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Sp oken Language Technology: Where Do We Go From Here? Roger K. Mo ore 20/20 Sp eech Ltd Malvern, UK Recent years have seen dramatic developments in the capabilities and applications of sp o- ken language technology. From a few niche applications for a range of exp ensive solutions, the eld has develop ed to the p oint where keenly-priced pro ducts have swept the awards at consumer electronics shows. Sp eech recognisers has reached the high-street store, and a signif- icant prop ortion of the develop ed world’s p opulation has now b een exp osed to the p ossibility of controlling one’s computer, or creating a do cument, by voice. This apparent progress in sp oken language technology has b een fuelled by a numb er of de- velopments: the relentless increase in desktop computing p ower, the intro duction of statistical mo delling techniques, the availability of vast quantities of recorded sp eech material, and the institution of public system evaluations. However, our understanding of the fundamental patterning in sp eech has progressed at a much slower pace, not least in the area of its high-level linguistic prop erties. Sp oken language understanding continues to b e an elusive goal, and the proso dic linkage b etween acoustic and linguistic patterning is still something of a mystery. This talk will illuminate these issues, and will conclude with an analysis of the options for future sp oken language R&D. ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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