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  1. ĐỀ THI ĐỀ XUẤT THI ĐẠI HỌC VÀ CAO ĐẲNG - ĐỀ 1 Người ra đề: Nguyễn Thị Mai - GV trường THPT Cửa Lò - Nghệ An Chọn phương án (A, B, C hoặc D) ứng với từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với ba từ còn lại trong mỗi câu: Câu 1: A. inventor B. physicist C. president D. gardener Câu 2: A. picturesque B. entertain C. Vietnamese D. wonderful Câu 3: A. comedy B. command C. comfortable D. compass Chọn phương án (A, B, C hoặc D) ứng với từ có phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với ba từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau: Câu 4: A. bound B. cough C. ground D. round Câu 5: A. ache B. break C. paid D. bread Chọn phương án đúng tương ứng với ( A, B, C hoặc D) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau: Câu 6: So far three houses __________ A. are built B. were built C. have built D. have been built. Câu 7: Last night we __________ a great deal from the heat A. had suffered B. were suffered C. suffered D. have suffered. Câu 8 : She want to go shopping , but she has hardly __________. A. any money B. some money C. money D. no money. Câu 9: She has __________ work to do that she gets very tired A. so many B. much more C. too much D. so much. Câu 10 : .... he wasn't well-qualified, he got promotion. A. Although B. When C. Besides D. If. Câu 11: These are out dated clothes, .... people buy them. A. yet B. if C. unless D. whenever. Câu 12: The sky was cloudy and miserablẹ ...., We went to the beach. A. Even though B. Nevertheless C. So D. If. Câu 13 : Unless Tom . . . . . his library book back tomorrow he . . . . . . to pay a fine. A. will take, have B. will take, will have C. is going to take, have D. takes, will have. Câu 14 : . . . . . . . . . was a special work A. John to carry for the parcels B. For John to carry the parcels C. carry the parcels for John D. For John parcels carrying. Câu 15: In the window was a special display of . . . cloth , , , A. Baby' B. baby s C. babies D. a baby s. Câu 16: The snow and ice made the steps very __________ A. slipped B. slips C. slippery D. slip. Câu 17: I find it quite __________ to talk in front of a group of people. A. embarrassing B. embarrassed C. embarrassedly D. embarrassingly. Câu 18: __________ about the company's future meant that few people wanted to invest money in it A. Certainly B. Uncertainly C. Uncertain D. Certain. Câu 19: Simon admitted that his cruel jokes was __________ A. intention B. unintended C. intending D. intended. Câu 20 : Thousands of people have been made __________ by the war A. homely B. homeland C. hometown D. homeless. Câu 21 : On the __________ to the town there is a beautiful wood. Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 1
  2. A. direction B. street C. way D. entrance Câu 22 : Leave it in the oven until it __________ brown. A. turns B. colours C. changes D. cooks Câu 23: At four o'clock Mr. Hutchinson still had some __________ to do in the garden. A. work B. job C. effort D. task Câu 24 : I've __________ my mind. I don't want to go now A. had B. changed C. lost D. got Câu 25 : I couldn't remember if I'd closed the windows, so I went back to make __________ A. closed B. sure C. it D. nothing Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng ( A, B, C hoặc D) cho mỗi chỗ trống từ câu 26 đến 35: British television is the big success story of the post war year. Little (26) __________ than a limited experiment before the war. It blossomed in the years following 1945. In 1955, commercials television began. Today, 90% of the population have television in their home. In 1960, a committee of inquiry was (27) __________ up, under the chairmanship of Sir Harry Pilkington, to investigate the working of broadcasting. The Pilkington Report, (28) __________ in 1962, had this to say: " Television has been (29) __________ a mirror of society, but the metaphor, however striking, wholly misses the major issue of the responsibility of the broadcasting authorities. For, if we consider the aspect of this (30) __________ , what is the mirror to reflect? Is it to reflect the best or the (31) __________ in us? One cannot escape the question by saying that it must do both: one must ask then if it is to present the best or the worst with complete indifference and no comment. Television (32) __________ not, and cannot, merely reflect the moral standards of society. It must affect (33) __________ either by changing or by reinforcing them". All broadcasting, and television particularly should be ready and anxious to experiment, to show (34) __________ new and unusual, to give hearing at dissent. Here, broadcasting must be most willing to (35) __________ mistakes; for if it does not, it will make no discoveries. Câu 26. A. more B. much C. less D. few Câu 27. A. given B. set C. took D. shut Câu 28. A. had B. made C. written D. produced Câu 29. A. looked B. cared C. saved D. considered Câu 30. A. media B. mean C. method D. tool Câu 31. A. bad B. worse C. worst D. good Câu 32. A. are B. have C. should D. could Câu 33. A. no one B. nobody C. some one D. everyone Câu 34. A. how B. the C. what D. that Câu 35. A. join B. admit C. have D. be Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng ( A, B, C hoặc D) cho mỗi chỗ trống từ câu 36 đến 45: CITIES Cities have always attracted people from the countryside. They offer wider (36) __________ for employment. They also provide a better range of goods and services - shops, schools, hospitals (37) __________ a generally more exciting environment for the sleepy village. However, cities have also been the (38) __________ of crime and poverty. But the attraction that always remained and the movement (39) __________ large cities is now stronger than ever. One result (40) __________ industrialization has been the vast increase in urban populations. By 1990, 40 percent of the world's (41) __________ lived in cities, and in the developed countries the figure was generally well (42) __________ half. This came about partly as mechanized farming methods need only a (43) __________ part of the workforce to supply the entire Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 2
  3. population. Another reason was the growth (44) __________ industry which was located in the cities and employed huge numbers of people (45) __________ a result, cities are becoming bigger and very crowded. Câu 36. A. ranges B. fields C. jobs D. choices Câu 37. A. the B. and C. but D. of Câu 38. A. hub B. place C. position D. point Câu 39. A. in B. on C. for D. of Câu 40. A. that B. shows C. which D. what Câu 41. A. people B. population C. family D. houses Câu 42. A. on B. in C. under D. above Câu 43. A. big B. large C. small D. little Câu 44. A. of B. for C. at D. in Câu 45. A. at B. as C. in D. on Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất (ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) từ câu 46 đến 55: Smallpox was the first widespread disease to be eliminated by human invention . In May, 1966, the World Health Organization (WHO) , an agency of the United Nations was authorized to initiate a global campaign to eradicate smallpox . The goal was to eliminate the disease in one decade . At the time , the disease posed a serious threat to people in more than thirty nations . Because similar projects for malaria and yellow fever had failed , few believed that smallpox could actually be eradicated but eleven years after the initial organization of the campaign no cases were reported in the field The strategy was not only to provide mass vaccinations but also to isolate patients with active smallpox in order to contain the spread of the disease and to break the chain of human transmission . Rewards for reporting smallpox assisted in motivating removed from contact with others and treated . at the same time , the entire village where the victim had lived was vaccinated By April of 1978 WHO officials announced that they had isolated the last known case of the disease but health workers continued to search for new cases for two additional years to be completely sure . In may , 1980, a formal statement was made to the global community . Today smallpox is no longer a threat to humanity . Routine vaccinations have been stopped worldwide. Câu 46. Which of the following is the best title for the passage ? A. The World Organization B. The Eradication of smallpox C. Smallpox vaccinations D. Infectious disease Câu 47. The word "threat" written in italic could be best replace by A. debate B. humiliation C. risk D. bother Câu 48. What was the goal of the campaign against smallpox worldwide. A. to decrease the spread of smallpox worldwide B. to eliminate smallpox worldwide in ten years B. to provide mass vaccinations against smallpox worldwide D. to initiate worldwide projects for smallpox , malaria, and yellow fever at the same time Câu 49. According to the passage , what was the strategy used to eliminate the spread of smallpox ? A. Vaccinations of entire villages B. Treatment of individual victims C. Isolation of victims and mass vaccinations D. extensive reporting of out break Câu 50. The word "isolated" written in italic is closest in meaning to A. restored B. separated C. attended D. located Câu 51. How was the public motivated to help the health workers ? Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 3
  4. A. By aducating them . B. By rewarding them for reporting cases. C. By isolating them from others. D. By giving them vaccination Câu 52. The world "they" written in italic refers to A. health workers B. officials C. victims D. cases Câu 53. Which statement does not refer to smallpox ? A. Previous projects had failed. B. People are no longer vaccinated for it. C. The World Health Organization mounted a worldwide campaign to eradicate the disease. D. It was a serious threat. Câu 54. It can be inferred that A. no new cases of smallpox have been reported this year. B. malaria and yellow fever have been eliminated. C. smallpox victims no longer die when they contact the disease. D. smallpox is not transmitted from one person to another. Câu 55. When was the formal announcement made that smallpox had been eradicated ? A. 1966 B. 1976 C. 1978 D. 1980 Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất (ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) từ câu 56 đến 65: The food we eat seems to have profound effects on our health . Although science has made enormous steps in making food more fit to eat , it has, at the same time , make many foods unfit to eat . Some research has shown that perhaps eighty percent of all human illnesses are related to diet and forty percent of cancer is related to the diet as well , especially cancer of the colon . people of different cultures are more prone to contract certain illnesses because of the characteristic foods they consume . That food is related to illness is not a new discovery . In 1945 , government researchers realized that nitrates and nitrites ( commonly used to preserve color in meats ) as well as other food additives caused cancer . Yet, these carcinogenic additives remain in our food , and it becomes more difficult all the time to know which ingredients on the packaging labels of processed food are helpful or harmful . The additives that we eat are not all so direct . Farmers often give penicillin to cattle and poultry , and because of this , penicillin has been found in the milk of treated cows . Sometimes similar drugs are administered to animals not for medicinal purposes , but for financial reasons . The farmers are simply trying to fatten the animals in order to obtain a higher price on the market . Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tried repeatedly to control these procedures , the practices continue. A healthy diet is directly related to good health . Often we are unaware of detrimental substances we ingest. sometimes well- meaning farmers or others who do not realize the consequences add these substances to food without our knowledge. Câu 56. How has science done a disservice to people ? A. Because of science , disease caused by contaminated food have been virtually eradicated . B. It has caused a lack of information concerning the value of food . C. As a result of scientific invention , some potentially harmful substances have been added to our food . D. The scientists have preserved the color of meats , but not of vegetables. Câu 57. The word " prone" is nearest meaning to A. supine B. unlikely C. healthy D. predisposed Câu 58. What are nitrates used for ? Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 4
  5. A. They preserve flavor in packaged foods. B. They preserve the color of meats . C. They are the objects of research. D. They cause the animals to become fatter. Câu 59. FDA means A. Food Direct Additives B. Final Difficult Analysis C. Food and Drug Administration D. Federal Dairy Additives Câu 60. The word "these" refers to A. meats B. colors C. researchers D. nitrates and nitrites Câu 61. The word " carcinogenic" is closest in meaning to A. trouble- making B. color- retaining C. money- making D. cancer- causing Câu 62. All of the following statements are true EXCEPT A. drugs are always given to animals for medical reasons B. some of additives in our food are added to the food itself and some are given to the living animals C. researchers have known about the potential hazards of food additives for more than forty-five years D. food may cause forty percent of the cancer in the world Câu 63. The word "additives " is closest meaning to A. added substances B. dangerous substances C. natural substances D. benign substances Câu 64. What is the best title for this passage ? A. Harmful and harmless substances in Food B. Improving Health Through a Nature Diet C. The Food You Eat Can Affect Your Health D. Avoiding Injurious Substances in Food Câu 65. The word "fit" is closest in meaning to A. athletic B. suitable C. tasty D. adaptable Chọn phương án (A, B, C hoặc D) ứng với câu có nghĩa gần nhất với câu cho sẵn sau đây: Câu 66. Peter managed to get promoted to the job of Office Manager because he worked extremely hard. A. By working extremely hard Peter managed to get promoted to the job of office Manager B. By working extremely hard Peter manages to get promote to the job of Office Manager C. By working extremely hard Peter had managed to get promoted to the job of Office Manager D. By working extremely hard Peter has been managed to get promoted to the job of Office Manager Câu 67. When we crossed the Alps, we couldn't see Mont Blanc because of the rain. A. If it had been raining we could have seen Mont Blanc B. If it hasn't been raining we could have seen Mont Blanc C. If it hadn't been raining we could have seen Mont Blanc D. If it hadn't been raining we couldn't have seen Mont Blanc Câu 68. I'm sure it was Tom who cleared everything up. A. Tom must have clear everything up. B. Tom must has cleared everything up. C. Tom must has not cleared everything up. D. Tom must have cleared everything up. Câu 69. If you want my opinion, it would be a good idea to stop eating so many sweets. A. If I am you, I would stop eating so many sweets. B. If I were you, I would stop eating so many sweets. C. If I was you, I would stop eating so many sweets. D. If I were you, I would not stop eating so many sweets. Câu 70. People say that he is an excellent poet. A. He was said to be an excellent poet. B. He is said not to be an excellent poet. C. He is said to be an excellent poet. D. He has said to be an excellent poet. Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 5
  6. Xác định từ / cụm từ có gạch chân cần phải sửa để câu trở thành câu chính xác: Câu 71. Ceramic can be harder , light , and more resistant to heat than metals A B C D Câu 72. Mold is extremely destruction to books in a library. A B C D Câu 73. Sydney Lanier achieved fame both as a poet or as a symphony musician. A B C D Câu 74. The horses used to playing polo are not of any special breed or of any define size A B C D Câu 75. Sharks can detect minute electrical discharges coming from its prey A B C D Hãy chọn câu đồng nghĩa với câu cho sẵn trong số A hoặc B, C, D: Câu 76. He used to write home once a week . From this sentence we understand that : A. he enjoys writing home every week . B. he never fails to write a weekly letter to home. C. he doesn't now write home once a week . D. he was force to write home every week . Câu 77. They arrived too late to get good seats. This sentence mean that : A. when they arrived, the good seats were already taken. B. although they were late they found some good seats. C. they got good seats some time after they arrived. D. they had to stand for the whole show. Câu 78. I can't help feeling worried about Tom The speaker of this sentence means that she A. doesn't worry about Tom B. can do nothing to help Tom. C. is glad to have someone like Tom to worry about. D. finds it impossible not to worry about Tom. Câu 79. The holiday wouldn't have cost so much if they hadn't gone abroad. From this sentence we know that A. they went abroad for the holiday and spent a lot. B. they didn't go abroad for the holiday , so they didn't spent much. C. they had a holiday abroad at a very low cost. D. the holiday cost as much as a foreign holiday would have cost. Câu 80. Mrs. Mason said: "Janet may have gone to the cinema" Mrs. Mason means that A. she knew Janet had gone to the cinema. B. she wasn't sure where Janet had gone. C. Janet was allowed to go to the cinema. D. Janet had certainly not gone to the cinema. Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 6
  7. BẢNG PHÂN LOẠI ĐÁNH GIÁ CÂU HỎI. Môn: Tiếng anh Đề/tên file: Đề ĐH-CĐ/de dh1.doc Họ và tên: Nguyễn Thị Mai - GV trường THPT Cửa lò - Nghệ An 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Mã Ngữ Từ vựng - Đọc Viết Phân 3 7 Chung Đại Đáp Độ câu âm ngữ pháp hiểu ban năm năm học án khó 1 2 x A 2 2 2 x D 2 3 2 x B 2 4 1 x B 2 5 1 x D 2 6 1 x D 2 7 1 x C 1 8 2 x A 2 9 2 x D 2 10 3 x A 2 11 3 x A 2 12 3 x A 2 13 2 x B 3 14 2 x D 2 15 2 x B 2 16 5 x C 2 17 5 x C 2 18 5 x C 2 19 5 x B 3 20 5 x D 2 21 6 x C 2 22 6 x A 3 23 6 x A 2 24 6 x B 2 25 6 x B 2 26 1 x C 2 27 1 x B 2 28 1 x C 2 29 1 x D 2 30 1 x A 2 31 1 x C 2 32 1 x C 2 33 1 x D 2 34 1 x B 2 35 1 x B 2 36 1 x D 3 37 1 x B 2 38 1 x A 3 39 1 x D 2 40 1 x A 2 Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 7
  8. 41 1 x B 2 42 1 x D 3 43 1 x C 2 44 1 x A 2 45 1 x B 2 46 2 x B 3 47 2 x C 2 48 2 x B 2 49 2 x C 2 50 2 x B 2 51 2 x B 2 52 2 x B 2 53 2 x A 2 54 2 x A 3 55 2 x D 2 56 2 x C 3 57 2 x D 2 58 2 x B 2 59 2 x C 2 60 2 x D 2 61 2 x D 3 62 2 x A 2 63 2 x A 2 64 2 x C 3 65 2 x B 2 66 2 x A 2 67 2 x C 2 68 2 x D 2 69 2 x B 2 70 2 x C 2 71 1 x A 2 72 1 x B 3 73 1 x C 2 74 1 x B 2 75 1 x D 2 76 2 x C 3 77 2 x A 2 78 2 x D 3 79 2 x A 2 80 2 x B 2 Copyright © quatamthat2@yahoo.com 8
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