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The relationship between social networking addiction and academic performance in Iranian students of medical sciences: A cross-sectional study

Social networks have had a major influence on students’ performance in recent years. These networks create many opportunities and threats for students in various fields. Addiction to social networking and its impact on students’ academic performance caused the researcher to design and conduct this study.

1/12/2020 8:35:20 PM +00:00

Guideline use among different healthcare professionals in diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Dutch children; who cares

Current data about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Deficiency (ADHD) guideline use in the Netherlands are absent. This study analysed ADHD guideline use among different healthcare workers, and the use of key elements from these guidelines to diagnose ADHD.

1/12/2020 8:35:03 PM +00:00

Monitoring neurocognitive functioning in childhood cancer survivors: Evaluation of CogState computerized assessment and the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF)

Many childhood cancer survivors develop neurocognitive impairment, negatively affecting education and psychosocial functioning. Recommended comprehensive neuropsychological testing can be time- and costintensive for both institutions and patients and their families. It is important to find quick and easily administered surveillance measures to identify those in need of evaluation.

1/12/2020 8:34:46 PM +00:00

Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Mental Health Selfmanagement Questionnaire among people with mental illness living in the community

Self-management is an important factor in maintaining and promoting mental health and recovery from mental health challenges. Thus, it is important to assess and support mental health self-management. In this study, we aimed to develop the Japanese version of the Mental Health Self-management Questionnaire (MHSQ-J), a scale to assess mental health self-management strategy, and clarify its psychometric properties among people with mental illness living in Japan.

1/12/2020 8:34:27 PM +00:00

Social anxiety increases visible anxiety signs during social encounters but does not impair performance

Preliminary evidence suggests that impairment of social performance in socially anxious individuals may be specific to selective aspects of performance and be more pronounced in females. This evidence is based primarily on contrasting results from studies using all-male or all-female samples or that differ in type of social behaviour assessed.

1/12/2020 8:34:08 PM +00:00

Interventions designed to reduce implicit prejudices and implicit stereotypes in real world contexts: A systematic review

Implicit biases are present in the general population and among professionals in various domains, where they can lead to discrimination. Many interventions are used to reduce implicit bias. However, uncertainties remain as to their effectiveness.

1/12/2020 8:33:48 PM +00:00

Prevalence of depression and its associated sociodemographic factors among Iranian female adolescents in secondary schools

Across the globe, depression is a common psychiatric disorder and is the main cause of disability among adolescents. To this end, this study was conducted to screen for the prevalence of depression among secondary school female students in the city of Hamadan, in western Iran.

1/12/2020 8:33:28 PM +00:00

Quality of health care with regard to detection and treatment of mental disorders in patients with coronary heart disease (MenDis-CHD): Study protocol

Mental disorders (MD), such as depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment, are highly prevalent in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). Current guidelines on cardiovascular diseases recommend screening and appropriate treatment of MD; however, the degree of implementation of such recommendations in clinical practice is unknown.

1/12/2020 8:33:09 PM +00:00

Impact of parent–adolescent bonding on school bullying and mental health in Vietnamese cultural setting: Evidence from the global school-based health survey

The mental well-being of adolescents is a crucial issue affecting lives of both adults and young people. Bullying and mental health problems are important factors that can have a negative impact on the mental well-being of adolescents. Public awareness of mental health problems among adolescents is rapidly growing in Vietnam. However, current approaches to identifying risk factors influencing mental health problems do not pay attention to potentially protective factors.

1/12/2020 8:32:52 PM +00:00

The General Health Questionnaire-28 (GHQ-28) as an outcome measurement in a randomized controlled trial in a Norwegian stroke population

Several studies have documented the variety of post-stroke psychosocial challenges, which are complex, multifaceted, and affect a patient’s rehabilitation and recovery. Due to the consequences of these challenges, psychosocial well-being should be considered an important outcome of the stroke rehabilitation. Thus, a valid and reliable instrument that is appropriate for the stroke population is required.

1/12/2020 8:32:35 PM +00:00

Possible relation between consumption of different food groups and depression

Diverse studies have investigated the relationship between diet and depression. In fact some crosssectional studies suggested that a healthy diet reduced the risk for depression. The main objective of this study was to assess the relationship of consumption of different food groups with depression.

1/12/2020 8:32:22 PM +00:00

Development of the Informed Choice in Mammography Screening Questionnaire (IMQ): Factor structure, reliability, and validity

Informed choice is of ethical and practical importance in mammography screening. To assess the level to which decisions regarding such screening are informed is thus imperative, but no specific instrument has been available to measure informed choice in the German mammography screening programme. The aims of this study were to develop the Informed Choice in Mammography Screening Questionnaire (IMQ) and to find first evidence for the factor structure, reliability and validity of its different components.

1/12/2020 8:32:02 PM +00:00

Pregnancy denial and early infant development: A case-control observational prospective study

The denial of pregnancy is the non-recognition of the state of the current pregnancy by a pregnant woman. It lasts for a few months or for the whole pregnancy, with generally few physical transformations. In this study, we will consider the denial of pregnancy as a late declaration of pregnancy (beyond 20 weeks of gestation) as well as a lack of objective perceptions of this pregnancy.

1/12/2020 8:31:45 PM +00:00

Effects of adding psychosocial stimulation for children of lactating mothers using an unconditional cash transfer platform on neurocognitive behavior of children in rural Bangladesh: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

There is sufficient evidence that psychosocial stimulation (PS) benefits children’s neurocognitive behavior, however, there is no information on how it works when delivered through an Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) platform for poor rural population in developing countries. The objective of this study is to measure effects of adding PS for children of lactating mothers enrolled to receive UCT with health education (HE) on neurocognitive behavior of children in rural Bangladesh.

1/12/2020 8:31:31 PM +00:00

The PACE trial of treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome: A response to WILSHIRE et al

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is chronic disabling illness characterized by severe disabling fatigue, typically made worse by exertion. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is thought by some to be the same disorder (then referred to as CFS/ME) and by others to be different. There is an urgent need to find effective treatments for CFS.

1/12/2020 8:31:16 PM +00:00

Moral orientations in psychology: Contrasting theoretical perspectives

The relational development systems (RDS) metamodel embodies a newly recognized scientific paradigm that stands in contrast to the nature-nurture split. It suggests that the bidirectional relationship between an organism and its environment must be the central focus of scientific inquiry.

1/12/2020 8:30:58 PM +00:00

Exploring the relationship between the big five personality characteristics and dietary habits among students in a Ghanaian University

Adherence to good dietary practices has been linked to disease prevention and better quality of life yet, University students are known to have poor dietary intake and diet quality. For an effective behaviour modification in dietary habits, an understanding of the association between an individual’s personality traits and dietary habits are of much significance.

1/12/2020 8:30:43 PM +00:00

Development of the Japanese version of the three-item loneliness scale

Loneliness is a major risk factor for mental and physical health worldwide. The Three-Item Loneliness Scale (TIL Scale; Hughes et al., 2004) has been widely applied to measure loneliness in a simplified format, but no validated Japanese version has been developed. This study adapted the TIL Scale into Japanese and tested its reliability and validity.

1/12/2020 8:30:27 PM +00:00

Attentional avoidance in peer victimized individuals with and without psychiatric disorders

Attentional biases are a relatively robust phenomenon among clinical populations but less pronounced in healthy participants. However, regarding the components of attentional biases and the directions of attention allocation, there are several inconsistencies in the literature. The present study examined whether these inconsistencies can be traced back to previous experiences of relational peer victimization in clinical populations.

1/12/2020 8:29:59 PM +00:00

The influence of pre-motivational factors on behavior via motivational factors: A test of the I-Change model

The I-Change Model for explaining motivational and behavioral change postulates that an awareness phase precedes the motivation phase of a person, and that effects of pre-motivational factors on behavior are partially mediated by motivational factors. This study tests this assumption with regard to physical activity.

1/12/2020 8:29:40 PM +00:00

Psychological and work-related outcomes after inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation of chronic low back pain: A prospective randomized controlled trial

This study investigated the long-term effects (12 months post-rehabilitation) of a standard inpatient multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP), in which a control group (CG) received pain competence training and an intervention group (IG) received combined pain competence and depression prevention training.

1/12/2020 8:29:22 PM +00:00

Prevalence and associated factors of common mental disorders among adult patients attending HIV follow up service in Harar town, Eastern Ethiopia: A crosssectional study

In developed countries, there are well documented mental health impacts of HIV/AIDS and patients’ quality of life. Acquiring HIV/AIDS can be a serious psychological trauma and can predispose a person to different mental disorders. Co-occurring mental illness complicates diagnosis, help-seeking, quality of care provided, treatment outcomes and adherence. However, in Ethiopia, studies about mental health problems in HIV/AIDS treatment settings are limited.

1/12/2020 8:29:06 PM +00:00

Parents of healthy children assign lower quality of life measure to scenarios labeled as cancer than to identical scenarios not labeled as cancer

While it is commonly understood that a cancer diagnosis evokes feelings of fear, the effect of labeling a child’s illness as “cancer” remains unstudied. We hypothesized that lower health utility scores would be assigned to disease states labeled as cancer compared to identical disease states without the mention of cancer.

1/12/2020 8:28:49 PM +00:00

The transportability of Memory Specificity Training (MeST): Adapting an intervention derived from experimental psychology to routine clinical practices

Accumulating evidence shows that a cognitive factor associated with a worsening of depressive symptoms amongst people with and without diagnoses of depression – reduced Autobiographical Memory (rAMS) – can be ameliorated by a group cognitive training protocol referred to as Memory Specificity Training (MeST). When transporting interventions such as MeST from research to routine clinical practices (RCPs), modifications are inevitable, with potentially a decrease in effectiveness, so called voltage drop.

1/12/2020 8:28:28 PM +00:00

The hidden identity of faces: A case of lifelong prosopagnosia

Not being able to recognize a person’s face is a highly debilitating condition from which people with developmental prosopagnosia (DP) suffer their entire life. Here we describe the case of J, a 30 year old woman who reports being unable to recognize her parents, her husband, or herself in the mirror.

1/12/2020 8:28:08 PM +00:00

Psychosocial assessment of the family in the clinical setting

Children develop in the context of the family. Family functioning prominently shapes the psychosocial adaptation and mental health of the child. Several family psychosocial risk factors have been shown to increase the risk of behavioral problems in children.

1/12/2020 8:27:53 PM +00:00

Productive activities, mental health and quality of life in disability: Exploring the role enhancement and the role strain hypotheses

Engagement in productive activities is an important determinant of mental health and quality of life (QoL). Persons with physical disabilities are often confronted with constraints to engage in productive activities and it remains largely unknown whether persons who nevertheless manage to be productive experience beneficial effects for mental health and QoL.

1/12/2020 8:27:33 PM +00:00

Music-instruction intervention for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder: A randomized pilot study

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common sequelae of severe combat-related emotional trauma that is often associated with significantly reduced quality of life in afflicted veterans. To date, no published study has examined the effect of an active, music-instruction intervention as a complementary strategy to improve the psychological well-being of veterans with PTSD.

1/12/2020 8:27:18 PM +00:00

Stigma doesn’t discriminate: Physical and mental health and stigma in Canadian military personnel and Canadian civilians

Illness-related stigma has been identified as an important public health concern. Past research suggests there is a disproportionate risk of mental-health stigma in the military, but this same finding has not yet been established for physical-health stigma.

1/12/2020 8:27:00 PM +00:00

Music therapy intervention in cardiac autonomic modulation, anxiety, and depression in mothers of preterms: Randomized controlled trial

Mothers of preterm infants often have symptoms of anxiety and depression, recognized as risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases and associated with low rates of heart rate variability (HRV). This study aimed to evaluate the influence of music therapy intervention on the autonomic control of heart rate, anxiety, and depression in mothers.

1/12/2020 8:26:43 PM +00:00