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  1. Advertising and PR campaign
  2. Agenda 1. An overview of MobiFone 2. Research Highlight 3. Marketing Environment 4. Situation Analysis (SWOT analysis) 5. Marketing Mix 6. Marketing Strategy ( Ads, PR, Creative, Media)
  3. INTRODUCTION The company Vietnam Mobile telecom Service (VMS) was established in 1993, VMS is joint venture between VNPT and Comvik (Sweden) 3 main centers: the First Center (North), the Second Center (South) and the Third Center (Central) Nearly 1500 staffs at nation wide The main service of VMS is Mobile telecom service with 2 kinds of services: prepaid and postpaid. Beside those 2 main services, VMS also provides a lot of value-added services like SMS, voice mail, GPRS, MMS, and many others.
  4. Coverage Network Nationwide (64 provinces) Base Transceiver Station 1350BTS International Roaming Service Agreement with many networks in 57 countries Subscribers 3.87 Millions Source: www.mobifone.com.vn
  5. Research Highlight MCA service and MobiFone
  6. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Research objectives: To launch new service of MobiFone cal "Missed call Alert" To learn how customers perceive about MobiFone brand and assess brand position To find out about service usage that can help in building Marketing promotion, ads & PR campaign. Method used in the Research: Quantitative Research Method: Based on the research’s objectives, we created questionnaires to find out some information related to service. We send questionnaires to 100 peoples whose ages range from 20 to 65. Qualitative Research 5 in-depth interviews. The purpose was to discover the psychological nature, motivations and reasons behind customer attitudes and behavior toward new services.
  7. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT • Findings 33% of interviewees use Vinaphone 37% use MobiFone 12% use S-fone 18% use Vietel 64% want to try the service even if they have to pay 29% only want to use the service if it is free. 5% say they don’t want to try it
  8. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT Ad messages of Mb services provider remind you the most Ad messages of Mb services provider remind customer the most 40.0% 30.0% 20.0% 27.3% 27.3% 10.0% 36.4% 0.0% 9.1% Mb phone S1 Vnphone Sphone Viettel
  9. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT 22.2% 38.9% Sound • People impress ads Images message by: Content of Services 38.9% The most useful way of recieving new information of VAS 13% 0% Mes TV Ad 13% News 49% Workshop 25% From close friend
  10. Situation Analysis MobiFone
  11. STRENGTHS One of the biggest mobile service provider in Vietnam. It is the first comer in Mobile telecom service market at Vietnam. Presently, MobiFone stand in Second position in mobile service sector, its account for 42% marketshare Have a strong brand name (good image) in the mobile market Have a wide coverage network in Vietnam (1350 BTS, with the coverage of 64/64 province) Wide International Roaming Service (57 countries) High technology, big investment for technology More value added services for users, highest quality of voice& call Best customer care services Good at management and also have strong human resource Source: www.saigontimesweekly.saigonnet.vn
  12. WEAKNESSES Relatively high price: Do not count small block like Vietel, S- Fone is 6 second for a block Have not got wide network (BTS) like Vinaphone. This thing prove the reason why Vinaphone has more users than MobiFone MobiFone is under government and VNPT influence. Sometimes, MobiFone can not do what they want although these decision can make more benefits for customers
  13. OPPORTUNITIES Demand for mobile service is increasing: when living standard increasing and demand for communication of people much higher. This is good opportunities for mobile service The economic integration: MobiFone will cooperation with some mobile network in many countries to implementing “international roaming service” Low density : around 11% (estimated figure of 2005) Mobile phone users wants more value added not only make phone call, send or receive message
  14. THREATS Tough competition: At present, MobiFone has to deal with a lot of competitors in telecommunication industry. Some big competitor has good technology infrastructure like Vinaphone, competitor with strong finance source such as Vietel, VP Telecom Price are controlled by Gov, so there will a trend that, all mobile services providers seem to competed by value added services
  15. Marketing Environment
  16. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT • Political - Legal: – MobiFone has deeply influence by Gov't and VNPT – Some regulations, decision create disadvantages for MobiFone – Influenced of liberalization in Telecommunication market – More opened policies from Gov on Telecommunication sectors • Economic: - High economic growth rate - GDP per capita Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 GDP $402 $415 $440 $482 $510 (Source: General Statistic Office. website: www.gso.gov.vn)
  17. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT • Technology: Vietnam Telecom Industry has 3 kinds of technology, each technology has different advantages. GSM technology: Vinaphone, MobiFone, Vietel, VP telecom CDMA: S-Fone, VP telecom 3G: Hanoi Telecom Source: www.vnpt.com.vn
  18. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT • Competition: MobiFone have to compete with several competitors in mobile phone sector: Vinaphone Vietel S-Fone VP Telecom Hanoi Telecom Source: www.mobifone.com.vn
  19. Marketing Mix For MCA service and MobiFone
  20. PRODUCT Description: Missed Call Alert (MCA) is a service that will help you keep in touch with people even when you are out of service. The detailed information is that, if you use MCA service, when your battery runs out, when you are out of network coverage, or any reason make you switch off your phone, you will be informed with a message. A short message includes all information relating to people that have made a call to you: their phone numbers, the called time, how many times they called you For using this service you have to register (send a message to Service Center).