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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google The Web makes it possible to assemble and integrate all those components into the text itself. Because it is time, the eyes open, the body stands up, the hand stretches out, the fire is lit, the smile contends with night’s wrinkles. We grab what we think (what we hope) will fill our yearnings. And in our hands, we will leave something as a legacy for society. Evolution wants us to believe that species progress an infinite ladder upward. We only act because the evolution wants us to spread our genes. How can the dream of absolute liberty and the reality of absolute interdependence be resolved while our genes survive? Will we survive if we lose two games, three games, maybe even five? Especially in the last decade, liquidity, simultanaety, transparancy, and access for all bring to the ring not only the fittest of the fleet thinkers In fact, the best of us are generalists who know a little about many things. It’s all about knowledge and learning. It’s what I relish. It’s how I live my life. Divine life wants to learn first and then enjoy. Life wants to help you to develop to your fullest potential, scoping out your options as you decide where you can contribute. So next time you think of the cashier at the bank as other, when you see your parents or spouse as other, remember what you’re doing to yourself. If we are all striving to develop ourselves spiritually, then we should have something constructive to discuss. Society these days has lost the lack of “communication” in the community, so we rely on the government to help us out instead of each other. But society cannot transform the individual; it is the individual who can transform society. By negating the individual, it negated its own success. With these things in mind, you should be just about ready to embark on your very own web logging journey. If not in a blog, then in one of many possible ways. May you always remember: those lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you. 200 48. Create Google Poetry, Prose, and Collages Google Rhyming An advanced variant of this game is to write poetry in rhymes. To write a Google rhyme, start off with any sentence. Like “I’m writing a book on love.” Now you need to find the next line in Google, but it must rhyme on love. So you take a rhyme dictionary (www.rhymezone.com) and check what rhymes on “love.” You’ll find the words “dove,” “glove,” “shove,” “above” and more. Now you replace all words in the original line except for “love” with the wildcard character asterisk “*” and search Google using quotes. In our case: The first line is: “I’m writing a book on love” So we search for: “* * * * * above” This returns, among other lines, “room rates for the Inn Above.” So with some creative words in-between we get: I’m writing a book on love And room rates for the inn above ... and we continue this approach until the poem is finished. 201 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google Creating Google Book Search Collages Yet another way to recreate the words of others to produce something new is to use Google Book Search (books.google.com). Just think of a part of a sentence and then find it in a Google Book Search. Copy the highlighted text and its immediate surroundings into a paint program. The result is now made up of a variety of different books, and looks like this: Don’t read every word – read only the highlighted texts to get the meaning. 202 49. Funny Google Videos 49. Funny Google Videos Google Video (video.google.com) is Google’s video service where you can upload your own videos, or watch videos uploaded by others. You’ll find anything from homemade college humor videos to short clips of Family Guy. (If you can’t watch the videos in your country, you can download the “FLV” files at the Google Video Downloader [www.55fun.com/49.2] site. The Google Video Downloader site also lets you see what others found worthwhile downloading, so it’s a good place to find funny or interesting video.) Here are some searches which might result in fun videos at Google Video. Overworked Guy Search for: overworked You might find: A funny Asian clip of a couple in a restaurant. She complains he is spending too much time in front of the computer. I won’t spoil what he does next... Drunk Adults Search for: drunk You might find: Drunken people. (Which incidentally often makes for funny people.) 203 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google Highschool Dance Search for: “high school” dance Or search for: “high school” music You might find: Incredible break-dancing. Or: an amateur dance group performing their Led Zeppelin choreography. The Blue Man Group Search for: blue man You might find: The blue-skinned performance group which became famous in the Intel commercials. Random Pranks Search for: prank You might find: All sorts of pranks, like a kid doing a prank phone call. Costumes Search for: costume You might find: People dressed up in funny costumes – such as a Halloween dinosaur. Humor Search for: satire Or search for: humor... funny... parody... sketch... fun... You might find: People trying to play a sketch, play a prank, surprise someone or similar things. Comedian Search for: comedian Or search for: comedian... stand-up... joking... joke... seinfeld... conan... You might find: People telling jokes, like stand-up comedians or talk show hosts (e.g. Mitch Hedberg on the David Letterman Show). 204 ... - tailieumienphi.vn
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