Đề cương ôn tập Unit 4 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn An

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Đề cương ôn tập Unit 4 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn An là tài liệu hữu ích giúp các em ôn tập cũng như hệ thống kiến thức môn học, giúp các em tự tin đạt điểm số cao trong kì thi sắp tới. Mời các em cùng tham khảo đề thi.

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  1. UNIT 4: SPECIAL EDUCATION I. Pronunciation 1. a. deaf b. of c. off d. follow 2. a. pour b. our c. hour d. mouse 3. a. blind b. disabled c. idea d. hide 4. a. chance b. watching c. school d. child 5. a. added b. subtracted c. divided d. multiplied 6.a. pity b. children c. blind d. finger II. Stress 1. a. continue b. realize c. demonstrate d. opposite 2. a. activity b. attentiveness c. explanation d. ability 3. a. mental b. special c. happy d. retard 4. a. organize b. determine c. develop d. exhibit 5. a. reason b. idea c. welcome d. visit 6. a. instead b. mental c. money d. letter 7. a. realize b. addition c. visitor d. organize 8. a. exhibition b. photography c. professional d. ability 9. a. surrounding b. attendance c. period d. disabled 10. a. sorrow b. passion c. children d. idea III. Multiplechoice 1. Low ___ of animal fat generally leads to risk of heart diseases. a. consume b. consuming c. consumption d. consumer 2. Betty is not as intelligent as any child who is at the same age. She has some perceiving troubles. She is ____. a. dump b. deaf c. mentally retarded d. lisp 3. Her suggestion met with strong ____. Her workmates did not agree with her to some things. a. opposition b. determination c. condition d. consumption 4. Disabled children with special ____ needs are taken good care to develop both mentally and physically. a. educate b. education c. educator d. educational 5. In our modern time, there are still many farmers and workers living _____ poor conditions. a. at b. in c. for d. within 6. After the terrible traffic accident, ____ injured were taken to ____ hospital immediately. a. an / the b. no article / a c. the / no article d. the / the 7. Most people in the town are interested in the ____ of photographs taken by some disabled children, which are displayed in the town hall. a. exhibition b. expenditure c. passion d. feature 8. Paul seemed very proud ____ his success when everybody congratulated him ____ what he had got. a. for / with b. as / through c. over / in d. of / on 9. Don't be worried too much. Things will certainly improve gradually. a. immediately b. right now c. little by little d. quickly 10. He makes money by raising poultry and cattle.a. creates b. earns c. produces d. spends 11. Gold and diamonds ____ making jewelries. a. are used to b. are used for c. used to d. get used to 12. They ____ living on farms and working on fields. a. are used to b. are used for c. used to d. did not use to 13. The unemployed ____ some unemployment benefit, but it seems not to be enough for them to survive. a. gets b. has got c. get d. is getting 14. She said she ____ to me, but she didn't. a. would have writtenb. will have written c. would write d. will write 15. He was very hard ____ for most of his life after being injured on his head.
  2. a. to hear b. hearing c. for hearing d. of hearing 16. She is wearing a dress _____ mine. a. as b. alike c. likely d. like 17. After a short time living in London, Paul are gradually used to ____ his car driving on the left side of the street. a. keep b. keeping c. kept b. be kept 18. He ____ our company two years ago. He still ____ for us. a. joins / worked b. joined / works c. had joined / is working d. was joining / will work 19. Disabled children have to be sent to school to get special education ____ at home. a. instead of being kept b. because of being at home c. which being kept at home d.due to the fact of being at home 20.____, I have difficulty pronouncing some English consonants which do not exist in my native language. a. Honest b. Be honest c. Honesty, d. To be honest 21. There are many different technologies such as hearing aids available to people ____ are hearing impaired. a. which b. whom c. whose d. who 22. She is teaching some mentally retarded ____. a. adding and subtracting b. how to add and subtract c. added and subtracted d. for adding and subtracting 23. A person with a ____ is unable to pronounce some certain sounds. a. deafness b. mute c. lisp d. blindness 24. Suffering ____ a speech disorder can have negative social effects, especially ____ young children. a. from / among b. with / in c. for / of d. with / for 25. Someone who is totally unable to speak due to a speech disorder is considered_____. a. deaf b. blind c. lisp d. mute 26. ____ first time is always ____ hardest. a. A / no article b. no article / the c. the / the d. The / no article 27. A molecule of water comprises two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. a. consists of b. exhibits c. displays d. passions 28. Many people oppose corporal, punishment when children although several of them are naughty. a. agree with b. disapprove of c. are in favor of d. appreciate 29. She is ____ I have ever met. a. the most awful woman that b. the most awful woman, whom c. the most awful woman, which d. the most awful woman, who 30. Robin Hood stole from ____ poor. a. rich and gave b. the rich and gave to the c. the rich and giving d. rich and the 31. She cannot be at work. No one in the office ____ her since the lunch time. a. has seen b. saw c. had seen d. would see 32. A cold wind ____ for the last three days. a. has been blowing b. blows c. is blowing d. blew 33. Mrs. Pike ____ very attractive when she was young, but now she looks pale because of the illness. a. is used to being b. used to be c. was used for being d. use to be 34. He fought the illness with courage and ____. a. condition b. determination c. comparison d. subtraction 35. Peter dreams of becoming a singer. Music is a ___ with him. a. consideration b. conditionc. passion d. mission 36. To communicate fluently in English, we have to spend a lot of time practicing. It is a ____ work. a. time-consuming b. time-bargain c. time-saving d. time-limit 37. Advertisers make used of every form of advertising to ____ purchase. a. compete b. passionate c. stimulate d. subtract 38. They are good friends. They often share their common joy and sorrow. a. fun b. happiness c. gift d. sadness 39. Although they met ____ opposition ____ their parents, they decided to get married without their approval. a. on / of b. about / for c. with / from d. at / to 40. He used to smoke a cigar after meal but now he quit smoking because he has got some respiratory problem.
  3. a. would smoke b. was smoking c. was used to smoke d. had smoked 41. When the teacher entered the classroom, his students ____ too much noise. a. is making b. made c. were making d. have made 42. Mary left the city without saying goodbye so we do not have her new address or telephone number, ____ makes it impossible to contact her. a. that b. those c. when d. which 43. It is reported ____ the gold price in the world is going up, ____ makes many businessmen rather worried. a. which / that b. that / that c. which / which d. that / which 44. They were used to working for our company but they do not work here ____. They have just left. a. no longer b. any longer c. no more d. as long as 45. She told him that if he ___ his promise, she ___ to him again. a. break / would never speak b. breaks / will never c. broke / will never d. broke / would never speak 46. ____ he got a scholarship from Oxford University made his parents so happy and proud. a. Which b. Because c. Although d. The fact that 47. Although the computer ____ five years ago, it is still in a good condition. a. is bought b. bought c. was bought d. has been bought 48. That nice villa ____ by Mr. Barry Jones, a famous architect. a. used to decorated b. was used to decorated c. used to being decorated d. used to be decorated 49. They ____ best friends when they were little boys but now their friendship no longer exists. a. are used to be b. are used to being c. used to be d. got used to being IV. Error Identification. 1. When I was a child, summers would be warmer and winters colder than now. 2. What do you use to do when you felt afraid ? 3. I’ve been studying French since I’ve started high school. 4. I can’t find my diary,that is a real nuisance. 5. It took them at least two months learninghow to pronouncethese words. 6. Helen Keller, who was both blind and deafness, overcame her inabilitieswith the help of her teacher, Ann Sullivan. V. Rewrite a sentence for each of the folowing 1. Dennis gave up smoking 2 years ago. -->Dennis used to.............................................................................................. 2. I’m sorry I ever said that word. --> I wish .......................................................................................................................... 3. The lesson was very difficult. Nobody could understand it. --> It was such ................................................................... 4. Unless you told him the truth, he would be angry with you. --> If .................................................................................. 5. This lesson is very long. We can’t memorize it. --> This lesson ....................................................................................


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