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The influence of social media platforms on startups

The basic need in the study to understand the social media platforms by which a startup company may benefit since its inception. This study will give an understanding on how social media can benefit the startup company and entrepreneurs who can face the tough living concept in the business world.

7/8/2020 11:23:19 AM +00:00

A study on correlation of orgware indicators with socio-personal, communication and pyschological profile

The mere development of hardware and software mediated technologies for performing operational task is not sufficient to increase organizational performance many folds, but also it requires the development of capabilities of humanware for handling these hardware and software mediated technologies. This study was conducted at Central office of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; UP on 208 section officer, senior assistant, senior clerk and junior clerk from all four cells and four offices.

6/18/2020 3:29:09 PM +00:00

The woman participation in community empowerment programs to alleviate: Fishermen poverty in Indonesia

This study aims to examine the woman participation on empowerment program that has been implemented by the government and whether it has had an impact on poverty alleviating.

6/18/2020 1:37:29 PM +00:00

Sociological aspects of transferred land to settlements in Indonesia

Natural Resources is a state of the natural environment that is valuable to meet human needs, human resources are used to meet and improve their welfare. The nature of natural resources consists of two types, namely physical natural resources and natural resources.

6/18/2020 1:36:47 PM +00:00

Pune traffic congestion: reality, cause and regulation a case study

Traffic Congestion or traffic jams is one of the major issues in most metropolitan cities like Pune. As we know Pune city is a well-developed and popularly known for Oxford for east for its education many students come from different cities secondly many young people come for jobs because of booming IT companies.

6/18/2020 1:36:29 PM +00:00

Socioeconomic and demographic correlates of self rated health among adults in Alkharj Area KSA, 2017

The objectives of this study are to estimate the proportion of the healthy adult population using SRH measure and to identify the socioeconomic, demographic and health correlates of SRH among the adult population.

6/18/2020 1:35:53 PM +00:00

Employee performance motivation and performance management system-exploring the pertinence

This study is based on research data of 416 working professionals from telecommunication companies in India. We propose a new three step model indicating the interrelationships of the two components of the performance management system viz. Design and Execution identified as latent classes responsible for the employee motivation to perform because of performance management system.

6/18/2020 1:34:16 PM +00:00

A study on employee work life balance as an HR imperative

In this paper, we contend that assisting employees to achieve a work-life balance should become a critical part of HR policy and strategy if it is to truly get the best from the organisation's people without leaving them unsatisfied, burnt-out and unfulfilled.

6/18/2020 1:34:04 PM +00:00

A study on fairness perceptions of work life balance initiatives

The current study focuses the factors influencing the work life balance of employees and the results of the study will help the organization to enhance better work life balance towards higher level of productivity.

6/18/2020 1:33:58 PM +00:00

A study on women empowerment in the participation of activities with reference to Y.S.R (Kadapa) District, Andhra Pradesh

This research paper examines how economic, social, personal, decision making and political empowerment of women effected by Bank linkage program.

6/18/2020 1:33:12 PM +00:00

Effective usage of E-CRM and social media tools by Akshay Kumar: most prolific Bollywood actor of last decade

In this paper, the researcher is trying to understand the customer relationship management of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar with the usage of latest social media tools.

6/18/2020 1:32:41 PM +00:00

Diversity: source of bullying

The study had explored the root cause of bullying and attempt to find out the relation of diversity with bullying. It also attempts to find out the association of bullying and different forms of conflict.

6/18/2020 1:32:23 PM +00:00

A study on the impact of the me-too movement with special reference to Bangalore city- the true story Unveiled

#MeToo Movement has been the talk of the town breathing new life into the women’s spectrum and caters to the reporting of facts dealing with sexual harassment, abuse and physical and mental assault. It resulted in a widespread movement and galvanized activists all over the world.

6/18/2020 1:31:58 PM +00:00

The role of ethics on the green behaviour of organic food in Indonesia: a case of North Sumatera

This study attempts to construct the role of ethics in strengthening consumer behavior in purchasing organic food. The role of ethics is not an influencing variable but is a moderator variable.

6/18/2020 1:30:39 PM +00:00

Corporate social responsibility reporting: a study in context to India

The present study aims to focus on issues related to conducting confirmative factor analysis with selected qualitative variables of CSR reports. The target population is the services/manufacturing units of selected Indian companies.

6/18/2020 1:30:15 PM +00:00

A study on impact of social media on academic performance

In latest years era has attempted to fulfill its role in helping humanity leading to the good sized medium of interaction within the social world in addition to in teaching and learning.

6/18/2020 1:30:09 PM +00:00

Leadership and organizational structure affecting employees’ behaviors: a study on job satisfaction, work engagement, and organizational citizenship behavior of Y-generation Thais

The purposes of this research were investigated the important factors of leadership and organizational structure affecting job satisfaction, and examine the effect of job satisfaction on work engagement and organizational citizenship behavior in Thailand operations focusing on Y-generation Thais.

6/18/2020 1:19:23 PM +00:00

Statutory welfare measures and quality of work life in cooperative and private sugar mills at Tamilnadu

Indian sugar industry has been a focal point for socio-economic development in the rural areas. About 50 million sugarcane farmers and a large number of agricultural laborers are involved in sugarcane cultivation and ancillary activities, constituting 7.5% of the rural population.

6/18/2020 1:12:46 PM +00:00

The Moroccan women's cooperative in response to lasting impacts: social cohesion, solidarity and inclusion

Faced with unprecedented challenges, linked to inequalities, exclusion, access to resources and services, the social and solidarity economy (SSE) combines productive activities, ecological, civic and social objectives.

6/18/2020 1:09:49 PM +00:00

Vision “healthy India” changes and challenges in healthcare management system

This study highlights the changes and challenges faced by Indian healthcare management system in recent time, especially against the pandemic disease COVID-19 and other life-threatening diseases throughout the country.

6/18/2020 1:09:06 PM +00:00

Social perception about birth as a demographic phenomenon

Birth has become a phenomenon of increasing concern. The population of Romania has decreased and is constantly decreasing, the downward evolution is not surprising, all the information on the natural and migratory movement after 1989 define a well-installed demographic decline.

6/18/2020 12:52:04 PM +00:00

Identifyng the relationships between personality traits and non-cognitive skills

Through this research, it has been studied the relationship between personality traits and non-cognitive skills. The hypotheses of this study are that there is a positive correlation between a high level of extraversion and physical abilities, and there is a positive correlation between a high level of autonomy and musical abilities.

6/18/2020 12:51:51 PM +00:00

First-year student’s work and rest balance as an enabler to transition to adult learning

The present research analyses one out of multiple challenges the first-year students face during their transition to academic life, namely, the first-year students’ work and rest balance.

6/18/2020 12:51:45 PM +00:00

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Marketing on Employee Turnover Intentions with the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment

This study aims to investigate the impact of corporate social responsibility and internal marketing on employee turnover intentions, considering the mediating role of organizational commitment.

6/18/2020 12:51:39 PM +00:00

Facebook's power to mobilize fans in the electoral campaign. Case Study: 2019 European Parliamentary Elections in Romania

Since 2008, when Barack Obama won the United States election thanks to Facebook, that success model has been improved year by year, and at present Social Media has become the main channel of communication in electoral campaigns, ahead of traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers).

6/18/2020 12:51:26 PM +00:00

The elements of political communication on Facebook

In its role as a tool that facilitates participation, Facebook acts as a channel of political communication with different mechanisms than traditional media. At the same time, Facebook offers new means of receiving the audience, characterized by a targeting of the very good target audience.

6/18/2020 12:51:20 PM +00:00

Research in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development: an overview of publications in Brazilian journals of Qualis A2

This article aims to present an overview of the research in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Brazil with four Qualis A2 journals as a locus.

6/18/2020 12:51:06 PM +00:00

Perception of the effects of drug use among adolescents

At the global level, drug use and trafficking are a dynamic phenomenon, being strongly influenced by a multitude of social and economic factors. and in Romania, drug use and trafficking present new forms of manifestation, requiring increasingly varied approaches, being known as a complex phenomenon, characterized by permanent mutations.

6/18/2020 12:50:59 PM +00:00

The communicative dynamics and its relation with the social dynamics. Reflections for communication research from the paradigm of critical epistemology

In this work the communicative phenomenon is understood as the germ of social action. This invites us to think of communication as expressive behavior through which the social, even the historical, is configured. Consequently, to think of communication in the social as social action demands to conceive and study the social reality as a reality in constant movement, that is, giving in the given.

6/18/2020 12:50:47 PM +00:00

The effect of introversion and Extroverts of individuals in the socialization of public space

This study identifies the way to socialization by creating a sense of belonging in space, by exploring a sense of belonging in space; he improve the quality of public space.

6/18/2020 12:50:03 PM +00:00