Đề cương ôn tập Unit 2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn...

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Cùng tham khảo Đề cương ôn tập Unit 2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn An để các em ôn tập lại các kiến thức đã học, đánh giá năng lực làm bài của mình cũng như làm quen với cấu trúc đề thi để chuẩn bị kì thi được tốt hơn với số điểm cao như mong muốn. Chúc các em thi tốt!

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  1. UNIT 2 : SCHOOL TALKS I. GIVE THE CORRECT WORD FORM 1. She did it entirely out of ……………, not for the money (kind) 2. I used to spend ……………….. weekends swimming, sunbathing on the beach (enjoy) 3. After he won the amateur championship, he turner …………. ( profession ) 4. While you are filling in this form, you can delete where not ………………….. (apply ) 5. To know about someone’s origin , you can ask “ Where are you from ? or “ What is your ……………… ? ( nation ) 6. The final exam is drowing near but James appears ………….. about it ( worry ) 7. Would you please come to class ……………….. than usual so that we have time to prepare for the meeting ? ( early) 8. The aim of the school’s advisement is to increase …………….. ( enroll ) 9. A …………… is a person studying the life and structure of plants and animals ( biology) 10. Shopping centers get very …………….. just before Christmas ( crowded) 11. She is known as an ……………. teacher ( experience ) 12. I’m looking forward to ………… you again ( see) II. VERB FORM 1. We( finish ) our dinner half an hour ago 2. The farmers ( work ) in the field now 3. Mrs. Green always ( go ) to work by bus 4. My parents ( live ) in London. They ( be) there for 20 years 5. She paid for her ticket and ( leave) 6. She ( sit) under a tree when it ( begin) to rain 7. How many times you ( see) him since he went to Edinburgh ? 8. Rivers usually ( flow) to the sea 9. Do you know that man who ( smoke ) there ? 10. She wishes her father ( be) here now to help her 11. I wish you ( not give ) them my phone number 12. I wish they ( visit) us when they were in town 13. I wish someone ( give) me a job next month 13. We wish we ( understand) all the teacher’s explanation yesterday. 14. He missed an exciting football match on TV last night. He wishes he ( watch) it 15. I wish she ( come ) to see me yesterday 16. We wish we ( pass) next exam. 17. The manager just ( close) the store the moment before I ( arrive) 18. When the alarm rang , Frank ( jump ) out of bed quickly. 19. I saw a bad accident while I ( wait ) for you on this corner 20. At 4 PM yesterday ? Well, I ( work) in my office 21. When we (see) Mr. Taylor tomorrow, I ( remind) him of that. 22. The war ( break ) out three years ago. 23. Up to the present, George ( do) good work in this class. 24. Listen ! I think some ( knock) at the door 25. My brother ( work) in this factory since 1988 26. We ( understand) it after the teacher ( explain ) it to us 27. They ( build) that bridge when I was here last year. They ( not finish) it yet. 28. He ( play) football since he ( be) ten years old 29. How often you (read) a newspaper ? 30. Mr Brown never ( go) to bed before 10 o’clock. III. REWRITE THE SENTENCES 1. I’m afraid our football team will lose the game.  I wish 2. I’m sorry I didn’t finish my homework last night .  I wish 3. I can’t go hiking with them .  I wish 4. He gave me a book for my birthday  I 5. Your house is bigger than mine  My house 6. The question was so difficult that we can’t answer it .  The question was too 7. He did his homework, then he went to bed .  After 8. Jane doesn’t speak English as well as betty.  Betty 9.What a pity I broke the vase.  I wish 10. I will come here next week . I will phone you. If 11. Do you want someone to wake you up tomorrow morning ?  Do you want 12. I’m sorry I don’t live near my work.  I wish 13. Mary is one of the most excellent pupils in my class . Do you know her ?  Do you know 14. The room was very dark. We couldn’t see anything. ( so … that ) 15. It was an interesting film. My mother saw it 3 times. ( such … that ) 16. This is the hotel . I stayed in this hotel last year. This 17. Keep quiet or I’ll scream.  Unless 18. Unless he phones immedately, he won’t get any information.  If 19. The flowers were roses. I bougt them for my sister  The flowers 20. He said , “ I’ll be here again tomorrow” 21. We said to them , your hourses are very nine” 22. She said to them , “ He’s lived here for 4 years” 23. Mary said to john, “ I can’t go to the movie with you tomorrow “ 24. “ I saw her this morning “ he said 25. They said to us : “Come to see us if you have time” 26.Ann said to him: “Don’t wait for me if I am late” 27. The mother said to her son , “Don’t cry” 28. We asked, “ What time does the plane arrive?”
  2. 29. “ Are you angry ? “ he asked 30. “ Did they tell you when they left ?” She said to me 31.Mr. Smith said to me ,” Where are you going on your vacation ?” IV. MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. _______do you want? ~ A box of choolates. a. What b. Which c. Who d. How 2. ________is this building? ~ It’s about two hundred years old. a. How long b. How far c. How old d. How 3. ________money do you earn? ~ About £250 a week. a. How much b. What c. How many d. Which 4. ________bag are you carrying? ~ July’s. a. Which b. What. c. Who’s d. Whose 5. ________ first stepped on the moon? ~ Neil Amstrong, wasn’t it? a. Whose b, Who c. Where d. When 6. ________is your new school? ~ It’s very big and friendly. a. What b. How c. Where d. Which 7. ________is it to the post office? ~ About tow hundred meters. a. How far b. How long c. How often d. How much 8. ________is your national flag? ~ Red and yellow. a. What b. Which of color c. What color d. Which 9. ________do you take a holiday? ~ Once a year. a. When b. How long c. What time d. How often 10. _______is Greg like? ~ He’s tall and thin with brown hair. a. What b. How c. Who d. Whom 11. _______did the Secind World War end? ~ In 1945 a. Where b. When c. What time d. How long 12._______is a half of foodball? ~ Forty-five minutes. a. What time b. How often c. How long d. When 13. ______of holiday are you interested in? ~ A package holiday. a. Which b. What c. Which kind d. What kind 14. ______hand do you write with? ~ My right hand. a. Which b. What c. Whose d. What sort of 15. ______did the package come from? ~ London. a. When b. Where c. Which d. Who 16. Mathematics is my favourite ____. a. objective b. requirement c. subject d. purpose 17. Peter cannot ____ English. Neither can Mary. a. tell b. talk c. speak d. say 18. The deaf and dumb use sign language to ____. a. communicate b. calculate c. compute d. control 19. The leader of a school is the ____. a. captain b. director c. vice-headmaster d. headmaster 20. Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest cultural and economic ____ in South Vietnam. a. center b. pole c. middle d. spot 21. It is very kind ____ you to help me solve the problem. a. on b. of c. in d. about 22. Her good __ for the test resulted in the fact that she got the bets grade. a. prepare b. preparer c. preparation d. preparedly 23. During the rush hour, streets are often crowded ___ people and vehicles. / a. for b. of c. in d. with 24. When I am tired, I like to watch television. It is ____. a. relaxing b. thrilling c. nervous d. lovely 25. What is your surname? a. first name b. second name c. nickname d. family name 26. I would rather go ____ home and have ____ lunch. a. the / a b. a / the c. no article / the d. no article / no article 27. Peter is one of ____ best students that most of us admire. a. a b. an c. the d. no article 30. We were ____ in heavy traffic so we were twenty minutes late. a. crowded b. got c. captured d. stuck 31. Young people are usually full of ____, but lack of experience. a. enthuse b. enthusiasm c. enthusiastic d. enthusiast 32. What is your job? a. occupation b. career c. profession d. all are correct 33. John has just received a letter ____ his parents, who live abroad. a. from b. of c. off d. up 34. Most students find the couse very _________ / a. enthusiastic b. anxious c. enjoyable d. convenient V. PRONUNCIATION 1 a. passage b. message c. page d. luggage 2. a. wonderful b. month c. tone d. none 3. a. cooked b. accomplished c. hissed d. gained 4. a. name b. father c. party d. army 5. a. pause b. laugh c. clause d. cause 6. a. chance b. teaching c. chemistry d. children 7. a. hard b. start c. party d. talk 8. a. polite b. literature c. guide d. kind VI. STRESS 1. a. important b. profession c. Geography d. Literature 2. a. entertain b. communicate c. receive d. complain 3. a. children b. student c. professor d. teacher
  3. 4. a. opinion b. relax c. semester d. nervous 5. a. conversation b. entertainment c. appropriate d. information


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