Bupphesanniwat (Love Destiny): Literature and creating value added Thai economy

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The objectives of this academic article are to describe Thailand‟s economy and tourism phenomenon significantly influenced by hit TV drama named Bupphesanniwat or Love Destiny, authored by “Rompaeng” pseudonym that caused the highly astounding popularity and success in Thailand. The research conducted by collecting information and news concerning with Bupphesanniwat that spread through mass media and social media with the period of collecting data: 22 February 2018 - 11 April 2018. The results of this study revealed that Bupphesanniwat novel produced into TV drama has an influence on Thai society in many aspects as follows: 1. Passing on continuing the Thai virtuous culture 2. Culture Tourism 3. Economic aspect particularly culture tourism industry and Thailand‟s historical tourist sites. This current mega-hit Bupphesanniwat also ignites the boom in Thainess popularity amongst almost Thai people of all ages, genders and occupations. It also demonstrated values of Thai literature not only creating enjoyment but it can further significantly develop and create value-added economy.

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