldn't have afforded the trip. A. However B. Therefore C. Only if D. Otherwise 3.-"Do you mind if! take a seat?"" " A. Yes, I don't mind B. No, do as you please C. No I mind D. Yes, do as you please 4. When the electricity failed, he a match to find the candle. A. rubbed B.struck C. scratched D. started 5. I usually buy my clothes It's cheaper than going to the dress maker. A. on the house B.in public C. offthe peg D. on the shelf 6. John wasn't at school last week. He ----- A. must have been ill B. must be ill C. must have ill D. must to be ill 7. For peace to exist in the region there needs to be a much improved between all the parties concerned. A. knowledge B. quiet C. understanding D. confidence 8. Since the 1990s, riding bicycles __ ___,--_ in China. A. becomes increasingly widespread B. become increasingly widely spread C. has become increasingly widespread D. has increased and become spread widely 9. I need some advice ---- A. on which computer to buy B. which computer to buy C. about computer to buy D. about which computer to buy 10. National leaders from all over the world are expected to attend the meeting. A. peak B. summit C. top D. apex 11. Don't your tongue . It's rude. A. put - out B. cut - down C. put - up D. put - off 12. John never got bad marks, ? A. did John B. didn't John C. did he D. didn't he 13. It is interesting movie that he has seen up to now. A. such a B. such an C. so D. so a 14. Last night I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet. At last they killed __ . A. together B. each other C. themselves D. them 15. We have many well- teachers here. A. qualification B. quality C. qualify D. qualified 16.- "What does your father do, Ba ? Lan asked. - A. Lan asked Ba what did his father B. Lan asked Ba his father does C. Lan asked Ba what his father did D. Lan asked Ba does his father. Question 17-18: Choose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word in the following sentences and write your answers with the letter A, B, Cor D at the end of this part 3
  4. 17. I could see the finish line and thought I was home and dry. A. hopeless B. hopeful C. successful D. unsuccessful 18. Carpets from countries such as Persia and Afghanistan often fetch high prices in the United States. A. Artifacts B.Pottery C. Rugs D. Textiles Question 19-20: Choose the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word in the following sentences and write your answers with the letter A, B, Cor D at the end of thispart 19. She had a cozy little apartment in Boston. A. uncomfortable B. warm C. lazy D. dirty 20. During the five- decade history the Asian Games have been advancing in all aspects. A. holding at B. holding back C. holding to D. holding by Part 2: Give the correct form of the word in capital to fit each gap and write your answer at the end of this part (1,5points) Rice field art in Japan A small farming community in Inakadate, Japan, has invented an (21. ORIGIN) _ new art form. It all began in 1993 when villagers were looking for ways to make their (22.SURROUND) more attractive to tourists. The villagers came up with an interesting (23.S0LVE) They decided to create enormous pictures in the field by using a (24.COMBINE) of ancient farming techniques and art. To do this, they (25.CARE) planned the design they wanted; then planted rice of different colors. By the end of the summer, the rice had grown and the masterpiece was ready. Now each year hundreds of volunteers and villagers plant four (26. DIFFER) varieties of rice in late May over huge areas of fields. During the summer, as the plants grow, the artwork can be seen. Although the artwork is (27. POSSIBLE) to see from the ground, it is clearly visible from the top of the village tower. The villagers have (28. CERTAIN) achieved their goal of attracting tourism to the area. Inakadate has only 8,700 (29. INHABIT) , but over 150,000 tourists a year now come to this small farming village to see its (30. EXCEPTION) art work. Your answers: 21 26 22 27 23 28 24 29 25 30 SECTION III: READING COMPREHENSION (6,0 points) Part 1: Use ONE word to fill in each gap and write your answer at the end of this part (2,0 points) 4
  5. DICTIONARIES Dictionaries are (0) AMONG the most important tools of self-education. (1) Samuel Johnsonwrote his influential English dictionary in the eighteenth century, the work kept'him busy for seven years. At the end of that period he (2) written the meanings of over forty thousand words. Most modem dictionaries require a (3) deal less time and effort to write because writers often use earlier dictionaries as a source of reference. Nowadays, most dictionaries are put together by teams of writers, or lexicographers. Sometimes they need to work together in meetings; at other times they work independently of (4) other, on different parts of the dictionary. At one time, the starting point for deciding on which words to include used to be the lexicographer's own knowledge. These days, teams (5) use of a large collection of examples of (6) only writing but also every day speech, which is known as a corpus. Teams also refer (7) books and articles about language as (8) as asking experts in particular subjects about the more specialized words. Finally, ordinary people are asked to say what they think about the way the words are defined and whether they find the examples provided helpful or not. Your answers: 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 Part 2: Read the passage carefully and answer the given questions. (2,0points) In 1900 the United States had only three cities with more than a million residents- New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. By 1930, it had ten giant metropolises. The newer ones experienced remarkable growth, which reflected basic changes in the economy. Line The population of Los Angeles (114,000 in 1900) rose spectacularly in the early (5) decades of the twentieth century, increasing a dramatic 1,400 percent from 1900to 1930. A number of circumstances contributed to the meteoric rise of Los Angeles. The agricultural potential of the area was enormous if water for irrigation could be found, and the city founders had the vision and dating to obtain it by constructing a 225-mile aqueduct, completed in 1913, to tap the water of the Owens River. The city had a superb (10) natural harbor, as well as excellent rail connections. The climate made it possible to shoot motion pictures year-round; hence Hollywood. Hollywood not only supplied jobs; it disseminated an image of the good life in Southern California on screens all across the nation. The most important single industry powering the growth of Los Angeles, however, was directly linked to the automobile. The demand for petroleum to fuel gasoline engines (15) led to the opening of the Southern California oil fields, and made Los Angeles North America's greatest refining center. Los Angeles was a product of the auto age in another sense as well: its distinctive spatial organization depended on widespread private ownership of automobiles. Los Angeles was a decentralized metropolis, sprawling across the desert landscape over an (20) area of 400 square miles. It was a city without a real center. The downtown business district did not grow apace with the city as a whole, and the rapid transit system designed 5
  6. to link the center with outlying areas withered away from disuse. Approximately 800,000 cars were registered in Los Angeles County in 1930, one per 2.7 residents. Some visitors from the east coast were dismayed at the endless urban sprawl and dismissed Los (25) Angeles as a mere collection of suburbs in search of a city. But the freedom and mobility of a city built on wheels attracted floods of migrants to the city. 1. What is the passage mainly about? A. The growth of cities in the United States in the early 1900's B. The development of the Southern California oil fields C. Factors contributing to the growth of Los Angeles D. Industry and city planning in Los Angeles 2. The author characterizes the growth of new large cities in the United States after 1900 as resulting primarily from A. new economic conditions B. images of cities shown in movies C. new agricultural techniques D. a large migrant population 3. The word "meteoric" in line 6 is closest in meaning to A. rapid B. famous C. controversial D. methodical 4. According to the passage, the most important factor in the development of agriculture around Los Angeles was the A. influx of "new residents to agricultural areas near the city B. construction of an aqueduct C. expansion of transportation facilities D. development of new connections to the city's natural harbor 5. According to the passage, the initial success of Hollywood's motion picture industry was due largely to the A. availability of many skilled workers B. beauty ofthe countryside C. region's reputation for luxurious lifestyles D. region's climate and good weather 6. It can be inferred from the passage that in 1930 the greatest number of people in the Los Angeles area were employed in A. farming B. oil refining C. automobile manufacturing D. the motion picture industry 7. According to the passage, the Southern California oil fields were initially exploited due to A. the fuel requirements of Los Angeles' rail system B. an increase in the use of gasoline engines in North America C. a desire to put unproductive desert land to good use D. innovative planning on the part of the city founders 8. It can be inferred from the passage that the spatial organization of Los Angeles contributed to the relative decline there of A. public transportation B. industrial areas C. suburban neighborhoods D. oil fields Your answers: I'~1~1I~2~'-~3--'-~4--'-~5--'-~6--'--7~-'~8~~ 6
  7. Part 3: Read the passage and choose the best optionfor each of thefollowing blanks. (2, 0 points) SPECTACULAR SPORTS A surpnsmg number of popular spectator sports, for example, football or baseball, (1) ___ in Europe or the USA in the 19th century. This did not happen by chance. It was the result of changes in the way people lived in those places at that time. Until then more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no (2) time off. All this changed with the growth of factories and industry in the 19th century, first in Europe and then in the USA. For the first time most people began to live in towns, and they (3) themselves with regular free time. They had more leisure time than (4) before. This resulted (5) the need for the organized entertainment. Suitable games were developed or invented, typically team games, in which the crowds could (6) sides and become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they needed in their free time. The (7) explosion in TV, with the introduction of satellite and cable channels, has caused an increase in (8) for sports as entertainment. The money TV has brought to games such as football, tennis, and baseball means that spectator sports will certainly go on playing an important part in our lives. 1. A. started B. stemmed C. came D. appeared 2. A. steady B. square C. regular D. normal 3. A. found B. realized C. presented D. noticed 4. A. just B. having C. ever D. previously 5. A. from B. by C. with D. in 6. A. choose B. take C. select D. decide 7. A. recent B. late C. lately D. later 8. A. need B. requirement C. request D. demand Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I SECTION IV: SPEAKING Complete the following five short conversations with the most appropriate sentences. Write down your answer only with the letter A, B, Cor D at the end of this part. (2,0points) 1. A. Why are you always complaining about Nina: ------ your parents? Mark: That's because they never stop criticizing B. What's the reason for her aggressive me. behavior? Nina: Why don't you try telling them how you feel C. Why are the policemen running around? 7
  8. about it? D. What makes you think that the exam Mark: Do you think I haven't? They just don't care questions will be difficult? about how I feel. 2. A. Are you feeling better today than Peter: yesterday? -------------------- Andrew: No, I'm okay. I can wait until the end B. Can you tell me why you're smiling all the of the meeting. time? Peter: I don't think so. You can't keep your C. Is it possible for you to wait for the end of eyes open. the meeting? Andrew: I guess you're right. I'll see you D. You had better go home and take a rest. tomorrow. 3. A. The dietician said I need to lose ten Penny: ___ pounds. Dana: But it's not enough if you want to lose B. I've decided not to go to the gym anymore. weight. C. I've stopped eating bread. Penny: I know, but it's only a beginning. D. The new chef is really good at making Dana: Sure, it's better than doing nothin_g_. snacks. 4. A. When did you last go to an eye doctor? Sandra: ___ B. Should I tell my grandmother to see an George: Then you should start wearing optician? glasses. C. I can't see the sentences on the board. Sandra: I already have contact lenses, but D. Are you able to see better now? still I can't see dearly. George: It's time you changed them, then. 5. A. It may lake more than an hour 10 walk 10 Chris: Shall we leave the car here and walk? the bank. Nick: I don't think we should, because the B. They've decided to open a new branch near bank is almost five hundred meters here? from here. C. Normally, I walked to school from home. Chris: D. But it's very difficult 10 find a parking ------------------------ Nick: I don't care. I can't walk up to the bank place near the bank in this weather. Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 SECTION V: WRITING (4,5 points) Part 1:Rewrite the following sentences with the given words in such a way that the second sentence has the same meaning as thefirst one. Do not change the form of the words in brackets. (1, 5 point). 1. I just can't decide where to go on holiday. (MIND) 8
  9. 2. You could always stay with us for a few days, if necessary. (PUT) 3. It won't help if you worry about it. (POINT) -+ 4. She was os beautiful that I couldn't stop looking at her. (EYES) -+ 5. Everyone is sure that he will win the election. (BOUND) -+ 6. He is really keen to start his new job. (FORWARD) -+ Part 2: Write an essay of about 150-200 words on the following opinion (3,0points): Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Your writing: 9
  10. --,----- HET----- 10
  11. sa GIAo DUC vA DAo TAO WONG DAN CHAM BlfNTRE . THI CHQN HQC SINH GIOI cAp TiNH LOP 9 TRUNG HQC co sa - NAM HQC 2018 - 2019 Mon: TIENGANH Ngay tbi: 27/02/2019 (Hirong din cham gbm co 03 trang) Pban Muc Cau Noi dung_ Diem Gbi 1 Melisa 0,2 2 30 0,2 1. 3 cinema 0,2 4 11,000 0,2 5 14 nights 0,2 1 A 0,2 2 C 0,2 2 3 B 0,2 4 C 0,2 5 B 0,2 I.Listening 1 G 0,2 (3,0 points) 2 B 0,2 3 3 D 0,2 4 F 0,2 5 E 0,2 1 B 0,15 2 D 0,15 3 B 0,15 ~I. Lexico 4 B 0,15 Grammar 5 C 0,15 (4,5 points) 6 A 0,15 7 C 0,15 8 C 0,15 9 A 0,15 1 10 B 0,15 11 A 0,15 12 A 0,15 13 B 0,15 14 C 0,15 15 D 0,15 16 C 0,15 17 C 0,15 18 C 0,15 19 A 0,15 20 B 0,15 21 Originally 0,15 22 surroundings 0,15 23 solution 0,15 24 combination 0,15 25 carefully 0,15
  12. oqof M.~U sz'o S!l{OJplt1M.lOJ~UP(OOIAnt1~lS! ~H 9 ~to °UO!P~P ~l{JU!M.OJpunoq S! ~H ~ ~to °l~l{JJOS~A~Ali ~)[t1JJ,uPlno~ I 17 I oJ! ~to moqn ~U!AllOM.U!nnod ou S! ~l~ql £ °A.rnSS~:)~U J! 'skep sz'o M~Jt110Jdn nOAmd SAllMIllpjnoo ~M. Z °At1P!IOquo o~ oi (snnod Sf'17) ~to ~l~qM.punn Ali dn ~)[t1li l, Ut1~isn] I I ~UmJM.'AI 17'0 a s 17'0 J 17 (snnod 0',) 17'0 J £ ~uPl~;}dS 'AI 17'0 a Z 17'0 V 1 z'o a 8 to v L z'o H 9 z'o a s z'o J 17 £ z'o V £ z'o J Z z'o V I z'o V 8 z'o H L z'o H 9 z'o a s z'o H 17 z sz'o V £ ~to v Z (snnod 0'9) sz'o J I ~U!P~;}'H'III ~to n~M. 8 sz'o OJ L ~to lOU I 9 ~to ~)[t1li s ~to q~t1~ 17 sz'o poof / lt1~~ £ ~to pt1q Z sz'o u~qM. I ~1'0 It1UO!ld~~x~ o£ ~1'0 snrmtqaqm 6Z ~1'0 AIU!t1l1~~ 8Z ~1'0 ~Iq!ssodli! a ~1'0 lU~l~JJ!P 9Z
  13. , 1. Content: (1, 0 point) a. providing all main ideas and details as required b. communicating intentions sufficiently and effectively 2. Organization and Presentation: (0,75 point) a. Ideas are well-organized and presented with coherence, cohesion and clarity. b. The essay is well-structured 2. ·3. Language: (0,75 point) a. Demonstration of a variety of vocabulary and structure appropriate to the level of English language gifted upper- secondary school students. b. Good use and control grammar structures. 4. Punctuation, spelling and handwriting: (0, 5 point) a. Good punctuation and no spelling mistakes b. Legible handwriting 3
  14. "qO! M~U sto S!q oi plBMlOJ ~UP[OOIAIIB~lS! ~H 9 sto "UO!P~P ~ql U!Moi punoq S! ~H S sto "l~qJJO S~A~AW~)[-ell,uPlno:) I V 1 "l! sto moqn ;3U!AllOMU! nnod ou S! ~l~qi £ "A.ressa;)au J! 'SABP sto MaJB10J dn nOAmd SABMIB Plno;) aM z "ABPHoquo 0;3 oi (simod S'P) Sl'O ~l~qM.PU!WAW dn ~)[BWl, UB:)isn]' I 1 ~UmlM. ·AI v'o a s v'o J v (snnod o'z) v'o J £ ~uPl~;)dS ·AI v'o a z v'o V 1 l'O a 8 l'O V L l'O a 9 l'O a s l'O J v c l'O V £ to J z l'O V 1 l'O V 8 l'O a L l'O a 9 l'O a s to a v z Sl'O V £ Sl'O V z (srmod 0'9) Sl'O J 1 ~u!P~;)H ·III Sl'O II~M 8 Sl'O Ol L Sl'O lOU I 9 Sl'O ~)[-ew S sto lPB~ v sto pOO;3/ lB~jj3 £ Sl'O psq z sto U~qM 1 Sl'O I-eUO!ld~:)x~ O£ sI'o SlU-el!qBlfU! 6l SI'O AIU!Bll~:) sz SI'O ~Iq!ssodw! a SI'O lU~l~JJ!P sz
  15. s: ° 1. Content: (1, point) a. providing all main ideas and details as required b. communicating intentions sufficiently and effectively 2. Organization and Presentation: (0,75 point) a. Ideas are well-organized and presented with coherence, cohesion and clarity. b. The essay is well-structured 2. 3. Language: (0,75 point) a. Demonstration ofa variety of vocabulary and structure appropriate to the level of English language gifted upper- secondary school students. b. Good use and control grammar structures. 4. Punctuation, spelling and handwriting: (0, 5 point) a. Good punctuation and no spelling mistakes b. Legible handwriting 3