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Đánh giá các mô hình mật độ mức của hạt nhân 153Sm

Bài viết này đánh giá các mô hình mật độ mức hạt nhân tính cho hạt nhân 153Sm. Các mô hình được đánh giá bao gồm: Back-shifted Fermi Gas (BSFG), Constant Temperature (CT), Hartree-Fock BCS (HFBCS), Hatree-Fock-Bogoliubov plus combinatorial method (HFBC).

7/8/2020 9:36:45 PM +00:00

Tiềm năng khai thác và triển vọng thúc đẩy sự phát triển năng lượng điện mặt trời tại Việt Nam

Bài viết trình bày tiềm năng khai thác và các triển vọng thúc đẩy sự phát triển của năng lượng mặt trời tại Việt Nam, nêu các nguyên nhân chủ yếu cản trở việc phát triển và khai thác năng lượng mặt trời tại Việt Nam.

7/8/2020 9:34:08 PM +00:00

Estimation of wind power potential and turbine rating selection

This work is an analysis of wind characteristics of wind site Motha, near Chikhaldara, district Amaravati in the state of Maharashtra during. One windmast of 25 m height located on the site recorded the wind speed data and wind direction for this region. The main emphasis of this research work is to study the average wind power density (WPD), mean annual wind speed, most frequently observed wind speed, rated wind speed, wind energy density, rated wind power density and the capacity factor of the site. Energy analysis method was used out to find out these parameters. It was found that mean average wind speed of the site came to 5.85 m/s, with the average wind power density nearly 191 W/ m2 . Wind energy density was found 1693.23 kwh/ m2.

7/8/2020 4:40:23 PM +00:00

Fuel choice behaviour of tribal households: an exploratory analysis

The study recommend that policy initiative should attempt at improving livelihood, subsidized LPG distribution policy, increasing the education level of the household members in tribal household and to create awareness about the environmental cost and health hazard of biomass fuel consumption in order to motivate the people towards the modern fuels.

6/18/2020 1:33:06 PM +00:00

Đề kiểm tra môn Năng lượng tái tạo năm 2015-2016

Đề kiểm tra môn Năng lượng tái tạo năm 2015-2016 là tư liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho sinh viên ngành Năng lượng hỗ trợ quá trình học tập và luyện thi. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo đề thi để nắm chi tiết nội dung các câu hỏi.

6/18/2020 1:13:24 PM +00:00

Energy service companies are an effective tool for financing energy-efficient projects

The article analyzes the mechanisms for financing energy-efficient projects both in Ukraine and in European countries. Attention is focused on the use of a financing mechanism such as ESCO, as the most acceptable for Ukrainian realities.

6/18/2020 1:10:26 PM +00:00

Hoạt động sản xuất điện từ năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam

Tài liệu thông tin đến các bạn hoạt động sản xuất điện từ năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam như phân loại năng lượng tái tạo; thực trạng sản xuất điện tư năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam...

6/18/2020 1:06:22 PM +00:00

Bài giảng Hoạt động sản xuất điện từ năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam

Bài giảng thông tin đến quý độc giản khái niệm về năng lượng tái tạo; phân loại năng lượng tái tạo; thực trạng sản xuất điện tư năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam; một số khó khăn và giải pháp trong hoạt động sản xuất điện từ năng lượng tái tạo. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo bài giảng để nắm chi tiết nội dung kiến thức.

6/18/2020 1:04:54 PM +00:00

Evaluating the possible use of phytoplankton and zoobenthos for water quality assessment: A case study at Bung Binh Thien reservoir, An Giang province, Viet Nam

The study aimed to evaluate water quality at Bung Binh Thien Reservoir, in An Giang Province, Viet Nam using Shannon-Wiener species diversity index (H’) and associated average score per taxon (ASPT) calculated from composition of phytoplankton and zoobenthos.

6/18/2020 10:34:26 AM +00:00

Thiết kế cải tạo xe lắc năng lượng mặt trời dùng cho người khuyết tật

Nhằm góp phần cải thiện chất lượng sống cho người khuyết tật, chiếc xe lắc ba bánh được thiết kế cải tạo thành xe lắc năng lượng mặt trời. Động cơ điện 24 V – 250 W được lắp đặt ở bánh trước, được cấp điện từ hai bình ắc quy 12 V – 30 Ah, lắp đặt giá đỡ và bốn tấm pin mặt trời 12 V – 55 W. Giá đỡ và các tấm pin còn có tác dụng như mui che.

6/18/2020 10:34:18 AM +00:00

An analysis of the surface potential of monocrystalline silicon solar cell using kelvin probe force microscopy

This paper investigates the effect of defects on the electrical properties of monocrystalline silicon solar cells (mono-Si/m-Si). It characterises work function in terms of surface potential (SP) using scanning probe microscopy (SPM), and Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) in force modulation mode, as opposed to the usual amplitude modulation mode.

6/18/2020 7:59:21 AM +00:00

Experimental study of performance and emission characteristics of waste beef tallow biodiesel

This research utilized low cost feedstock of waste beef tallow for biodiesel synthesis and its application in a CI engine. The biodiesel and diesel blends B0, B20, B40, B60, B80 and B100 were used in a stationary tractor diesel engine. Performance and emission parameters brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), exhaust gas temperature (EGT), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) were tested at a constant speed of 2000 rpm and varying loads.

6/18/2020 7:55:17 AM +00:00

Review of solar grain drying

In this paper a review is presented on the different techniques used in solar drying, different aspects of solar drying, and modelling of thin layer and deep bed. In addition, principles of operation of solar drying systems and practical examples of some of the available solar dryer systems are presented. The main objective of this review is to identify areas of improvement in solar grain drying systems that need to be addressed for performance enhancement and quality assurance of the relevant solar drying technologies.

6/18/2020 7:54:35 AM +00:00

Computational fluid dynamics in solar drying

This paper presents the underlying principles of CFD, the advantages and disadvantages of using CFD, and the recent works that have been carried out. The paper focuses on the application of CFD in solar drying of food products, and identifies potential areas of improvements for further research.

6/18/2020 7:54:29 AM +00:00

Review of factors affecting energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Electro-mechanical equipment and systems can be easily controlled, but regulations and social dynamics play an important role in the consumption of energy of such equipment and systems, with social dynamics being the most unpredictable energy consumption factor. Energy management of a commercial building can optimise energy efficiency by managing the equipment of the building as well as the energy consuming activities taking place whilst the building is in operation.

6/18/2020 7:54:17 AM +00:00

Solar assisted technologies for cooling and air conditioning – A review

This paper provides a brief review of the installed solar-assisted technologies currently being used for cooling or air conditioning purposes. The review identifies some of the finest technologies used to convert solar energy into space cooling. Air conditioning is an attractive area for solar energy use since it is estimated that 45 % of household energy consumption is used for cooling. Solar cooling can be divided into two main types, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV).

6/18/2020 7:54:05 AM +00:00

Design theory and computational analysis of a solar still

This research article describes the design theory, mathematical model employed by computational software and modelling process utilized in the three dimensional multiphase heat and mass transfer model of a double slope solar still. The double slope solar still performance results obtained from the computational analysis are summarized and graphed.

6/18/2020 7:52:59 AM +00:00

Improvement of power output of the wind turbine by pitch angle control using RBF neural network

In order to obtain maximum power output of wind turbine systems, it is necessary to control the wind turbine such as pitch angles and torques by several methods. In this paper, the radial basic function (RBF) neural network is used to control the variability of blade pitch angles.

6/18/2020 7:50:20 AM +00:00

Preliminary analysis of ground based measured solar data from sauran sta station at Umlazi, South Africa

This paper presents the preliminary analysis of ground-based measurements solar data in Umlazi, South Africa. From this analysis, data statistics and statistic models for the global horizontal irradiance (GHI), the direct horizontal irradiance (DHI) and the ultraviolet radiations (UVR) are obtained for Durban and surrounding areas. Those results can be used in the design and analysis of solar systems and can also be used as referential parameters for further assessment of solar energy potentials for those areas.

6/18/2020 7:44:06 AM +00:00

Development of environmental monitoring in areas of nuclear facilities location

This article describes the experience of implementing the On-site Subsoil Condition Monitoring up to 2017 and outlines the basics of its integration into the Complex System of Environmental Monitoring. For representing data on the natural and technogenic systems, geoenvironmental information packages are necessary. The authors have given data on the development and integration of geoenvironmental information packages of the nuclear industry enterprises into the Complex System of Environmental Monitoring.

6/18/2020 7:42:53 AM +00:00

The effect of transverse vibration on the natural convection heat transfer in a rectangular enclosure

The study was carried for a Raghiely number between (3.77 - 10.8)*107 with applied heat flux between (20 - 45) Watt. The vibrational experimental measurements were carried out for different frequency ratio (0.87-1.6) and vibrational Rayleigh number ranged between (0.12 - 2.7)*107 . The results of the heat transfer inside the enclosure without vibration show a very close agreement with the published one.

6/18/2020 7:42:23 AM +00:00

Design and construction of a 0.5 KW solar tree for powering farm settlements

This is achieved by generating electricity from a single or multiple number of solar panels connected with a charge controller, a battery bank for storage and an inverter circuit to supply electrical power. Depending on the electrical load demand and the applications coverage area, the solar tree rating and specification can be a single-phase or three-phase AC output.

6/18/2020 7:40:50 AM +00:00

Prototype of a small (solar-wind) hybrid power plant

This study aims to make a prototype of a hybrid wind power plant with solar energy as an alternative energy source. The implementation method is done by making prototypes of wind power plants and solar power plants. Furthermore, the two plants are combined and are commonly called hybrid systems. This research was conducted at the Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Paulus Indonesia Christian University, Makassar. The results of the study were obtained for each 120W power plant (PLTB), 100W Solar Power Plant (PLTS). Thus the maximum power produced by the hybrid system is ± 220 W.

6/18/2020 7:38:06 AM +00:00

Testing of solar diesel hybrid power plant battery charging systems

This study aims to examine the charging current of a solar energy hybrid generator with a Genset / Diesel and the time used to fill the accumulator in conditions without load and load conditions. The results showed that the solar energy hybrid generator and Genset / Diesel prototypes were able to produce electrical power at 08.00 - 17.00 in the average sunny weather of 290.7 Wp without loading and at the time of load of 236.4 Wp. At night, the energy stored in the battery is converted into electrical energy to supply the load. Thus it can save electrical energy.

6/18/2020 7:38:00 AM +00:00

The development of performance dashboard visualization with power Bi as platform

One of the finding is that the data cleansing process is the most important stage to produce the right information. The other being the involvement of the user from the analysis and design process to the result validation will greatly improve the quality of the required dashboard. Moreover, the paper aims to explore the capability of Power BI in supporting the decision making process other than by simply using the dashboard.

6/18/2020 7:37:42 AM +00:00

Frame work analysis (stage 4): Proposing a validated frame work to enhance the adoption of innovative drilling technologies in upstream uae oil and gas

The findings/frame work from the third stage of frame work analysis gets further validated / tested by the Grounded theory for one final time in the fourth stage of frame work analysis. The researcher used NVIVO 12 for data analysis due to the “Time and Efforts factor” involved.

6/18/2020 7:36:48 AM +00:00

Corrosion failure analysis of copper heat exchanger by using a non destructive technique

Temperature is directly proportional to the pH because of copper oxide layer formed as semi-protective layer to protect the metal surface from corrode and decrease the corrosion rate. With higher of temperature, the copper concentration increase. This is because of extreme environment which is in very high or very low pH will break down the protective layer and effect the concentration of water samples. As a conclusion, the NDT methods used have significantly determine the corrosion failure analyses.

6/18/2020 7:35:06 AM +00:00

Grame work analysis (Stage 2): Creating a frame work to enhance the adoption of innovative drilling technologies in upstream uae oil and gas

The Findings/Framework proposed in the Stage 1 of Frame Work Analysis in the paper titled “Frame Work Analysis (Stage 1): Creating a Frame Work to Enhance the Adoption of Innovative Drilling Technologies in Upstream UAE Oil and Gas” gets further validated/tested in this paper. Content Analysis is performed in the second stage of validation in the Frame Work analysis. The researcher used NVIVO 12 for data analysis due to the “Effort and Time factors” involved in Manual Frame Work Analysis.

6/18/2020 7:34:48 AM +00:00

Grame work analysis (Stage 1): Creating a frame work to enhance the adoption of innovative drilling technologies in upstream uae oil and gas

The points to be noted in the results of data analysis are (1) Two new variables emerged - “Central Innovation Office” and “Age” (2) Some Variables got eliminated – “Efforts” + Associated Variables, “User Satisfaction and Trust” + Associated Variables, “Familiarity”, “Innovator Support”, “Environmental Benefits”, “Environmental Benefits”, “Trade up or Buy” and “Brand Loyalty”.

6/18/2020 7:34:42 AM +00:00

Perspective of geothermal earth enegry use in north-west district of Russia

Goal of the research is an analysis of economical efficiency of geothermal energy use in North-West region of Russia using an example of heat pumps. Authors considered expediency of Earth’s geothermal energy use in North-West district using an example of European states. Analysis of specific factors characterizing this type of energy, as well as its extraction and used technology is done.

6/18/2020 7:34:23 AM +00:00