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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Jordan, Larry, 1950-   Adobe CS production premium for Final cut studio editors / Larry Jordan.        p. cm.   Includes index.   ISBN 978-0-240-81223-6  1.  Motion pictures--Editing. 2.  Final cut (Electronic resource) 3.  Digital video--Editing. 4.  Adobe Photoshop. 5.  Macintosh  (Computer)--Programming.  I. Title.   TR899.J6697 2010   778.5’35--dc22   2009034509 British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN: 978-0-240-81223-6 For information on all Focal Press publications visit our website at www.elsevierdirect.com Typeset by: diacriTech, Chennai, India 09 10 11 12 13 5 4 3 2 1 Printed in the United States of America Dedication To Steve Martin of Ripple Training, who changed a life with a simple question 1 GettinG Started Why should a Final Cut editor even bother with this book? I mean, does the world need another book on Adobe Photoshop or Apple Final Cut Studio? In this case, yes. Here’s why. This book doesn’t just cover Adobe software or Apple software. It explains specific techniques for using Adobe Production Premium that will benefit an editor who uses Final Cut Pro. For example, tens of thousands of pages have been devoted to explain Photoshop to the Photoshop users. But very few pages, if any, explain how to use Photoshop for video editing to the Final Cut users. As editors, we have three basic goals: 1. To get our projects done on deadline and on budget 2. To get our projects with the quality that meets the client’s specifications 3. To keep the job interesting for ourselves If we are working smart, we will use the software that helps us meet those goals. For me, my editing application of choice is Apple’s Final Cut Studio. However, everyday, I find myself using a wide variety of software to accomplish the tasks that can’t be met using Final Cut alone. That is the reason this book exists. Increasingly, one appli-cation, no matter how powerful, cannot meet all the needs of professional-grade video editing. It takes a team. This book looks at how to combine the power of the software in Adobe Production Premium with Apple Final Cut Studio to accomplish tasks that are impossible with Final Cut Studio alone. This book will show you how to use these applications in the real world of deadline-driven video editing to get your work done faster and solve problems better while maintaining necessary quality so that you have the free time you quite rightly deserve for things like eating, sleeping, and rediscovering the faces of your family. If making a living with video editing needs to coexist with hav-ing a life outside the edit suite, then this book is for you. 1 2 Chapter 1 GettinG Started What do i Mean by “Video” My career is in video. In my classes, I like to say that “I’ve made only one film in my life, and my own mother did not like it.” However, this is not completely true. Although I have made only one film, mom liked it – and I’m sure she was completely objective in forming her opinion. I use the term video in this book to include editing using video and film source files. However, you should know that my background is in video production; principally, live events, documentaries, and other nonscripted productions. the Goals of this Book The purpose of this book is not to cover every possible feature in each of these applications. I’ve already written thousands of pages just about Final Cut Pro, and there is still more to write about. Instead, I want to focus on answering the following question: what does a Final Cut Studio editor need to know about Adobe Production Premium that can make editing in Final Cut Studio better? This question opens up huge opportunities that I’ve not seen covered by any other book or on-line training. But, the process of using these two suites together is not always straightforward. There are lots and lots of hidden tricks, a few traps, and plenty of techniques that we can talk about. When I was planning this book, I set the following goals: • Don’t just focus on effects; describe clearly how to move files between applications and how to get something started and finished. There are lots of creative books on the market, but very few talk about how software interconnects. • Illustrate the things you can do with Adobe Production Premium that you can’t do with Final Cut Studio. • Don’t attempt to explain every feature of Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, or so on. That way lies madness. It is impossible to do in a single book. Instead, highlight the key features that you can put to use today. • Where possible, show how to get something done faster. Just What Software are We talking about? Both Final Cut Studio and Adobe Production Premium CS4 are software suites, meaning that they include multiple pieces of software. ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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