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ĐỀ ÔN THI HỌC KỲ 1 DÀNH CHO KHỐI 10 MÔN ANH VĂN ( CÓ ĐÁP ÁN) I. Pronunciation Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. resolution B. resources C. research D. require 2 A. possession B. address C. guess D. mess 3.A. consumption B. production C. industrial D. industry 4. A. dealt B. dreamt C. heal D. threaten 5. A. little B. possible C. edible D. terrible II. Stress Choose the word whose stressed pattern is different from that of the others. Write your answers (A or B, C, D) in the numbered spaces. 1. A. walking B. reading C. beginning D. singing 2. A. remember B. questions C. accept D. decide 3. A. financial B. unlikely C. century D. receive 4. A. shouting B. produced C. business D. different 5. A. supply B. harmful C. important D. prevention SECTION 2: VOCABULARY – GRAMMAR Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps. 11. –“Was the test long?” – “Yes, John was the only one _____ it” A. to finish B. finished C. could finish D. has finished 12. –“How should we do this? – “It should be done _____ we did it yesterday.” A. the same way as B. as the same way as C. as the same way than D. as the same way 13. –“Is your new house large?” – “Not really, but _____ to this apartment, it seems large.” A. comparing B. in comparing C. compared D. by comparing 14. –“What did John do after he fell?” –“He kept running _____ his pain.” A. even though B. unless C. however D. despite 15. –“Have you been to Chicago recently?” –“Yes, I ______ there last May.” A. went B. go C. have gone D. have been 16. –“Are there any dinosaurs living now?”–“Oh, no. They have _____ for millions of years. A. been made extinct B. been extinct C. extinct 17. –“Do you like frog’s legs?” – “_____ them, I don’t really know.” A. Never trying B. Not to have tried C. Never having tried D. Never had tried 18. – “It’s really cold today! I hate going out in this weather.” – “Yeah, I _____ don’t want to get out of bed.” A. too B. even C. only D. very 19. – “What are they talking about?” – “They are discussing problems _____ the budget.” A. concerning B. concerning to C. concerned D. concerned to 20. – “Do you think John is smart?” – “He is _____ can be.” A. more clever as B. as clever as he C. more clever than D. so clever he 21. – “Do you like Australia?” – “Oh yes, I think it’s one of _____ in the world.” A. the most beautiful B. most beautiful places C. most beautiful place D. the most beautiful places 22. – “How did John do the test?” – “Although he tried hard, _____ failed.” A. but he B. he still C. he moreover D. so that he 23. – “How long will these batteries last?” – “About six months, in general _____ .” A. operated B. operate C. operating D. operation 24. – “You haven’t seen my notebook, have you?” – “No, but I didn’t know you _____ for it.” A. should look B. were looking C. have looked D. could be looking 25. – “Are you starting a club?” – “Yes, do you want _____?” A. to get consider B. to be considered C. to consider D. be considered Complete the following sentences by using the correct form of the words in brackets 26. Mike, don’t you know that is a very... HURTFUL...thing to say at the moment?(HURT) 27. The ending of the movie seems highly …IMPROBABLE…… so nobody could predict it.(PROBABLE) 28. She is very proud that she is one of the …EDITORIAL…… staff. (EDIT) 29. Carefully read the.... INSTRUCTIONAL……… phrases before using. (INSTRUCT) 30. There are many people suffering from lifestyle physical…ABNORMALITIES……(NORMAL) SECTION III-READING Read the following passage and answer the questions. Write your answers (A or B, C, D) in the numbered spaces provided under the passage. Devastating floods along the coast have left many people homeless. People are asked to help by donating food, clothes, furniture and other supplies to the Assistance Fund. Donations of bottled water are especially needed, since the floods have disrupted the local water supply. In addition, volunteers are needed to the flooded area to help distribute the donations. 31- What does this notice concern? A. dangerous roads. B. safety precautions C. help for flood victims D. warning about weather 32- What kind of supplies is NOT mentioned? A. medicine B. clothing C. food D. furniture 33- In addition to supplies, what is needed? A. teachers B. new bridges C. places to stay D. volunteers 34- The word devastating floods in lime 1 refers to those that ______ A. cause a lot of damage B. are very short C. happen suddenly D. last for a long time 35- The word donating in line 2 is closest meaning to _____ A. selling B. buying C. taking D. giving SECTION 4: WRITING Rewrite the following sentences 36. Mary rang hours and hours ago. It’s hours since Mary rang 37. I think we should speak English in class. I suggest speaking English in class. 38. I can’t sing beautifully, so I can’t join them now. I wish I could sing beautifully enough to join them. 39. I didn’t arrive in time to see her. I wasn’t early enough to see her. 40. I asked the hotel porter to wake me at 8 o’clock the following morning. “Please wake me at 8 o`clock tomorrow.” - ---------HẾT------------- ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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