Đề cương ôn tập Unit 1 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn...

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Tham khảo Đề cương ôn tập Unit 1 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2019-2020 - Trường THPT Chu Văn An để bổ sung kiến thức, nâng cao tư duy và rèn luyện kỹ năng giải đề chuẩn bị thật tốt cho kì thi học kì sắp tới các em nhé! Chúc các em ôn tập kiểm tra đạt kết quả cao!

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  1. UNIT 1 : A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ... I. Pronunciation: 1. a. routine b. line c. combine d. dine 2. a. heat b. repeat c. heart d. eating 3. a. plough b. house c. compound d. touch 4. a. little b. lighten c. liable d. climb 5. a. worked b. pumped c. watched d. contented 6. a. scream b. death c. ready d. peasant 7. a. traveled b. stared c. landed d. seemed 8. a. chat b. panic c. park d. passenger 9. a. frightening b. brigade c. pilot d. fire 10.a. technology b. teaching c. purchase d. lunch II. STRESS 1. a. tobacco b. contented c. buffalo d. transplanting 2. a. passenger b. purchase c. district d. routine 3. a. technology b. comfortable c. activity d. experience 4. a. repair b. harrow c. arrive d. announce 5. a. interested b. serious c. wonderful d. immediately 6. a. biology b. mathematics c. development d. geography 7. a. panic b. busy c. quiet d. exact 8. a. favorite b. contented c. interesting d. usually 9. a. children b. breakfast c. routine d. water 10. a. purchase b. practice c. begin d. question III. VOCABULARY AND EXPRESSION 1. The fire alarm went off when smoke rose. a. exploded b. shouted c. rang d. burned 2. After a short break for tea, they went on working. a. began b. continued c. delayed d. harrowed 3. He often leaves _ home for _ work at 7 o'clock and arrived at _ office at exactly 7.30. a. a / the / an b. the / the / no article c. no article / no article / the d. the / no article / an 4. During his break, Mr. Pike is used to drink tea with his fellow peasants. a. workers b. associates c. mechanics d. farmers 5. On his ____ at the airport, John felt a little disappointed when no one came and picked him up. a. arrival b. arrive c. arriver d. arrived 6. Whenever I returned my village, I enjoy walking along the paths where flowers are growing on the ____ of each side. a. blank b. banks c. banking d. blanket 7. Water ____ at one hundred degrees Celsius and freezes at zero degrees Celsius. a. cooks b. steams c. boils d. grills 8. Now they are visiting London. They will leave ___ Paris the day after tomorrow. a. to b. on c. at d. for 9. Could you please tell me the ___ time when the meeting begins? a. exact b. exactly c. exactness d. exacting 10. Throughout _ world, there have been experiments in growing food crops. a. a b. an c. the d. no article 11. Tom is ____ in astronomy. He finds astronomy very ____ a. interesting / interested b. interest / interested c. interested / interesting d. interests / interest 12. Lightning rarely ____ twice in the same place. a. strikes b. is striking c. will strike d. was striking 13. Two tons of rice ____ to the victims of the flood yesterday a. sent b. were sent c. was sent d. has been sent 14. What do you call a person who works in a library? _ He / She ___ a librarian a. calls b. is called c. called d. calling 15. Peter ___ for this company for more than twenty five years and he ____ to stay here until he _____ in three years. a. is working / intends / will retire b. has been working / intends / retires c. had work / intended / retired d. works / will intend / has retired 16. Peter does not feel satisfied with his new job. _____ about it. a. He has always complained b. He always has complained c. Always he has complained d. He has complained always 17. _____ to get the railroad station? - 45 minutes. a. How far do you take
  2. b. How long does it take you c. How often do you do d. How fast does it take you 18. Bill put his money in a bank, ____? a. isn't he b. doesn't he c. didn't he d. does he 19. He ____ very busy at the present. He ____ free time to go out. a. is often / rarely has b. often was / had rarely c. has often been / has rarely d. often is /rarely has 20. _____ farming is a hard work, I enjoy country life. a. Because b. Since c. However d. Although 21. There are several people who never want to assume responsibility_____. a. for what they have done b. for having done what c. they have done what for d. for what to do 22. Peter was rather confused since he really did not know ____ next. a. what to do b. to do what c. what doing d. what do 23. Now he ____ more money than he ____ last year. a. is earning / does b. earns / did c. can earn / was d. is earning / did 24. He ____ his leg when he ___ last year. Up to now, he ____ any more. /a. breaks / was skiing / is not skiing b. broken / skied /has not skied c. broke / was skiing / has not skied d. had broken / skied / does not ski 25.Many vegetables and flowers are grown in greenhouses in late winter and early spring, then ___ outside as the weather warms. a. transplanted b. harrowed c. ploughed d. prepared 26.The Pikes live ___ farming. They work hard ___ the field everyday. a. on / in b. at / with c. in /on d.with / for 27. He finished his work at five and got home at quarter past five. a. five b. fifteen c. half d. forty-five 28. It takes me about three hours ____ the report. a. complete b. to complete c. completing d. completed 30. Mr. Jones often ____ to work by car everyday but today he ____ by bus. a. goes / goes b. is going / will go c. went / has gone d. goes / is going 31.What were you doing in the garage? - The tyres were flat, so I had to ____ them up. a. blow b. pump c. push d. repair 32.____ on Sundays. a. Always he gets up b. He always gets up c. Does he get up always late d. He gets always up 33. The accident was ____ the slippery streets after the rain. a. although b. in spite of c.due to d.provided that 34. Our farm is next to ____. a. Mr. Pike's b. Mr. Pike c. Mr. Pike is d. Mr. Pike has 35. She purchased a number of shares in the company. a. invested b. sold c. exchanged d. bought 36. Harry works all the time. He ____________. a. never relaxes b. often relaxes c. relaxes never d. relaxes sometimes 37. Houses ____as a bomb exploded in the neighborhood. / a. dipped b. disappeared c. dropped d. shook IV. Error Identification. 1. It was (A) an extrmely (B)frightened (C)experience in (D) my life 2. Mark went on (A) working (B)despite(C) he felt(D) unwell 3. Frank is usually swimming (A) before work (C), but (C)this morning he is jogging. (D) 4. Once when (A) I was (B) ten, I used to get (C) sick and went (D) to the hospital 5. As soon as (A) the alarm clock had gone off, (B) she woke up (C) and got out of (D) bed 6. All the (A) children have been returned (B) safe (C) to (D) their parents 7. I know you’re too busy (A) to stay (B), but I look forward (C) to see (D) you again. 8. Have (A) you forgotten (B) to lock (C) the back door frequently (D)? 9. I like lying (A) on the beach,(B) so I always spend (C)my holiday to sunbath. (D) 10. The bank lent (A) us money for a down payment, (B) so now we owned (C) the house we used to rent (D) V. WRITING ( Choose the best answer to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one ) 1. I wish I handn’t sold my bike.- I regret _________________________ a. to sell my bike. b. selling my bike c. I had sold my bike d. not to sell my bike. 2. No one told me about the change of plan. - I _________________________________ a. knew about the change of plan b. am not known about the change of plan c. was told about the change of plan. d. didn’t know about the change of plan 3. Nigel felt sick from eating too many cakes. - Nigel felt sick because ___________________ a. he was eaten a lot of cakes b. he was eating too many cakes c. there were too many cakes he ate. d. he had eaten too many cakes. 4. In the middle of our lunch there was a knock at the door. - When ________________________________ a. we were having lunch, there was a knock at the door. b. We knocked at the door, we were having lunch c. We had just finished lunch, there was a knock at the door. d. Our lunch were in the middle there was a knock at the door 5. Their game of badminton is always on Tuesday. They ____________________________________ a. always play their game of badminton on Tuesday b. play badminton always on Tuesday c.always play badminton on Tuesday d. have always played badminton on Tuesday 6. Adrian wears jeans all the time. - Adrian ____________________________ a. always wears jeans. b. often wears jeans. c. sometimes wears jeans. d. usually wears jeans .


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